Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beauty Explorer : Launches and Little Birdie News

Beauty Explorer is a medium to get some news from the beauty and cosmetic industry. It also helps in knowing some interesting facts and is quite a fun to know what's happening around the world and of course the beauty scene in India
In Beauty Explorer today I will be sharing some amazing news that I came across, new products that I found and other random stuff.

  • SISLEY has launched that beautiful skin care and makeup line of theirs through several PARCOS stores all across India. Its super luxurious, super amazing and super pricey with all prices in comparision to Luxury premium brands like La Prairie and Guerlain. This is a brand for the ultra rich people who would love to splurge their monies on getting the utmost pinnacle of luxury in skin care and makeup. With Lipstick at Rs.3000 this is not a brand for everyone's taste but for those who would buy this would surely love the extravaganza and the lavish formulas these products have. One of my clients got into it and found some really amazing masks and serums that did cost a bomb but worth the penny that was spent (no pennies spent LOL).             
  • Burberry has taken the grace of launching Burberry beauty soon to enter the Indian market just like other amazing brands that are going to come in. I presume it would be priced in the ranges of Christian Dior and Chanel and would have their own set of customers that would be wooed with an amazing palette of glowing face colors, magnificent lip colors and stormy eye colors that Burberry beauty has. Although not much of information as to where it would come but I am definitely buying the foundation, concealer and an eyeshadow called Pale Barley.                                                                                       
  • Sephora seems to have hit Indian shores but no one knows much about it. All I know is they are finding and hiring staff for their Delhi store from some resources here and there.Also heard they are getting Makeup Forever back with Benefit and Stila too.                                                       
These are the only interesting news apart from the facts that Holiday collections have started arriving and will be soon flooding department brands of Shoppers stop so keep a watch.

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  1. Thnx for sharing this news... :) Will be trying out Burberry products whn i find thm....

  2. am super excited for burberry :D :D god knows the price range but i will def. pick a lipstick or blush :D :D

    1. haha me too...quite exciting to have Burberry to india.

  3. Lucky people in India, there is no Sephora in Israel :-(
    I need your advice....what to do with my eyebrows? they are a mess so letting them grow a bit because I hate them thin.
    thank you

    1. Sephora is opening still not the stroke of luck..LOL...
      For eye brows an age old Indian (dont know whether purely indian) is to apply Castor oil to your brows every night...helps them grow fast.
      You must invest in a grey toned brown pencil to fill in with short strokes and then use MAC eyeshadow in Wedge or Cork to add dimension. Fix your brow with a brow gel..

  4. Replies
    1. yup coming slowly as a snail but on its way! LLOL

  5. Y the heck v don have SEPHORA in mumbai :(

    thank god v have burberry! thankx doc for the info :D

    1. let us know if u get any stuff and do share...thanks a lot.


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