Saturday, December 29, 2012


If you ask a makeup artist (as mad as me) to where does all the income of the entire year go and I would shout....GUERLAIN..Due to some personal issues I could not pick up the last consignment of my haul soon and there's this one that I picked up. I make a promise to myself that NO NO NO makeup purchases (except essentials) in Jan and Feb....LOL

Although I don't believe in flaunting (ahem) but this is the last one I am going to talk about. The entire lot was purchased by my own annual hard earned savings and shall be reviewed and utilized for the blog and the celeb clients of mine.

So lets see..........what all I got....

I got all the products that I had missed upon and had ordered them and got them as soon as they arrived. Guerlain is available at selected Shoppers stop outlets in the entire country so one can check these in. To keep it short and sweet with reviews coming up later, I am just enumerating all what I got.

  1. Kiss Kiss Gloss in Rose Sunset
  2. Noir G De Guerlain Rechargeable mascara in Noir
  3. Parure de Nuit highlighter
  4. Rouge G lipstick in Grenade
  5. Rouge G lipstick in Gina
  6. Meteorites powder in Cruel Gardenia
  7. Parure Pearly White foundation in no.03
  8. Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Pink Boop
  9. Parure Pearly white foundation in no.33
  10. Rouge G lipstick in Gwen (Limited edition)
  11. Le 2 De Guerlain Lacque mascara in Noir Lacque
  12. Terracotta Lipgloss in Tango
  13. Ombre Fusion in Bahia
  14. Terre Indigo eyeshadow quad
  15. Blush 4 Eclat in Nuit D'Ete
  16. Terracotta Gloss in Salsa
  17. Terracotta Gloss in Mambo
  18. Parure Aqua foundation no.23
Hope you like the haul. Do let me know in the comments. Giveaway coming soon.

Till then,


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  1. Arrrggg..... Cruel Gardenia... I so wanted it... :( :(

    1. isnt it the most covetable one....i got really lucky yesterday!

  2. wow, great haul!! :D Your really passionate in what you do and I really like that about you ^_^.

    1. thank u soooo much. I generally dont flaunt but i couldnt help with this one..

  3. u giving me a heart attack..guarlain is ther eat sephora nw...
    i will not not go there again....

    1. lol..u have no idea of the pangs of guilt i am going

  4. why soooooo many!!!!! pls lend me some. be nice to me...

    1. LOL....I will be using them for blog work and brides...couldnt resist the temptation...U must go to Guerlain counter and see what happens to you...LOL

  5. Guerlain Overdose :D Tat is sum haul Doc!

    1. total overdose...looks like no products for a long long time...


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