Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Aai

( This pic of my mummy was taken by me on Nov 2011)

Dear Aai ('Mummy' in my language),

How amazing it feels to be able to celebrate your 30th Mother's Day? And how lucky I am to have a supermom like you. I can shout and say that to the world all the time.......I have cherished all the good, bad and the worst memories we have all gone through our lives and when I look upon the best ones I always smile and admire the wonderful days we all spent.

I have been so grateful to you for all the love you have bestowed us and shall be indebted forever on how you have spent every second of your life for us and never cared much for yourself. You stood strong in whatever good or grief that came in your way and always smiled back. Everyday we all live is by the grace and mercy of GOD and it wouldn't have been better if you were not there. 

I am so thankful to you for being the pillar of strength when I decided to give up the much better life of a doctor to be a makeup artist. How you encouraged me to take the next step, funded me throughout the journey, gathered money to make me spend on products and develop an expensive taste for quality makeup products and everything. I look upon you for the immense support you have been to all of us and how amazingly well you have handled situations in life.

Today when my baba (father) sees us from the Heavens I am sure he is blessing us and must be swelling in pride to see how integrated we are as a family. I owe you my life for that's the life I got as a gift from you. You were sent by GOD to take care of us and thank you so much for EVERYTHING....

Wish you very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY......

Your elder son,


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  1. thats so sweet of you to shahre here Neeraj :D :D loadsssss of good luck to you and your family :D

    1. Thank u soooo much Rashmi..she's the only parent I have though..and biggest source of encouragement.


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