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Review : Lancome Blush Highlighter in Moonlit Rose

After colors venturing from honeysuckles to peaches to tangerines to oranges to plums and all, they finally returned to roses and pinks starting from Fall 2012 and also the holiday collections. Since I am always in awe with the rosy hues, it was difficult to resist the pleasure of purchasing a product who dupe I already have in a much expensive form.........

So here's the beautiful highlighter from Lancome called Moonlit Rose and lets see in the review whether it really means what it is named..........


Lancome has this really plush looking mirrored silver packaging with a black imprint on it. Of course the plastic clamshell case that encloses the blush looks super chic and very elegant too. The in built mirror has a very good quality reflection and shows you, your true self (LOL). The blush inside has this beautiful rose pattern embossed on it, which is typical of Lancome known for their iconic rose emblem. 

I like how Lancome reinvents their rose pattern to create some amazing colors every year and this one isn't an exception too. The case is easy to carry and quite lightweight with only 5 gm product to support and can easily fit in the bag for any required touch ups.


This blush feels like silk and satin on touch and so does it look on skin too. Its something peculiar about a lot of French brands including Guerlain and Lancome making really silky powders so fine that they feel like a cream blush. This one does feel like a hardened one and has a very lovely texture.

The brush would not pick up a lot of product which is nice as it can be layered and built upon very well. There is a champagne pink oversparay on the product which tends to fade off not so easily though. There is a lot of finely milled MICA that gives that sparkly touch to the blush, but on skin it feels like a radiant film of dew gathered over skin in the mornings. This blush/highlighter does flatter enough and blends easily on skin. I noticed that it tends to look like a cream blush especially on oilier skins (maybe due to mixing up with skin's natural oils).


As requested by many, I am comparing this one with Guerlain Meteorites Powder in Cruel Gardenia so as to show how lovely it is. In the picture and swatches shown below you can hardly see the difference. Both being champagne beige highlighters, Guerlain is a bit lighter and has a nuance of gold and is extremely finely milled. No wonder they sold all their products from the counters. Lancome is slightly rosier and pinker with a noticeable amount of light pink and white glitter that catches on camera when swatched. (I am not sure whether its the glitter from the overspray though).

This color looks amazing on most of the complexions except darker and olive ones where it may translate into grey ashy tones. When paired with a warm blush it does add a subtle coolness and brightness to the color. The highlighter melts into the skin with the heat and looks like a part of it only better.

  • Products like these are of multi purpose usage.
  • Use it as a basic highlighter to highlight the brow bone, heights of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, on the cupid's bow, decolletage and anywhere else.
  • Can be used as an eyeshadow during quick makeup applications.
  • I have to use it over a lipstick to see if it brings any change in it though.


Rs.1950 INR for 5 gm of product where as Guerlain Cruel Gardenia is 3900 for 9 gm which is economical I guess.

I simply loved this product for what it delivers and is really luxurious. I hope they still have stocks of this in the Lancome counters and if you like one then go ahead as the price doesn't seem to hurt much.

Do let me know about the blush in the comments.....

Till then,


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  1. wow...the blush is lovely and economical if compared to the guerlain blush!!!

    1. Thanks a ton. So happy u liked it. Btw congrats for winning the Giveaway of Pray...congraTtttsss

    2. thanks a lot doc..its through ur blog only that i came to knw abt work,beauty and pray giveaway so in that way..a big thanks to u!

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww neera :) how stunningggg it is :)


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