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Look Young Going 40...........

This is one of my lovely clients and she has a fabulous well taken care of skin and loves makeup but never got it done for an occasion since 20 yrs of her wedding. I shall not be revealing names to protect privacy and I also declare that the client is aware about it.............Also you must remember that the photo is taken with a flash and it can exaggerate certain makeup key areas while blur others. At the end of the day its she who looked good and got a lot of compliments and that's what counts more to me.

I always wanted to do a small tutorial to talk about makeups done at the age of 40. Its something that one would never try to do when they were young and yet its not all the time one has to make rules that are rigid. I know I wrote a contradictory statement but thats true.

So this makeup tutorial is about makeup for the women in their 40s and I shall talk about the look as well as give my pointers about the makeup...Hope you find it interesting....

Everyone who has entered their 40s has a different skin story to tell. This is not about acne and oily skin which we hear often but also a plethora of problems that needs to be addressed and taken care of. For e.g. my mother is really very fair and has a rosy complexion that was never taken cared of until she developed patches of pigmentation. One fine day we started a strict skin care regimen and she thanks me till date for whatever she looks now. And yes! we never consulted a doctor. Just used the right products religiously.

My client here is another mini case study. She had allergy issues, open pores, slight pigmentation around the lip area and sides of the forehead and dehydrated skin. Now these may not be your symptoms but you can relate to some of this for your mother, sister or any cousin in their 40s et al. The main purpose of the makeup was not only to hide these concerns but also mimic naturally healthy glowing skin that had a flawless finish to it. Not only that but also we had to deal with under eye circles and puffiness. And all this to do is a multifunctioning task and time consuming for a housewife who's busy with family matters and has 2 growing children to take care of, which is why I was hired.

So what does one exactly do at the age of 40 (skin care and makeup of course)?


  1. Change the skin care regimen to suit your needs. Since hormonal changes happen drastically heading towards the nightmare called menopause, its important to follow certain rules and also accept the changes that the body has to go to. A meticulous skin care regimen can easily and successfully help any problem to waver very soon and also give a boost to the dwindling confidence at this age. 
  2. Addressing skin concerns are very important. It could deal with pigmentation, appearance of lines and wrinkles, age spots, under eye circles, puffiness and anything. 'Patience' is the word that is absent in many people's dictionaries and one needs to get it if not. I have seen a live example of my mother doing basic simple skin care and thwarting the pigmentation patches and thanking me everyday of her life to get back the confidence she had lost with the problems she faced with her skin. So targeting concerns in the right manner is important.
  3. Is your skin the same? NOOOOOOO........ Your skin has changed now. It looks for a continuous supply of raw materials and nutrients that can build up and protect the skin's support structure and since the supply is inadequate, the problems set in. My teacher used to say ' 20s is protection, 30s is replenishment and prevention and 40s is repair' and it sounds so true now. In the age of 40, its important to protect the resiliency of the skin and take all the help needed.
  4. Never to miss 3 things in the age of 40. A good sunscreen, a good global skin care serum and a good exfoliant. With the other products in conjunction, you will see miracles happening in the skin's repairing and replenishing power.
All said, lets move on........

  1. The lighter you go with the foundation in terms of texture, the better you look. This also holds to getting thinner formulas that give sheer to medium coverage. BB creams, Tinted moisturizers and now CC creams are the words that one should hear over a full coverage foundation. Heavier foundations settle in fine lines and wrinkles and make you look even more aged than you are. 
  2. Smart concealing is better than hard concealing and a light weight hydrating concealer wins over a full coverage concealer, all due to the reasons mentioned above.
  3. With entrance in 40s, let the powder get minimized as you age further. Powders create a dry complexion and can make 40s + ladies look very dry and cakey skinned. Since they absorb all the excess oil, they make skin appear dull and dry and quite ageing. I prefer a very minimal dusting of loose powder on the entire face beginning from the T zone.Using unnecessary and copious amounts of powder just takes away the freshness from the face.
  4. Keep the blushers looking 'peach' toned instead of pinks. Best color of all of them is 'Coral' as it has the right amount of pink that is not overwhelming and can flatter all. You can literally wipe out age from the face by applying the blush in a diagonal fashion. Yet you can stick to whatever suits you the most. Always highlight key areas of the face with a powder or  cream highlighter to mimic a natural glow exuded by a healthy skin. It looks divine.
  5. For eye makeups, an eye pencil is a must. This brings definition to eyes and enhances the eye shape so its a must. Mascara and eye lash curlers help brighten the eyes and make them look fresher. 
  6. There is no rule for usage of eyeshadows except the very frosted ones that can settle into eye creases. A good primer, a soft shimmery eyeshadow in neutral flesh tones, a liner and mascara is all one needs to look pretty.
  7. Coming to the lips, I like softer colors but one has a personal choice on them.

Talking of all this, lets move on to the makeup I did on my client............
  • Prepped her skin thoroughly massaging Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief on the entire face. Used a dollop as she has an allergy prone really dehydrated skin.
  • Then I used Smashbox Photofinish Light primer to get her a soft matte looking base for the foundation to adhere onto.
  • For foundation, I mixed MUFE HD in 123# with MAC Pro Longwear in NC 40 to get a mixture of foundations that do two jobs - looking dewy and long lasting. For concealing, I used MAC Moisture Cover Coral corrector to dash out the blueness of the under eye circles. Then I applied Kryolan Ultra foundation in OB3 shade to get a fine finish. I had to use some powder to set the foundation for the event and what could be better than Kryolan Transparent powder in TL4.
  • Coming onto eye makeup. I prepped her eye lids with Maybelline 24 HR eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze. This is a fantastic taupe bronze base on which any eyeshadow can really stick. The base eyeshadow is an Inglot Pink (Cherry pink...I think eyeshadow no.48) which I applied with a soft fluffy brush all across the eye lid. In the crease went MAC Brown Down to define the eye contours. For highlighter on brow bone I used UD Naked 'Sin' which was also applied in the inner corners. On the outer corners I applied MAC Marvel eyeshadow which I blended in the crease. With a tiny eye liner brush, I smoked out the royal purple eyeshadow on the lower lids. For the inner rims of lower lids I applied Ikonic eye pencil in Purple. On the upper lids I used a Chambor Dazzle Liner in Dazzle black, starting thick in the outer end, going slimmer inwards.
  • Then with Shiseido eye lash curler, I curled the lashes and applied 2-3 coats of Lancome Hynose waterproof mascara. I made the liner darker by tracing with Clinique Brush on cream liner in True Black. I used a MAC Smut eyeshadow to darken the brows and set them with MAC Brow Gel.
  • For the blusher I used MAC Hipness on the apples of the cheeks and then highlighted the face with Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Peony for a glowing youthful radiant finish. I subtly contoured the cheek bones and jaw line with unnoticeable yet present Benefit Hoola Bronzer.
  • For the lips, I used Kiehl's Lip balm to prep them. Then I blotted off the excess and lined the lips with Bourjois Nude lip liner. I mixed Maybelline Superstay Lipstick in Keep me Coral with Eternal Rose to get those amazing looking lips to which I added some more shine with Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipgloss in Brazen Berry.
This all was done to match her pink and plum colored outfit. Though she was not at all confident about how the look would turn out to be when I discussed but with the end result she truly fell in love with her improved self. Also thanks to the millions of compliments that were poured by the family, she was truly motivated.

This was a small post on how to do makeup for 40s. There are tonnes of such references on Youtube and in blogs and I loved to share my insights. I hope you liked them too. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. wow....the look is grt and the lips look so luscious doc...awesome job!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Ritika...I just love to mix colors and the Maybelline ones have a fan following just like all...LOL

  2. Great job Doc! I'm sharing this article with my mum although she is way over 40 ;)

    1. Thanks a ton fact the article is for everyone above 40 who seeks help...Will do some more of such articles if I can.

  3. I love how u make faces glow n rich... love ittttttttt <3

    1. Thank u sooo much Erica...hope I do it for you too...

  4. Love the makeup,really stunning
    And Thanks for the tips...still 7 years to go though :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Loris...In fact u shud start taking precautions and do a good skin care regimen now look the same age even after 7 yrs..LOL..
      so nice to hear from you.


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