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Review : Guerlain Rouge Automatique

To mar the hefty luxurious packaging of the Rouge G de Guerlain, Guerlain cosmetics came up with another phenomenal and a pioneering concept in lipsticks that is going to spoken about for several years after their launch.

Yes that the Guerlain Rouge Automatique and I am reviewing the shade FLIRT D'UN JOUR.....(difficult to pronounce but that does not waver the beauty of this lipstick.)

Rouge Automatique is quite a novel and a beautiful concept when it comes to packaging. Guerlain as usual has been innovative enough and this time it was about making the lid-less lipsticks. With different attempts made by brands like Chanel to create easier packaging concepts and magnetic casing et al, this is a very new and innovative way of getting the most luxurious experience out of a simple lipstick bullet.


This sleek gold packaging consists of a single cylinder that contains the lipstick. There is a knob that I call the magic knob. This has a slide on mechanism in which when the know is pressed downwards, the lipstick arises. Also there is a protective covering over the lipstick which straightens and passes through the grooved tunnel that is specially created for the knob to move.

The case looks like its made up of tin. It is light weight and not a hefty one. Sleek enough to fit in a pocket or a lipstick case (the silliest thing ever). This fits in the bag and the best part is there is no cover that would get lost. The knob is specially designed with a locking system (that clicks) so that the lipstick is secured and would not open up in the crowded places where your bag could get fiddled. (Of course all Guerlain Rouge Automatique lovers may not travel in public transport, so these tips are for travelers)


A 3.5 gm lipstick worth 2400 INR contains ingredients that hydrate, impart a lovely sheen or shine and stay quite longer than an average lipstick. They have a special blend of waxes to do so. The formula is moisturizing enough and though there is multi colored shimmer in it, its not as gritty as some shimmery lipsticks could be. 

The lipstick glides softly and one can get intense or literally full coverage in one go which makes the little lesser formula compared to other brands, sustain longer. The bullet itself is quite sturdy and looks like it wont melt at room temperature, although I am not going to make such attempts.


This is a 'soft pink' as referred by Guerlain. To me it looks like a peachy pink with a hint of beige to make it more wearable for the day. There is subtle micro shimmer which may be conspicuous enough when the lipstick withers away. This glitter has a teal sheen to it adding to the coolness of this almost neutral pink lipstick. This color could adapt to any skin color and undertone and look fabulous for day as well as night time. It takes one swipe to deposit ample color and I ain't complaining.


Its better to apply such formulas directly from the tube to prevent wastage of the precious nectar in the gold casing. It glides smoothly and is rich enough. Its a great pair for a soft day makeup and quite versatile enough to go with smokey eyes for the night.


INR 2400 or approx. 48$ in INDIA. 35$ in Sephora USA

This is one of the most amazing formulas and is rich and intense for the color it has to be. It has that luxurious shine that makes people's heads turn and yet has the simplicity of a gloss in a stick form.

Hope you liked this review. If you have any queries do feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. Beautiful color, classy packaging :)pricey but well after all it's Guerlain, TC

    1. thanks a lot Priya...its indeed an amazing color and there are more to come so wait and watch


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