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Review : Guerlain Meterorites Illuminating Pressed Powder

(Dream) While I was writing poetry sitting by the banks of a lovely river, something magical happened. Suddenly the bustling of the winds stopped, rustling leaves mellowed, the air smelled of some magical aroma and suddenly there was a blinding flash........I was totally in trance after I saw someone approaching me. She wasn't someone I knew from the realm of the earth. She was a mystical being. "Nerita" she introduced me in the sweetest hypnotic voice ever. She told me that she was a water-nymph. Even in the deep rivers and seas, they have read Beauty Traveller.I was zapped when she said that and couldn't help blushing.She offered me this magical powder made from minerals, inspired by the pearls from the sea. She told me to use it and cherish it as a memoir from his friends from the mer-world......

and suddenly I woke up from the dream and remembered that I have to write about Guerlain's Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder in Nacre Des lets see what this magical powder is all about....


Guerlain is just everything that is luxurious and this limited edition product is another example of the exquisite packaging. Inspired by the legendary meteorite pearls Guerlain is know for, this is the pressed powder version for those who do not want a powdery mess and something that can be used everyday.

The box is cardboard with all the details written over it. The container is an opening plastic round container designed in a sea shell pattern that looks so amazing and luxurious to even hold. The cap swivels to open up into this gorgeous beige colored pearls all pressed into a lovely compact.


When I opened the case for the first time, I couldn't believe to my eyes that this was illuminating matte in texture. But then I swiveled a brush to and fro to remove the silvery over spray and there was the real powder underneath. Although matte, I could spot minuter micronized mica particle interspersed within matte powder to create a soft sheen and illuminating effect. The soft blue shade in between (for highlighting and brightening up dull complexion) does have a soft shimmery finish and is the reason for creating an illuminating effect too.

The meteorite powder is a finely milled, beautifully perfumed rich feeling powder that has corrective properties. There are 4 colors that have complexion correcting properties and merge to give a very different application experience. I have put a used product because I wasn't sure how this would turn out and look without the overwhelming overspray over it.


This is a Beige toned powder to illuminate neutral undertoned fair to medium complexion and give an incredible radiant, satin finish to the face. No one does illuminators like Guerlain and Chanel and this is an alive proof for what I am claiming. 
  • The centre as a soft shimmery blue (which swatches almost white shimmer) to add brightness to the complexion.
  • Encircling it is an warm ivory colored powder to blend with fairer skins.
  • On the left side is a cool toned beige (nuances of taupe) to neutralize yellowness and sallowness in the skin.
  • On the right side is a warm toned beige (terracotta nuances) to add subtle warmth to the face at the same time.
These powders do have a subtle correcting effect that can be seen minutely while used on a foundation instead of just fresh skin.


  • With a beautiful fluffy Giorgio Armani brush I swirled it all over the powder and dusted on the T zone and cheeks. It has very very hither thither shimmer that is hardly noticeable.
  • While using the colors individually I noticed warm ivory tone very light and white for my skin color.
  • The warm and cool toned beiges hardly changed my skin and did not feel anything great except that they are mattifying and quite long staying.
  • When set over Guerlain's Parure Aqua foundation I did see a lovely illuminating effect the finely milled powders imparted.
  • The middle shade can be used for subtle highlighting and brighten up the complexion.


Rs.3900 INR.  I purchased mine from the Guerlain office but it is available at all selected Guerlain counters all over the country. Since the shade was a limited edition I cannot guarantee its availability and I do not endorse Guerlain. Just giving a pure unbiased blogger review.

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Till then,


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  1. what a lovely product Neeraj ... a swatch would help but am gonna try this no matter what ? :D :D

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmi... I swatched but nothing could be seen even after heavy swatching!!!

  2. Woah..the packaging is just to die for and ur writing even more so! Nerita is such a beautiful name i must say!

    1. Thanks a lot Lee B...I am so happy u liked the review!


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