Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beauty Explorer : Overhaulin'

This is the last day of me getting berserk and getting some more Guerlain stuff. In total I bought 80k INR (2000$) worth stuff in 3 days (of course at lesser price) and this is the end of shopping hopefully. I have become totally bankrupt now but mentally satisfied like anything.

This is the last haul of the haul series that I bought today at the last minute shopping scene when they were packing. I loathe myself for not being able to pick more than this but its ok....everything has limit and when it comes to money it is quite limited.

For those who need introduction to Guerlain as a brand. Guerlain is a French brand found by its eponymous founder to create luxurious perfumes for the rich and royal Parisian damsels. Today Guerlain is an empire (they do not have fashion) that is synonymous with premium luxury in skin care, fragrances and of course avante garde makeup products thanks to the creative director Olivier Echaudmaison. With strong hold in Europe, Guerlain also rules Middle East and is always inspired by Middle Eastern trends like kohls and terracotta bronzers etc with an added European eclectic flare. Guerlain is compared in competition with highest of the brands in the luxury spectrum like La Prairie, Sisley and La Mer and is known to create collections no one has ever done and ever seen. The collections are not only memorable but make Guerlain carve a deeper niche in quality and of course quantity for which one pays.

Soon I shall be writing a post on how to do  luxury product shopping and hope you find that article useful in getting one of the products you dream of. So lets see what I got in the haul this time.

I got another of my favorite eyeshadow palette in Velours D'Or which will go in the Giveaway thats coming soon.

I got the Illuminating Perfecting Pressed Powder in 10 Nacre Des Mer (INR 3900) which is amazing to give a luminous flawless finish. Inspired by the legendary Guerlain Meteorites, this is a pressed powder that looks like a lot of pearls being pressed together. Apart from the silver overspray which goes off very fast, inside is a luminous finely milled powder interspersed with micronized pearl particle to impart a luxurious shine. The powder is color correcting and absolutely stunning.

Who would resist this lovely Les Ombre De Nuit (INR 3750) quad that has some of the most incredible colors to don for the festive season. At least I could not. The iridescent pearly colors and contrasted by a soft matte silky deep grey color that adds enough smoke to spice up the nights. Its like 'if you are too sweet, you need some spice.' type situation.

I got the lovely Rouge G lipstick in Galia, a  muted wearable brown pink that can go with a soft day look or a smokey eye. Its fabulous and buttery with lip enhancing properties and of course a delightful creamy veil of color on the lips. INR 2025 is what it is available on the Guerlain counters all over.

This is a fiery orange red with hints of coppery sparkle which may not be noticeable. The color is super glowing and I am waiting to swatch it. INR 2025

Guerlain comes out with the most fantasizing and absolutely gorgeous packaging and Rouge Automatique in Flirt D'Un Jour is no exception at INR 2400. This limited edition shade from the Belle De Nuit collection is described as 'soft luminous pink' which it is. The sliding mechanism of this lipstick is magical and now there's no need of getting scared of losing the lipstick lid as you dont need to have one.

I couldn't resist buying these to be discontinued pearly glosses as they have the uber chic divine pearly finish that only expensive brands can give and cannot be easily dupeable by the mass market ones especially L'Oreal. Methinks Guerlain is owned by LVMH. For INR 1650 I got this lovely champagne pink-gold gloss that delivers a high watt shine and amazing glossiness to the lips.

This is a lovely apricot color - peach tones infused with lingering particles of gold and gold flecks to create a molten composition that looks as hot on lips as in the tube. The consistency is the same as the champagne gloss but it has more of shine and is opaque. A delight for the eyes.

I hope you liked the last addition of the haul of Guerlain cosmetics. I bought all of these at a bit cheaper price but it was a steal to be able to own a brand like this.

Here is a glimpse of the Giveaway that I am planning in the end of 2012 December upto somewhere in Jan and Feb and I am sure you'll like it.

I have to yet make the final additions and its going to be a big one for sure. Since I am a beauty blogger  who deals mostly in beauty and makeup, I love to give away makeup products which are a mish mash from the drug store as well as department brands and create a buffet of makeup products for all to try. Due to certain financial reasons I am not able to fulfill the goals that I have but in future with your support and prayers I may be able to produce better giveaways and deals.

Do support Beauty Traveller and let us all grow together and look at each other with admiration to what we have learnt and shared.

Till then,


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  1. OMG !! Again.. I cant stop drooling at the stuff now..and u keep on adding :p

    1. lol...no no this is the last one for now....shall be reviewing the products and doing holiday looks....do participate in the Guerlain giveaway btw...n how have u been?

    2. Good..Ya surely participating !

  2. Replies
    1. lol...dont be...u might get a chance to win one of the goodies from the lot...

  3. Oh god doc!! m soo participating in all ur giveaways :D


    1. thanks a lot Erica...do participate n dont forget...

  4. Oh God!!! That is such an awesome haul! I have been following the haul and am truly stunned. The one change, however, I might like in the giveaway, is the lipstick. A red maybe to celebrate the season rather than the brown-pink. Everything else is PERFECT.

    1. haha...Poorna I may put another red lipstick instead....the giveaway starts in the new year coz I need to collect some more stuff.

  5. doc u need a doc. uve gone nuts. dnt worry the worlds nt gonna end on 21st..;) love guerlain. have meteorites bt dnt knw hw to use it correctly (read wch brush to use).

    1. LOL...I dont need a doc...I have come back to my senses. To use meteorites, use a fluffy powder brush. Swirl the brush into the container and roll over all the meteorite balls and them dust off excess and apply on entire face. If you have colored ones, then highlight only certain areas of the face. Thanks a lot for commenting.

    2. i hv the one in tient dore. there multicoloured. i hv a kabuki, bourjois paris, if that ok.. also gt sample of blanc de perle face wash n meteorites primer they all fabb.. n i agree wth u on owning one luxury brand product just makes u feel like a queen

  6. Neeraj .... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww everything is exceptionaly wow :D :D i need everythinggggggg from your haul :D :D


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