Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Look #1 - Le Smoke

This Valentine, I thought of getting inspired  by old Hollywood movies which had the charm of smokey eyes and absolutely dewy skin and looked so mesmerizing. This is also a look inspired by Charlotte Tilbury's look for one of the Chloe fashion shows where she won an award for the Best Makeup Category.

The Le Smoke eye is a beautiful amalgamation of grey and taupe colors with a hint of purple and soft silvery shimmer to add magic. Paired with wispy spidery lashes, this look is very hypnotic and look really intense and very different in soft evening lights. Imagine an evening in Paris and meeting your date near the Eiffel Tower. You can create this feel around yourself by being in any part of the world. Its just about the MAGIC QUOTIENT...could call it MQ like IQ....

So lets see, how to get the look...........

Conceal the under eye circles to reveal a flawless canvas for the eyeshadows to stand out. If you have bad dark circles, either conceal well or refrain from very dark and smokey eyeshadows as they would just enhance the problem

Prime the lids properly as that enables the eyeshadows to glide better and stay put for a longer time. I have used Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer for the products to look darker.

For an extra hold on the color apply MAC Paint pot in Ground work. This not only acts as a lovely base but also makes the eyeshadow stick better due to the cream to powder base it imparts.

From the Guerlain Velours D'Or palette (featured in the Giveaway), apply the charcoal mauve on the upper and lower lid and smoke it out as shown in the picture. The mauve tinge gives a duo chrome effect which is very alluring.

Layer the color even more on the upper lids to intensify the effect. Start by concentrating the darkest at the lash line and then diffuse gently upwards into the crease.

Trace the upper lash line and the inner corners with Lancome Le Khol Waterproof pencil in Raisin Noir. Keep the color quite concentrated. To achieve this effect, I like to scribble the pencil rather than doing dots and dashes. This layers the product better.

From the Velours D'Or palette, apply the matte black on the outer corners and blend gently. Then use the same shadow in the lash line to smoothen out the lash line.

Highlight the brow bone softly with Bourjois Iridescent eyeshadow trio in Pastels. It is soft and has a lovely duo chrome finish to it.

Then apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in Mushroom on the centre of the lid and in the inner corners to add a lovely taupe spark.

Retrace and darken the lash line with the eye pencil. Curl lashes and apply clumped up coats of the Guerlain Noir G mascara to open up the eyes. This mascara layers very well so I literally applied 10  layers to get these wispy spidery lashes.

The finished look is amazing. The shimmers really add a touch of magic to light up the look. To make it even more magical, apply Mushroom to a small area on the centre of the lower lid and see the effect. On its own this eyeshadow is quite dark but when paired with darker colors as low lights, this eyeshadow imparts a metallic silvery sheen.

Anyways....pair up the eyes with a glossy looking skin, a lovely pop of pink blush on cheeks with a soft highlighter that has a cooler tone followed by a fuchsia toned lipstick softly applied like a stain a la Lisa Eldridge.

  • Guerlain Parure Aqua Radiant Feel Good foundation
  • Clinique All About eyes concealer
  • Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder in Nacre Des Mers
  • Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Plein Vent
  • Chanel Tweed Blush in Tweed Fuchsia
  • Guerlain Parure De Nuit Highlighter
  • Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Girly 
  • Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss in Pink Pearl
  • Guerlain Velours D'Or quad
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
  • Lancome Le Khol Waterproof pencil in Raisin Noir
  • MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Mushroom (Smoked Palette)
  • Bourjois Trio eyeshadow in Les Pastels
  • MAC eye lash curler
  • MAC Brow Gel in Clear
  • Guerlain Noir G mascara

You will see a lot of Guerlain being posted these days as I have a lot to use and finish before it goes for bridals next year onwards.

Hope you liked the look. Let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. What an amazing look....I am going to do this for sure...Its magnificent and really alluring.
    The lashes are to die for...Pretty and soft smokey eyes..

    1. Thanks a trillion Pray....its coming from the princess herself is such a honour. :)

  2. what a stunningggggg look it is Neeraj :D :D .... you alwaysss create magic with your fingers :D divineee

    1. Thanks lot Rashmi...so happy u loved the look....

  3. awesome look doc...
    u knw wat...i am looking at this post and right nw my Mom is with me...
    she is praising and praising the look and loving the eyelashes..
    i am surely gonna try this tmrw!!!!lovellllllllllllllllllllllly!!!!

    1. Thanks a million Ritika..I'm so glad u n ur mom both liked the look....please do try and lemme know and don't forget to share the pics.

  4. Very very pretty look Neeraj. You are magician... :-)


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