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Artemis and the Winter Solstice

For some nicest possible reasons my post on Moon Goddess Artemis have got the largest number of hits and I thought it would be nice to talk about Her time over time as she is not only the goddess I adore but also she is talented and strong. If anyone is aware Goddess Artemis is the sister of God Apollo (Sun God) in Greek Mythology. She is known to be a warrior goddess and is worshiped by the night. She and her team of huntresses have tracked down and destroyed a many number of monsters and she is very amazing in all sorts. I dedicate these posts to Her and how she could adorn the moon lit skies while making an impression at the Winter Solstice in Mount Olympus (meeting of God in Winter).

Unfortunately I could not shoot a tutorial of this metallic silvery-purple-charcoal smokey eye because I was really looking sick and even had an eye infection (yet I managed to put in the liner just for the post). So in that case I literally cut out the colors from the BH cosmetics 88 shimmer palette I used and put them as a collage on the last picture. Hope you appreciate this method sometimes too.

So lets see how to do this look.........

When its a silver metallic smokey eye, I prefer to couple it up with cooler colors on the face or stick to neutrals. If PINKS make you feel ashy and you still want to don a look like this then you can opt for CORALS, PEACHES or BROWNS. These colors wont kill the look on its own and make it more wearable.


  • To do this look, prime the face with Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer
  • Then apply a light weight dewy foundation like Christian Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear foundation on the areas that need coverage and of course the axis of the face. 
  • Conceal the under eyes to create a flawless canvas and get the Goddess like look.I used Kryolan Ultra Foundation in Shade ELO to hide the under eye circles.
  •  Then set the base with a veil of Kryolan Translucent Powder
  • For the blush I opted a fresh hint of pink to add the rosiness of Winters and nothing worked better than a hint of Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush
  • . Strategically and liberally highlighted the face with Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose.
  •  For the lips I would suggest using mixture of shades from the Max Factor Flipstick lipstick duo in Bloomy Pink.


I have used an eclectic mixture of bright silvers, rosy brown mauves, taupes and charcoal color to create this smoldering silvery eye and have added a spark with a duo chrome teal in the inner corners. See the description of how to achieve this eye makeup.

  • Apply concealer on the lids or use a lid primer to secure the colors and make them look much more vivid. I opted for Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer.
  • Then I used Kryolan Kajal Pencil as a base applying the kajal pencil on the rims of upper and lower lids and then tracing a thick line on the entire lid. This line is smoothed out with an eyeshadow brush upto the crease.
  • I used 9 colors from the BH cosmetics to achieve this look considering the principal of highlights and low lights discussed in the article HERE.
  • For the upper lid - Begin by applying a charcoal colored eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid. Then highlight the brow bone with a shimmering soft peach color (it almost looks white). Diffuse the charcoal into the highlight with a brown taupe color in the crease which acts as a transitional color. Apply a rosy deep mauve in the inner third of the eye and diffuse it into the crease. Use a lighter taupe brown to connect the crease shades from the outer and inner thirds. Apply a duo chrome turquoise blue-white in the inner corners to add a spark of color. On the middle third of the upper lid, begin with the darkest shade of grey silver. Layer it with a white colored silvery frosted eyeshadow to add body. Then apply a bright metallic silver on the centre of the lid to make the eyes look a lot more sparkly. You can also apply a white or silver glitter for extra touch of glamour which I haven't. 
  • For the lower lid, apply just like a reflection of the upper lid. This means charcoal in the outer third, silver in the middle third and rosy deep mauve in the inner third.
  • With an angled brush thinly line the upper lash line with the same kohl pencil. In the inner rims of lower lids apply Clinique Brush on cream liner in True Black for a smoldering effect.
  • Curl lashes with Shiseido eye lash curler and apply Lancome Cils Booster eye lash primer for voluminous lashes. Coat the lashes with a decent coating of Bourjois Beautifull Volumising mascara for amazing and thick luscious looking lashes.
Hope you liked the look. Do let me know in the comments section.

Till then,


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  1. I find this eye look amazing! I happen to be in love with silver eyeshadow these days and I loved your tutorial.
    i hope your eye is getting better.

    1. Thanks a lot Jujuka. I am glad that u liked the look. My eye is better now. Just hurting as I was very tired dat day.....

  2. Hey Neeraj, lovely tutorial..!!Could you pls tell me from where you get all these products and brands??

    1. I am sorry but I hope u have read that anonymous comments are not entertained. Thanks


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