Monday, March 4, 2013

At the horizon............

I used the breathtaking Urban Decay Vice Palette to create this look. They always get the best shades and flattering textures, all in one palette and create waves every time.

Where earth meets the sun is called the HORIZON...a funny thing to see, a mirage of one sort and a proof (proved by the biggest scientists in the world). I am always inspired by terrains and earth tones and then like to add a pop of color so that it looks brighter and mesmerizing.

This is what happens when you add a pop of pink to a somewhat mundane look. It changes the outlook completely.Although I miss the presence of an eye liner but its been a long time that I have done a look without a liner, so gave it a go just like that. Btw a sweet reader asked me whether I could write down dupes for the far as I know rarely a brand makes pink or purples like UD does and one can only find certain colors in places like Makeup Forever or MAC Pro.

Anyways..........lets have a look on how to the makeup.......

This is the UD Vice Palette that I used for the look. The colors I have used are Desperation, Muse, Blitz, Echo Beach, Black Market and Noise. I love this smokey melange and then a pop of pink to add a different dimension.

Begin by concealing the under eyes with a concealer of your choice.

Prime the lids with Urban Decay Primer potion so that the colors look vivid and stay true to themselves.

Apply Desperation eyeshadow on the outer corners and crease. It does reflect and look differently on eyes when shot with camera flash. In reality its quite darker than it looks.

Apply Black Market eyeshadow on the outer corners of upper and lower lids to darken the color and add some more definition since we are not using a black eye pencil.

Apply Muse on the entire lid upto the crease and blend to softly diffuse it further. I love the iridescent bronzy sparkle that this eyeshadow has, also not missing the nuances of red and copper intertwined into the blackness.

Highlight with Echo Beach eyeshadow. I love the wheat colored beige shimmer. Looks perfect as highlighters/

Apply Blitz eyeshadow in the inner corners to make the looks more amplified. Smoke out Muse on the entire middle of the lower lids and blend into the adjacent eyeshadows.

Deepen and define the crease a bit more with Desperation. Have you noticed the subtle fall outs there. Those are because of Muse eyeshadow and I shall clean them and re-apply the concealer.

Curl the lashes with a MAC eye lash curler and apply Lancome Cils Booster, mascara primer to create thicker lashes.

Apply 2 -3 coats of Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in place mascara in Black to create long and beautiful lashes.

Just for testing I applied Noise eyeshadow in the inner half of the lid and I cannot tell you how much it inspires me to do a pink smokey eye with it. Although I have done a similar look with the 15th Anniversary palette before as well.

Pair this gorgeous earth toned eye with a soft peach coral blush and slick on a nude lipstick to keep it all understated and glowing.

  • Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation
  • Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
  • Guerlain Les Violettes Loose Powder
  • Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole
  • Lancome Blush-Highlighter in Moonlit Rose
  • Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Chamade 164
  • Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss in Champagne Pearl
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Dark Edge for brows
  • Urban Decay Vice Palette - Blitz, Muse, Desperation, Echo Beach, Noise and Black Market
  • MAC eyelash curler
  • Lancome Cils Booster mascara primer
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place mascara in Black
Hope you loved the look. Do let me know in the comments. Getting some more amazing stuff as soon as I find time. Do subscribe in the meanwhile and support the blog.

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  1. fab as usual , i hope we get to meet soon & im gonna loearn all the makeup from u <3

    1. Thanks a ton Kannu...surely we will learn soon

  2. Nice ... me liking the effect of Noise in the last picture...

    1. Thanks a lot Eesha... Noise is a lovely color.

  3. What n amazing look.....loved the title a lot and the look is so true to what u said.....mesmerizing makeup ever

    1. Thanks a ton glad u loved the makeup.

  4. even i noticed that Noice is such a stunning shade ... have never seen a pink like that :D how come i missed all the look ?
    beautifullll as usual Neeraj :D D:

    1. Thanks a ton Rashmi for the palette. Its such a bright neon pink. It has so vibrancy which is cannot be described....

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