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Bride Makeup - SANGEET

This is the look I did for the Sangeet. Just to tell you that the bride insisted that I do the most natural makeup with just a few nuances in the makeup. So this is not a typical bridal makeup that you would expect.

This picture of bride is taken by me and being my client I have all the freedom to talk about it. Since Megha has consented me on using the picture for the blog, I have moved further and shall be making a post out of it.

So lets see how I achieved this look...........

Megha has an extremely sensitive skin that has occasional redness and is prone to allergies literally like hives on the skin. She is photosensitive and over all has bouts of rosacea at certain untoward times. To smooth and relax her skin, the serum from Clarins called Beauty Repair Concentrate really worked wonders. Its a serum that can be applied on its own to curb allergies or used under a product that has a potential to cause allergies. The plant extracts helps soothe irritations and makes the skin calm and happy. Moisture Surge from Clinique is an aloe vera based hydrator that not only adds supplementary hydration to parched skin but also helps soothe down irritations and plus act as good base for the skin. With all said and done, let me explain how the makeup look was achieved.
  1. Firstly I sprayed Kryolan Surgiva Skin Refreshing Spray over the moisturizer to create a supple skin.
  2. Then I primed the skin with 2 primers. First I applied Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer on the entire face and neck. Then over the red areas of the face, I applied MUFE Corrective Base in Green to neutralize the redness.
  3. I began with Christian Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear foundation SPF 25 (my own btw)  and applied from the axis of the face blending outwards and into the hair lines with a foundation brush. To give it an extra blend, I dabbed with my fingers so that the foundation literally melted into the skin.
  4. For the under eye area, sides of the nose and also for the chin I mixed OB2 and OB3 shades from the Kryolan Ultra foundation palette and applied with a concealer brush and then blended with the foundation brush. 
  5. Then with a small flat powder brush I used Kryolan TL9 and TL4 on the entire face except the cheek area to retain the dewiness. 
  6. For subtle highlighting I used NARS Orgasm Illuminator on the heights of cheeks and bridge of the nose to make the complexion look dewy.
  7. Then I contoured the jaw line, hair line, sides of the nose (subtly) and the cheek hollows with my favorite Benefit Hoola Bronzer from the Powder Pop palette. For blush, I lightly dusted MAC Powder Blush in Hipness to peachy coral gush of flush.
  8. Since Megha has full brows I literally filled the gaps with VOV Eye brow pencil (Love it as its very creamy) and brush the brows into place with a spoolie brush.
  9. For eyes, I corrected the unevenness with the same Kryolan Ultra foundation and then applied NARS Pro Prime Smudgeproof eyeshadow base so that things remain in place.
  10. For the soft golden eye, I first applied Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow (forgot to mention in the previous post) in Bold gold in light patting motions on the entire lid. Then I dusted Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half Baked on the entire lid. Contoured the crease with MAC Cork eyeshadow and defined the outer corners and outer crease with MAC Brown down. For the lower lids I used the same MAC  Brown down to smoke out and give a soft warm brown shade. I highlighted the brow bone and inner corners with Stila Kitten eyeshadow (forgot to mention this too). In the inner corners I highlighted a bit extra with MAC Pigment in Vanilla to add an extra pop of color.
  11. Then I traced the upper lash line and inner rims with Max Factor Line Effect Pencil in Blazing Brown and smudged it for softness and softened it even more with MAC Brown down.
  12. I curled Megha's lashes with Shiseido Eye lash curler and then applied my favorite Maybelline Falsies Lashes Waterproof mascara for enhancing her gorgeous long lashes.
  13. For the lips, I prepped them with Kiehl's lip balm in Cranberry flavor (forgot to mention) and then lined her lips with Bourjois Lip liner in Soft Rose. Then with a lip brush I patted on Maybelline 14 Hr lipstick in Keep me coral for a soft yet bright effect and layered some Clinique Full Potential Lips in Lustrous lilac just on the centre of the lip.
  14. After the entire makeup, I sprayed Dermacolor Makeup Fixing spray and she was ready for the sangeet.
Whenever times are conducive I shall be sharing the looks that I did for the brides and tutorials too. It goes without saying on the blog.

Hope you like this bridal work of mine. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Love the makeup! The lip combo is looks amazing on her. I wish I had an MUA like you when I got married. I had to have SO much control over what was being applied and the products were nowhere near as good as the ones you've mentioned.

    1. OHHH!!! I wish i cud do ur makeup...u wud have loved it for sure. and btw u can recommend me to anyone if u know..LOL..
      thanks for the amazing kind words..

  2. Of course! You are based in Mumbai right? Will def. do if someone asks me! :)

  3. Lovely Bride with great makeup !

    1. Thanks a lot Niesha. I'm so happy u liked it.

    2. You have done a good job..:) i am just a beginner.

  4. lovely makeup and she looks gorgeous.. i am a great fan of natural bridal looks.

    1. thanks a lot Rajalaxmi...its rare to find natural brides these days na...she stressed that she looks like without makeup..

  5. what a lovely look neeraj :) :) the lip color is amazinggggg

    1. thanks a lot Rashmi.............................

  6. loved the look :) so pretty :)


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