Friday, November 30, 2012

Review : Clarins Face Treatment Oil - LOTUS ---> Oil for an OILY skin

For those who have read the title, they have read it right. This is a rebalancing oil which is meant to take care of combination to oily skin and show dramatic changes in just a few uses. For those who have read my posts on BEST BUYS must have seen this product being mentioned in it and after a couple of samples and lot of research and thinking I finally got to get this amazing product and it has become a staple in my skin care regimen at night.

So presenting the Clarins Face Treatment Oil LOTUS - Price 2150 INR (purchased from Shoppers stop, authentic Clarins outlet in the country)

Well, who doesn't crave for a normal, healthy, glowing skin and bedazzling complexion? I do (even if no one does..LOL). Who doesn't want their childhood traumas of greasy skin and a battalion of pimples leave them at least when they have become adults (I Do)? Who doesn't want people to see the youthful radiance in the skin which cannot be masked by unhealthy thick layers of stickiness and grime?

Did anyone know that an OIL applied externally could do this to you? Get back the natural glow, the youthful radiance and a bright looking skin that has refined appearance of pores and simply looks stunning. My skin has never behaved nicely and I have taken harsh measures in the past to deep cleanse, exfoliate and do everything to get rid of the oil until the bulb lit in my head one day while I passed the Clarins counter....I saw a genie in a bottle. Something that could get rid of the excessive oiliness on my face and completely contradict to my thoughts of oily skin. And lo and behold....there was the Clarins Face Treatment Oil in Lotus.

After loving the aromatic smell of Rosemary and Geranium and putting this pure essential oil concoction to test for a month from October to November, I realized that this product is my partner for quite a long time. There are no big claims, no gimmicks, no overpromising marketing. Just a simple oil that could help purify the oily skin, balance the sebum production and refine the pores that are mostly naughty at times.

This is a very French concept of using different plant oils to treat skin concerns and with Clarins being FRENCH to the last letter, I am not surprised that they have this as a therapy in their skin care line.

Clarins says,

Naturally astringent for Oily or Combination Skin. 100% pure plant extracts with no preservatives. Clarins’ exclusive blend of Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus extracts purifies, tightens pores and refines the skin texture. Hazelnut Oil softens, soothes and seals in moisture to prevent fine lines.
We add (from the picture above)

Specifically designed to purify, balance and improve combination or oily skin. Immediately absorbed. Essential oils of Rosemary and Geranium help balance sebum production and purify skin. Lotus extract help refine skin. Dermatologist tested. 

The ingredient list also shows a lot of friendly stuff with mostly plant derivatives and lovely lightweight oils dispersed in a base of Hazelnut oil (which helps in moisturizing and smoothing the skin texture). It is fragrant and smells divinely of geranium which I love.

Comes in a glass bottle with a lovely dispenser dropper to drop the required quantities. This is a new packaging and is much user friendly as opposed to the old one. Its a glass bottle so handling with care comes even without mentioning. I believe that glass holds these oils better and does not tamper with their odors as compared to the plastic ones, but I am not a chemist to verify that completely. Its just that the glass bottle feels quite luxurious (during Egyptian times 'glass' was even more expensive than gold) and I love the way it looks. The dropper is also made of glass so maybe my aforementioned theory could be right too.

The oil has a transparent yellow color and looks as lovely as it smells. Does not happen to have any colors or else it would have been mentioned. As said it smells heavenly and feels delicate and lightweight on the skin.

The glass dropper

2-3 drops is all you need to look divine the next day

It does spread well and absorbs in a jiffy. Here it will not as the surface area is lesser.


(Detailed explanation for those who are interested, from the Clarins official website. It reads like a biology class. This really interests me as I am a doctor and this is what I have studied in my entire learning life.)

SACRED LOTUS (Nelumbium speciosum)
Plukentia volubilis is a creeper plant native to the Peruvian Andes. It is commonly known as Inca peanut because the seeds in its fruit were traditionally eaten by the people of the Andes for their stimulating and fortifying benefits. The oil from the seeds was also used in soothing and relaxing massages. Recent research has revealed that Inca peanut oil is the only vegetable oil to contain such high quantities of the two essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. In Clarins products, Inca peanut oil is used to nourish and repair the skin and maintain good cohesion of epidermal cells.
ROSEMARY (Rosemarinus officinalis)
Rosemary is a small, fragrant shrub from the Mediterranean region which grows wild or cultivated on chalky soil. The long, narrow, sweet-smelling leaves, rich in essential oils, are much used today to flavour food.There is a legend that in the 16th century, Isabelle of Hungary prepared with her own hands a rosemary cordial which is supposed to have restored her to health and youth at the age of 70.Essential oils of rosemary are used in cosmetics for their aromatic powers as well as their revitalizing, moisturizing action. Ursolic acid, a component of rosemary, has strong anti-irritation and repairing properties which were recently discovered.
GERANIUM (Pelargonium graveolens)
Geranium is a hardy plant which has long been used in perfume-making for its essential oil. Geranium leaves have many stomas, which resemble channels where gas exchanges with the atmosphere take place. Itwas in the cells bordering these stomas that a substance equivalent to ANP (Atrial Natriuretic Peptide) was discovered, which is able to stimulate GMPc, a new and previously unknown trigger of lipolysis.
HAZELNUT (Coryllus avellana)
The hazelnut is a small tree that grows in woods and hedgerows, very common in European forests. Its fruit, the hazelnut, is a smooth, egg-shaped nut, held at the base in a green sheath with deeply cut-out edges. An edible oil is extracted from the hazelnut. Employed in cooking, it is also much used in soaps, masks and massage oils for its capacity to prevent dehydration. Components founds in its leaves after excellent cellular anti-free radical protection.
This is a lovely way to know what the product is actually doing. 


In the evening, after thorough cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to face and neck still damp with Toning Lotion, avoiding the eye contour. Gently dab face with a soft tissue to remove any excess product 


Seriously, I had a very oily skin which was bothering me on and off due to hither thither breakouts (not an advertorial of Teleshopping). So when I used it on the first day, I took a bit more than said with the hope that my skin would look lovely. But it happened in the opposite manner of what I thought of. My skin looked greasy and hideous. Then I saw a video of the Clarins lady showing how to apply and found it perfect.

Since the perfect match for this product was their Toner in Iris, I sampled that too. What I do is, take a bit of toner in the middle of the palm of my hand. Put 2-3 drops (using 4 for winters) and gently rub to activate and warm up the oils.

Then I press my hands on the entire face in a press-release pattern motion and then apply some on my neck too. Generally one may not need a moisturizer but I do. I finish off with my another stupid splurge of La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion for Face, Neck and Eyes (will never buy such a costly cream again, I swear)

When I wake up in the morning I wake with a fabulous glow on the face, skin feels soft and radiant and most of all the pores are tightened and refined.


I broke out in a couple of days of the usage into really big pimples. I had given up hope when my friend from Clarins told me to be patient and I believed in her advice. The skin does clear and starts looking refined. It somehow makes my skin glow and look amazingly radiant. Also hidden in the ingredients list is the Clary oil and Sun flower oil which do a n incredible job in making the skin feel and look supple, hydrated and mostly helps in the clarity. The Chamomile essential oil (also in the product) does help soothe the skin from irritants and really the oil did not cause a rash or allergy. With Vit.E there's another hope too.

I am looking at myself with a better skin now. Pores on my nose seem to be smaller. Skin looks vibrant and it maybe my imagination but it also helped alleviate the tan and got my skin color to normal (NC 37 of MAC).


Yes I would. But before buying try a sample. Do not lose hopes if you get acne. Continue and you will see the results. Its a night treatment so there is no botheration of looking greasy at work or attracting a lot of dirt.

THE PRESCRIPTION (What I use at Night)

I prefer not to use all products formulated for Men as I have quite a delicate and scary skin. It gets red and starts flaking when I use MEN products so I mostly stay away. This is my Night time skin care routine these days.

  • Cleanse with Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Oily skin formula
  • Exfoliate (once in 2 days) with Clinique Anti blemish solutions Clarifying lotion
  • Tone (everyday) with Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris
  • Apply Clarins Face Treatment oil in LOTUS all over face avoiding eye area
  • For eyes, I use Oriflame Seeing is Believing Multi Benefits under eye cream (since ages) sometime alternating it with a sampler of the Guerlain Orchidee under eye cream
  • Night time moisturizers - Clinique Skin supplies for men (only men product) M Gel Lotion and La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion for Face, Neck and Eyes
I hope you found this review helpful and not utterly boring due to a lot of content to read. In case I forget anything I will update it later in a colored font.

Do let me know your views in the comments. Support the blog and enter my GIVEAWAY if you haven't.

Till then,


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  1. I am using clarins exfoliant toner these days...and so loving it..would try this some day..

    1. Its lovely na? From the White plus range??
      Try this out. Its a miracle in a bottle.

  2. i will pick dis face needs a lil luxury ;)

    1. LOL...u will love sample it first and see the magic

  3. Great review and looks like a lovely product. I will get it sampled first, but, I am afraid of any break-outs.

    1. ya u must...keep me posted on the results...thank for commenting...

  4. thank you sooo much Neeraj for sharing this and especially how to use it :D i have samplles sooo many tiny tiny bottles :D now am going to use them and get a bigger bottle :D lovelyyy review as always :D

    1. ya u share ur experiences....thanks for commenting...

  5. Is this like a serum?

    Can it be used under a regular moisturiser during the day and night? I'm looking for a good serum. I'm 36 and live in Bombay with a normal, medium to wheatish complexion and no major breakouts.



    1. this is a lovely essential oil concoction...u have to use it only at night and not in the day...what is ur skin type n all....u can check at the Clarins counter for some amazing serums..

  6. Thanks Neeraj.

    I've got a normalish skin now, it used to be oilier when i was younger, I've been using a sunscreen regularly, so no pigmentation, no acne...I do have open pores and white heads and notice some wrinkles around the under eye area.

    Would appreciate any suggestions you could offer regarding a suitable serum that i could use during the day/night.


  7. If you want something home made, you should purchase cosmetic grade zinc oxide and mixing a tablespoon or two into a bottle of moisturizer. Right now I'm using it with a moisturizer I got from Citrus Clear. It is the Citrus Clear Control Moisturizer. I put on this lightweight moisturizer that soaks in quickly. It will help mattify and absorb excess oil. It helps keep acne down and helps heal acne that has popped up.

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I have been doing the oil treatment for 4 months now and it's working very well. I've come across another website call skin tightening treatment, the site has a few at-home ways to tighten and improve skin. I'm wondering if these treatments will work well with the oil treatment. Thank you again for this post :)

  9. Hi

    I bought this a while ago. Before, I applied it i had to search again on how to really do this and i came across your blog. I enjoyed reading it and makes me feel like money's worth. I have breakouts since last augut 2011. They were gone except for the scars hecause i used mario badescu's glycolic cleanser daily (although advised 1-3x/week). My skin got dry and so my face had to compensate the dryness. I brokeout on my cheeks and when one has totally disappeared another zit pops up! I changed cleansers and used physiogel, a milder one similar to cetaphil. My t-zone area is oily and my forehead , chin, and cheeks are dry. My skin is so miserable. I'm crossing my fingers on this oil. Love to read more of your blogs!

  10. Hi Neeraj,

    I have a lot of acne marks on my face. Will those also lighten up by regular use of Lotus oil. My wedding is coming up in a 4-5 months time and I have tried a variety of products. However, neither the acne subsides nor the marks.


    1. acne marks take a lot of time to go and so do acne. u should consult a dermat if you want them cleared faster.

  11. If your looking for how to tighten skin oil lotus works wonders, Thanks for the post.

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  14. It is basic to recognize what the impacts are and how they can enhance your skin over the long haul and not just until further notice. We ought to likewise ask what these cosmetic touch up creams are made of since it is your skin we are worried of.

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