Sunday, March 17, 2013

Le Guerlain Haul De Spring...

Spring is on the way!!! What a lovely treat Mother Nature has for us....The beautiful butterflies, the colorful flowers, howering bees..........and all..It feels as if nature has painted another beautiful canvas to remember.
Anyways, I also got some products to paint my canvases this time. And that too all from Guerlain (special highlight)............

Why do I shop from Guerlain?
  • I am not getting any monetary benefit from them. Maybe some lovely samples but thats all. 
  • What attracts me to Guerlain are their colors, textures, patterns and their quirky approach to luxury. 
  • The packaging is phenomenal and very well thought of. Sometimes one would buy Guerlain just to get those endorphins flowing the arteries by a visual experience.
  • They are French and who knows luxury better than them. The products are very well made, highest quality, rightly pigmented and most importantly visually appealing.
  • Guerlain is all about generosity as well with the product quantity really good for a hefty price we pay. We see the money and forget the size of the product, which is opposite for what MAC gives.
  • Each and every Guerlain product is iconic. If you rant that you have the rarest limited edition of some professional brand or you cannot live without a drug store product, then you are living in a mirage because those who get a the luxury touch of Guerlain are mesmerized into an alternate supernatural world.....dont believe me? Ask anyone who's bought Guerlain and hear their words.
So with all Guerlain around and so many pending reviews, I thought of sharing another haul of 8 products that I recently purchased in over 2 weeks. .....have a look........

Some of these items are just so amazing to even look at......

  1. The Meteorites Illuminating Base - I always wanted a primer that gives the glow even with foundation over it and this is the one....
  2. Ecrin 4 Colors in Coup De Foudre....its love at first sight
  3. Ecrin 4 Colors in Les Fauves.....this fall collection for 2012 added enough warmth during winters to carry it for the next spring. The coppery hazes are so universal and perennial in usage that one hasn't got to wait for a certain season to come.
  4. Parure Extreme foundation - particularly for makeups in extreme climatic conditions. I want to see this foundation doing magic on the skin.
  5. Cils D'Enfer mascara in Noir..the spring affair began with this mascara and the entire Guerlain Spring 2013  collection revolves around this mascara. I am not opening this one for sometime though.
  6. Ecrin 4 colors in Les Ombres de Turandot....this palette has caused ripples in the beauty world thanks to the uber goodness of Temptalia and everyone has to own one.
  7. Beautiful Rose aux joues in Pink Punk....this is a bit drier blush formula that gives the most amazing flush of color ever. Looks like an adieu to Diors and Chanels....its a complete blush with 2 complimentary shades for shading and highlighting.....what does one want more?
  8. And the most awaited and award winning 4 Seasons bronzer in Brunette...What was Olivier Echaudmaison thinking when he made this beauty...a bronzer for all seasons..wat a modern concept. I shall be using it for contouring though..
So this is the little haul and then pour in a lot of reviews...I proudly announce that I am an owner of '54' Guerlain product...Dunno whether even the Queen has so much..LOL

Do let me know what is your favorite product from Guerlain? (It could be in the Giveaway sometime soon)......

Till then,


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  1. Omg!! :o what a haul..i keep staring at it again n again!

    1. Thanks a ton. Shall be posting the reviews soon..

  2. Wow... what a haul. Lovely products :-)


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