Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review : Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss in Champagne Pearl

I have been taking photos of the amazing Guerlain glosses I have and this is another gorgeous shade that I have picked up from the Guerlain counter. Recently Beauty Traveller is taking a luxury turn featuring  brands like YSL, Guerlain, Chanel and Estee Lauder being featured. Hope you like them?

This is another lovely Kiss Kiss Gloss in Champagne Pearl, to have a look at...........lets see......


As usual the Guerlain glosses come in a sleek box with all information written on them. This gloss comes in a transparent (almost transparent rather) tube in which is filled this amazing radiant liquid. I like such tubes as you may see how much product is over and whether you need a replacement.

The metallic cap twists to open a nice wand that is quite sleek nylon brush and easily applies this non sticky gloss and spreads very well.


This non sticky gloss glides like a dream and feels so cushion-like on the lips. Its quite long lasting with the shine being there thanks to the high shimmer content in it. There is a delicate fragrance that lingers for a few seconds and disappears into thin air.

The gloss is quite viscous and thick thanks to the presence of silicones and waxes. It glides like a lip balm and has a sort of moisturizing property to it while being non drying. The shimmer particles are small and large to create a 3 D effect which looks lovely on lips - lipstick or sans lipstick.


This is called Champagne pearl, a very very apt name for this color. Its a clear gloss with gold and pink shimmer particles to it. The effect is duo chrome and the gold or the pink can be pronounced differently in different lighting conditions. This gloss looks amazing when paired with a sleek smokey eye or used to amplify a dull boring matte dark lipstick. Quite chic at all times...


Rs.1650 INR for 6.5 ml. Its worth is for the quantity you get.

Hope you liked the small and fast review. Coming soon are blushes from Chanel, eyeshadows from Guerlain and of course the Urban Decay Vice Palette....( I am one of the few Indian Bloggers who seem to have bought it.)

Till then,


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  1. Such a pretty shade... I think it will suit my Chanel Organdi Rose lipstick a lot :D :D

    1. Its a lovely shade. The pink duo chrome will give an amazing finish.

  2. m not a BIG FAN of shimmer gloss...but this really look awesome <3

    nice review doc!

    1. Thanks a ton Erica...this is not glittery at all...


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