Friday, April 12, 2013

The Opera Magic

Sorry to all for missing in action and it shall happen over the time. To tell everyone, I am also an assistant into film production these days and work has taken a pace in that too, thence very busy days at times and no energy to access the worldwide web for some info sharing.

Anyways, this is another lovely look I want to share today. Its using the mesmerizing Turandot eyeshadow quad by Guerlain and the legendary opera.I have always loved these mystical look and there's some ancient magic to these looks. They are all occasion looks and wont go unnoticed. Another feature is the kohl that not only adds depth and dimension to the eyes but also creates that magical quotient one looks for.

This look is quite universal. You may have seen this in the movies, bridals and a lot of places as its safe and easy to put on. I envision this look to be done on a beautiful lady and worn for an Opera over a bright red Valentino gown or a Giambattista Valli couture dress. 

So lets see how to get these magical Opera eyes.........

Begin with concealing the under eyes with your favorite concealer. I believe in starting with a clean canvas as that shapes the look better.

Prime the lids for the shadows to stay put and let the oil seeped onto the lids not bother the eyeshadow formula and not cause creasing.

Tame the brows. Bushier like mine could spell nicely as thats the brow trend going on. A highly arched brow may look too made up and vampy.

Trace upper and lower lash lines and lower inner rims with Urban Decay Perversion eye pencil. Its that perfect stark jet black that I need. The jet black acts as a commanding color for the rest of the look to get in shape.

Smudge and slightly wing out. I have kept the line almost like a straight line as I am not looking at a classic cat eye liner here. The eye liner is very straight and gives an altogether different effect.

Begin with the dusky brown eyeshadow from the Turandot quad. Apply on the outer corners and outer crease.

Deepen the crease with the maroon eyeshadow in the entire crease. Blend towards the brow bone to make eyes appear sultrier. 

Apply the redwood eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend into all the colors with a fluffy crease brush. I used the one from BH cosmetics.

Smoke the dusky brown eyeshadow on the lower lid.Then highlight the brow bone and inner corners with the orange gold eyeshadow.

Blend the dusky brown eyeshadow on the lash line to smoke out the starkness of the black pencil.

Now I lined the eyes in a fish shape using MAC Chromaline gel liner in Black Black. Its a bit difficult to get the right intense black in one stroke but 2 layers and it works wonders. Also apply the gel liner in the inner rims. Remember to point the liner out into 2 ends to get that spindle shaped effect.

Curl the lashes with MAC eyelash curler and apply lashings of Guerlain Noir G mascara to upper and lower lashes. I went a bit berserk with the mascara as I wanted fatty lashes. 4-5 layers did the trick and I removed the clumps (hardly any) with fingers.

Although most of the corals, oranges and red tones would suit this look, I prefer to use a cherry red lipstick as it would spell luxurious glamour. Keeping the skin sunkissed and glowing would a beautiful glow on the face.

  • Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation
  • Clinique All About Eyes concealer
  • Guerlain Les Violettes Loose Powder
  • Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons bronzer in Brunette
  • Guerlain Terracotta Blush and Sun in 02
  • MAC Blush in Gana
  • Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Gwen
  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • MAC Dark edge eyeshadow
  • MAC Brow Gel
  • Urban Decay pencil in Perversion
  • Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadow palette in Les Ombres De Turandot
  • MAC Chromaline Gel liner in Black Black
  • MAC Eye lash curler
  • Guerlain Noir G mascara in Noir
Hope you loved the look. Let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. gorgeous....loved how u lined..

    1. Thanks a ton Bhumika...its different this time na...:)

  2. I love how you lined to create that "spindle" shape..i try to do with.. but i guess it closes my eyes (and I have small eyes already)..any trick??

    1. Thanks Sukanya...for tiny eyes always draw a thin line from inner corners and end up with a thicker one on the outer. Will do a tut someday.

  3. Sriously u do a commendable job with the eyeliner... I love how u gve a blur edge in the end.. gives an arabic style look ... This look is my fave again <


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