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Review : Christian Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25

Before I start reviewing this amazing foundation I must sincerely apologize for the horrendous pictures my camera has clicked. In fact I had to do this because I couldn't get the name on the frosted glass bottle show up and only a low light could do that better. The positive side is that you can see the truest color of what the foundation looks like and that can be the only soother and advantage that I can blabber about bad quality pictures.

Nevertheless. presenting Christian Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25, my holy grail foundation of the moment and I am going to tell you the reasons why I love it so much. If anyone has ever bothered to read the PRODUCTS USED under most of the tutorials I do, they would notice this foundation being mentioned as a regular these days. Its been a while I have started using this as it goes not only untraceable on my face (I would not land up cakey faced as a guy) and really hides the imperfections giving me a silky smooth skin I ever desired.

Anyways, lets see how beautiful and worthwhile this foundation is..........

This glowing foundation has a multitude of benefits to in its plate and throughout this post you will be reading how good the foundation is on skin and how not on the pocket. Since the name is toooooooo long, I am going to call it Fusion Wear foundation for betterment of my fingers.

WHAT DIOR SAYS..........

What it is:A couture-inspired liquid foundation that provides sun protection and a flawless, second-skin finish for all-day wear. 
What it does:Dior’s unique understanding of couture brings the idea of customized luxury to the world of foundation with this smart formula that adapts to your unique skin type and adjusts accordingly throughout the day for an ultra-smooth, flawless complexion. Infused with the skin-shaping Skincare Essence, this formula melts weightlessly into the skin while hydrating and mattifying elements keep skin balanced, smooth, and healthy. Skin texture is instantly refined and imperfections concealed.
Mallow Flower Extract: Stimulates cell renewal for a smoother and more-even skin texture day after day. 
Skincare Essence: Just like a couture gown designed for a special client, this essence adapts to the skin’s particular needs throughout the day. 
Halo Pearls: Soft-focus pigments and transparent pearly particles evenly diffuse the light and deliver the perfect glow.

They have quite a bigger range of colors to suit most of the complexions, however Dior hasn't been kind enough to all Indians and Indians reciprocate by choosing other options due to unavailability of coloring options. No one would love to go ghostly white.

In the Sephora line up they do have a 050 and 060 as very dark shades with a bit of red undertones to suit most dark complexion. Since I found my shade 030 I have no complaints about it.


The foundation comes in their classic navy blue shiny packaging with Dior logo and instructions written in silver. This is against their older one where it was Gold and Deep Navy (I prefer the modern one as it looks so chic). The foundation is 30 ml. for the price of 3015 INR.
The glass bottle is frosted and heavy which makes it break-resistant to a certain extent but way to heavy. Sometimes heavy bottle gives an illusion of a lot of product but there isn't any...LOL. Through the frosted bottle you can make out the color of the foundation and even see it near the mirror to see whether the color matches before swatching and testing. The navy blue lid and the steel pump is even more nicer and looks rich for all the money that you pay. The foundation color is true to what you see in the glass bottle and since the foundation hasn't got over I cannot really comment whether you can see the levels going down too.


Since I have used both the foundation formulas, I need to highlight this feature too. The Old version was a more heavier coverage while the 030 color used to look like a disaster on my face. It was white, chalky, difficult to blend but once blended it gave an amazing coverage and phenomenal longevity. Its descendant is more luminous in coverage and slightly on the sheerer side with all the benefits of the same. The coloring is true to its name and blends on the skin like silk. I would choose the newer formula as it is much more than a foundation with the added serum for skin care benefits although I have doubts as to how the serum can work when the skin is moisturized.


The foundation is a runny liquid that is really thin and quite blendable. This extra play time makes the foundation melt into skin and mimic your skin but better kind of effects. The Medium Beige tone that I picked up is much more neutral than being warm or cool and if not tanned (lesser chances due to presence of SPF 25) this could an all year around foundation.

The formula is more watery and oil free with a expensive blend of silicones that hug and adhere to the skin like nothing. It dries to a lovely semi (demi) matte finish and the dewiness it imparts its phenomenal. Its long wearing and bit of powder on to set, the foundation can last upto 10hrs and more with slight fading. Its not completely transfer proof and can be wiped with a tissue (especially after you sweat) but the powder gives a ray of hope. 

The foundation has a lovely slip and glides onto moisturized skin like anything. This enables better blendability of the product and adds luminosity to face without adding too much of shine. Since the formula has oil controlling properties, its a boon for oily skin although one must not mistaken the luminosity and glow to be an oily shine. It glides even better on a heavier moisturizer (for drier skins) and on a primer (I used it over Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer) and those add to its longevity.

Its has sheer to medium coverage and one pump is all it takes to cover the entire face. The pump is good quality and helps control the amount of the product that  is dispensed out of it. Sometimes its better to begin with less and build up if necessary and this foundation does an amazing job while layering.

I hope you can appreciate the sheer glow the foundation has given. On a tweet to Diorshow artist Ricky Wilson, its proven that and I believe too after taking a picture under strong Canon flash, that inspite of the SPF 25, there is no flashback from the foundation and it does not look ghostly white unlike its predecessor, the Extreme wear foundation.


  • I love to use fingers to allow the formula to melt into skin thanks to the homeothermic abilities of human being and this may not be for vampires.
  • It may get wasted due to its fluid consistency when applied with a foundation brush and a sponge is a complete NO NO. Also I noticed some sort of streaking with a foundation brush and feel its the most inexpensive way to use fingers.
  • You can also thin down the foundation with a suitable moisturizer or serum and make it just a tint of luminosity on the face.
  • It does conceal and minimize imperfections to a certain extent and when used as another layer, it did conceal my under eye circles to a certain extent.
I really recommend this foundation for anyone who is;
  1. Looking for a natural semi matte finish for work
  2. Looking for an all over luminous glow without piling a lot of product.
  3. Facing difficulties in blending or has minimal time for blending the foundation.
This is my go-to foundation and although this foundation would last me a year or more due to lesser usage I might re-purchase this again provided they do not discontinue. Dior has also launched their Nude skin foundation which is reformulated and I am trying my hands on it in case I need any more foundation. 

Its a pricey affair but really worth the buck as most of the amazing Christian Dior products. I would choose this over any MAC or drugstore foundation as it lasts double the time they would do and looks luxurious on skin. 

This foundation was purchased by me from Shoppers Stop, Mumbai and I do not get paid for writing reviews for Dior. This is my own discretion and view about the foundation and I do not guarantee that it would match yours too. Something that I may like can spell disaster on someone else so I urge you to try before buying it.

Hope you liked the review. I am not rating it as for me every product reviewed has a series of tests to be passed and are always under the microscope. As a beauty blogger and an independent one I prefer only reviewing the products that I like and not just any product and for me this product is worth trying.

Dior is available at selected Cosmetic and Fragrance Departments in Shoppers Stop all over the country.

Do let me know anything you need to ask in the comments section.

Till then,


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  1. very much intrigued by the concept of skin essence !!!

    1. Thanks a lot Dr.Rashmi. its an amazing foundation and u must try it out if u get ur matching shade.

  2. Hi Neeraj, I've been using MAC studio fix concealer for spot correction, I don't use a foundation for my overall face, just dab a powder after the concealer n blush n am done, combination skin, winters r a boon but do you recommend this to me, skintone NC40, if yes the shade n price plz, you can also checkout my pics on my blogs, will mail you the url if needed, Thanx!

    1. U must try this case u also want to invest in a foundation then Guerlain Lingerie de Peau or their new one called Parure de Lumiere is amazing. These foundations give an amazing luminosity to the face and look ultra gorgeous like second skin but better...Dior one sells for 2890 and I can recommend u to try shade 030 which I have bought.

  3. Gorgeous formulation and look at how well it concealed your skin! nice and natural. how much is it,Neeraj. thanks for bringing this to light. I wish I had such a radiant and even toned complexion as yours as i wouldn't have to fall into the indian category for whom most good brands don't have a shade match. I am neither dark nor fair. stuck in the middle, sucks!

    1. Oh don't be disheartened. They do have 050 shade that u can check and even 040. Plus this foundation priced at 2890 also adapts to ur skin coloring to certain extent. I'm sure u will love it as soon as u get ur shade. Thanks for commenting....

  4. Thanx! will check this out n get back to you,

    unable to reply in the thread, TC

  5. Doc! i want the DIOR ..Thanks for the review.. bcoz no bloogger dares to review such xpnsve brands <3

    1. Thanks a lot Erica...I hope I am able to rise above and review products to open up some departmental market for Bloggers...Since Sephora opens, there are lot more Stilas and Benefits in the reviewing list too.

  6. I want ! Thanks for the review. :)

  7. Replies
    1. let me know how did the foundation go on you....Thanks a lot for the comment

  8. Woww....looks lovely. Must check this foundation.

  9. Hi Neeraj
    I'm looking for a foundation, I use mac Nc 43.5 studio fix powder foundation. Do you think I will find a perfect shade for my skin tone?


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