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Review : Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipgloss in Abricot Gourmand

I have so many lipglosses and other products to still review from Guerlain and I must apologize for falling short of time due to the bridal season and makeups to do. Anyways this is a picture of the glosses that I picked up from Guerlain and they are precisely 9 with 6 of them being Kiss Kiss Lipglosses and 3 being Terracotta Lipglosses.

I shall be reviewing them individually and they will appear randomly in between other posts.

In this post I shall be reviewing the lovely Abricot Gourmand shade which I really adored. Also since this is the first post I shall be talking about the ingredients and wont repeat the jargon in the forthcoming posts...

So lets see what this lipgloss is all about.......

First of all I look for the following things when it comes to lipglosses.
  • They shouldn't be sticky but a bit tacky enough to hold well on the lips 
  • They should be true to their color or what they are meant to be
  • They should impart a lovely shine or shimmer and stay on and fade into a soft balmy feel without leaving hideous remnants of glitter as a trail
  • They should last for good 3-4 hrs minimum
All said, they should be in a budget and that is something that no one would agree looking at Guerlain.


The lipgloss comes in a basic cardboard packaging quite common and conventional for all high end lipglosses. The tube is transparent plastic but is of very good quality. The wand is a nylon brush and does pick up adequate product and spread it well. I love wands that are brushes and not doe foot applicators as the former spread the product well. The only problem with brush is that the hair can get quite unruly if its not placed properly in the container again.


The formula like most of the luxury makeup brands is silky smooth. The gloss is shiny and shimmery but has a very amazing slip and glide and does not go very sticky on the lips. There is a delicate fragrance but no taste which is good. Due to high shimmer content the finish is almost chrome-finish but it does look expensive and sophisticated.

There is no aqua in this formula which means that the textures are purely based on silicones. There is castor oil to impart the shine while bee wax for holding the product. Thence the balmy feel. When the gloss is put as glob on the back of hand, it does look quite viscous as compared to any fluidity seen in other glosses and does not exactly budge when hand is tilted.


Abricot Gourmand is an amazing apricot orange color with gold shimmer in different sizes. So you'd see flecks of gold which are a bit larger and then microshimmers too. On application the gold shimmer is visible but does not look trashy or overtly glittery. On the swatch, the gold shimmer is less conspicuous and you can see the semi transparent apricot orange color with high shine and shimmers in certain areas.

  • When used on its own this gloss creates the most bedazzling look ever.
  • Over pinks it adds warmth. Over reds, the gold shimmer sparkles more as the orange color seeps into the red and gets dissolved.
  • If you use a lip erasing nude color, this gloss imparts beautiful apricot color that can be envious.
  • This would go amazingly with a beach nude makeup look or even with dark bronzy smokey eyes.


INR 1650 for 6 gm. Its worth it as some MAC glosses cost 1400 INR for almost 3 gm product.

The gloss is beautiful and has a chrome finish and lovely gorgeous texture. It feels rich and luxurious and its completely worth the price. 
Hope you liked the review.

Till then,


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank u soooo much Ritika...I just love it...

    2. really..its a very pretty shade..!!!

  2. 1650 is quite easy on the pocket considrng u INVESTING in guerlain. ill try ths bt only aftr buying atleast one rouge g lipstick coz i love its packaging n the mirror case.

    1. U will love them...they have more shade in these that are newly launched...I shall be getting some colors soon......

  3. Gorgeous shade! Cant believe u gt 6 of these from the range!! And a fabulous review(as always)

    1. LOL!! I got really impulsive...all the shades are fantastic...shall get more for summer and then use these for bridals and shoots..

  4. what a lovelyyyyyy color Neeraj :) :)


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