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Review : Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow in Violet UnderGround

Presenting the ultra beautiful, uber gorgeous, scintillating and all the epithets that I could say, eyeshadow palette from the luxury brand, Estee Lauder. If you are aware of the new hybrid formulas that Lauder has launched then you may know of the Illuminating Gelees and pure color cyber eyeshadows. From the same family and for the Holidays 2012, Monsieur Tom Pecheux made a palette of colors that could be worn by any and in many many different ways. This is the first palette I have seen which is so universal and one can transit from a demure day look to a magical night makeup look.

Lets see what this is all about.............

According to me, this is the best launched palette ever. It has an A+ from Temptalia which really encouraged me to buy this palette. When they announced it, I ran to buy mine since the collection is Limited Edition and reserved one at the Palladium store in Mumbai.


The navy blue Cadbury Dairy Milk wrapper colored box of Estee Lauder is one of the coolest packaging ever. I call it playful luxury. It looks very appealing to eyes especially with 'Gold' print over it.

The eyeshadow case is half plastic half metal, lovely violet colored compact case with lilac colored Estee Lauder Logo embossed over it. As you open the compact, there is the eyeshadow quint with good quality sponge applicators along with a little brush at one of the ends of a sponge applicator. So these brushes are quite handy and good for travelling (all thanks to the mini eyeshadow brush which is good for blending harsh lines) and looks quite sleek and nice. I would have loved if the compact was a bit wider and they put one Illuminating Powder Gelee blush as well (Am I asking for more) and a lip color so that this becomes the most amazing travel product ever, especially for holidays and gifting.

The eyeshadows are pressed with a 'flash of lightning' like design which is so David Bowie and 80s rockstars styles. I like the thought process that went in making the palette so covetable and such a big hit.


There is more to feel this formula than seeing it. Like a tactile experience than a visual one. The eyeshadow formula is a hybrid with a mix of gel, cream and powder and does inherit the positive effects of all. It feels like a cream, glides like a gel and dries to a lovely powdery finish that is long lasting and resistant to wear and tear during the day. The blend of silicones with oils must have created this texture which is one of the wonders of modern science.

The eyeshadows are satiny with a metallic finish which makes them power packed with finely milled shimmers that look effervescent and can be used wet and dry to achieve different levels of finishes.

(Colors when flashed in darkness to show the dark tones in some of the colors)



The five color eyeshadow is arranged beautifully and literally has a purpose of arranging so. Its better to have coordinating shadows placed next to each other so that mixing and matching gets easier.
The colors are;
  1. Fuchsia pink with a hint of purple undertone. This is a bit less pigmented when used dry but is intense metallic when used with a damp brush. I liked the sheer wearability of this color when dry as it can be less overwhelming and not per se bright
  2. Chocolate bronze with a plum undertone. This is a pure milk chocolate metallic color and is intensely pigmented thence looks the same when applied wet or dry.
  3. Blue with a purple tone and a black base makes this color apply very beautifully and is my favorite color in the pan.
  4. Shimmery beige with hints of gold and light peach, this is a versatile shade and can be used as  a highlighter or a mid tone eyeshadow.
  5. The centre is a charcoal black with gold and multi colored microshimmer and is very pigmented but not intensely dark thanks to the sheer shimmers in them.
All the colors are wearable and look beautiful for different occasions.


Rs.3493 for 4.4 gm. There is a lot less product in the pan but you need hardly any product as it applies so easily and effortlessly.


This is a demure day look which is very wearable and you would not believe that this was the same eyeshadow quint used. 

For this look I used a black, chocolate bronze and shimmery beige from the palette.

This is a night time look achieved by using all the colors in the pan except the chocolate bronze. I did love the way it looks except the fact that the eye liner made the lashes look less prominent which I hate.

The eyeshadows are applied dry over an eyeshadow primer and how beautifully they apply. I have the Guerlain Noir G mascara and stuck Etude pearl powder glitter in teal violet colors over it to create a magical disco look.

In case you would love to get a step by step application of these 2 looks do let me know. Hope you loved the palette. Since its a LE, I cannot guarantee its availability and if you have missed it then really sorry as you would never be able to get a formula like this ever and especially for such beautiful colors.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Oh gosh!! Everything from the packaging to the eyeshadows itself and the looks u created with it spells magnificence!! Spell bounding!!

    1. Thanks a lot. This palette is amazing na....doing looks soon.

  2. lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..... i want this sooooo badly :)

    1. Its gorgeous isn't it?...like a candy...amazing product

  3. jss one word....gorgeous.....
    jss loving the shade "fuchsia with purple"!!! both the looks r superb....but somehow m liking the day look more....
    & ya step by step tutorial plz :)

    1. So true....this is one palette which has got all colors that can be used. Ya the day look is amazing na...

  4. all shades are gorgeous... look is amazing

    1. Thanks a lot Shikha...planning to use this palette extensively

  5. just gt ths baby home n i must say shes a beauty.. just one dabba n i dnt need nethng else. ideal fr day time n rockin for eveng wear too. wt an ingenius product ths one..


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