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Festive Season Looks #1

At last I am back from that lacuna of a month where everything was topsy turvy. The internet connection had become a disaster (thanks to the sudden and uninvited funny rains that happened in October), personal issues had to be sorted and of course not to forget WORK!! Been super busy with bridals and trials and all and in the mean while could only conjure just 3 posts in October.

Secondly it might be late but I must congratulate JASMINE for winning the Giveaway and I am so happy she liked it. Next Giveaway to come soon and although I would call it a Diwali Giveaway it shall be over by Christmas....LOL

Today's post is all about creating a 'round' eye when the whole world wants to go for cat eyes.....its a bit whimsical but this is one makeup look that would suit only a few (unless one is experimental). I think you would relate to this type of liner only when you see round eyed actors like Urmila Matondkar who carry this so well and look ultra glamorous. I know that the shape of the eye matters too but this is one makeup that adds a touch of glam and innocence to the makeup look.

So lets see how to this look..........

Conceal the under eyes and tame the brows while filling the gaps with Bourjois Sourcils Brow Pencil (this can be done in the end too.)

Apply eye primer to secure the eyeshadow in its place for longer duration. Sometimes a concealer also can act as eye primer due to the presence of silicones but I do not agree for foundations on the lids as they tend to move.

Trace from the outer edges of the lash line using Max Factor Liner effect pencil in Blazing Brown to create a tapering line which is thick outwards going thin inwards. This pencil comes with a handy smudger that does an amazing job of creating beautiful smokey eyes.

Draw a 'V' shape to create a defined crease when the liner is smudged. Methinks the term is 'cut crease'.

Blend everything for a softer look. It should be kept in mind that each and every eye pencil you find in the market irrespective of what brand it is has a 'play time' of 60 secs after which it sets and does not budge. So all this has to be done within 60 secs.

Apply MAC eyeshadow in Buckwheat on the outer third and blend it all the way into crease.

Apply a taupe grey color from the MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Madness just in the middle of the crease so that it blends everything together.

Highlight the inner corners of eyes with MAC eyeshadow in Shore leave. This acts as an instant brightener for eyes especially for ones who have small eyes.

Dust an all time favorite MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow on the entire lid to create a soft brazen orange gold glow on the lids.

With BH cosmetics eyeliner pen trace a fish like shape of the eye liner. This means let the liner be thin at outer and inner ends while getting thicker in the middle. This adds to creating a round shape for eyes.

Curl lashes and apply generous coatings of Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black. Since the eye liner is so thick and literally covers the 3/4ths of the upper lid, it is a possibility that the lashes could look invisible. In such cases a bit of drama can be added to the eye makeup with a pair of falsies that are short on the inner and outer corner and longer in the middle. This accentuates the round shape of the eyes.

In the closed eye one can see this weird shape of the liner. This looks ultra chic and modern and when paired with a soft coral blush and a dash of coral gloss just uplift the makeup and the mood of the festive season.

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer
  • Christian Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear foundation SPF 25
  • Clinique Blended Face Powder
  • Clinique All About eyes concealer
  • MAC Powder blush in Hipness
  • MAC Powder blush in Light over Dark used as highlighter
  • Dior Rouge Allure in Riviera
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
  • Bourjois Sourcils Brow pencil in Ebony
  • Max Factor Liner Effect pencil in Blazing Brown
  • MAC eyeshadows in Buckwheat, Shore Leave and Expensive Pink
  • MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Midnight Madness
  • BH cosmetics eyeliner pen
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Hope you like the look. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Hey neeraj
    This is a really good tutorial; shall try it soon

    Following you, do visit my blog :)

  2. well Its ok, ur readers understand its really tough to squeeze out time for the blog, wen der r other commitments to fullfil.. :)
    this is something differnt i have seen..
    looks promising though..

    1. Hi,
      U shud try this out. The eyes look very different and chic. Thanks for reading the post.

  3. Once again a very Nice tutorial...though i am not really sure if i can apply the liner like that coz my hands are so shaky =(..
    And thank you soo much..u know i wore the lippie and its awesome..the khol and mascara are awesome too!!


    1. happy u liked the products.
      Where as shaky hands are concerned you can rest your elbow on a table and draw the liner. The elbow should be secured and u should use on the wrist to create the line and not move the entire forearm

  4. thats actually a good idea..wud try that next time..thanks alot =)

  5. Im not sure if Im confident enough to line my eyes like that and carry it well but i really did love the eye makeup <3


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