Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - EYESHADOWS

Eyeshadows are my weaknesses as a pro makeup artist or as a blogger as thats the only part I can show on the blog (and not the lipstick wearing psychopathic g*y killer of a B grade movie...LOL)..Eyeshadows maketh most of my kit because there aren't enough eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes that can suit all your needs at once.

And let me admit that I use a lot of drugstore and department brands and I love Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows just the way I love my Urban Decay eyeshadows....but these are the top 5s of the purchases made this year so pardon me if you miss anything you liked....


This is one of the best and most famous eyeshadow quads from Tom Ford. Internationally almost every blogger has this palette as its just so perfectly wearable and you can do looks suiting each and every occasion. It is pricey but for 10 gms of product, who would cry?? And Tom Ford is a prestige luxury brand at the end of the day. I got mine in April and its all because of the lovely video of Charlotte Tilbury that I saw. The colors are so perfect, very well pigmented and layer better without look stark. The glitter eyeshadow is way better than MAC's Pressed pigments and its just so good. The review and tutorial comes soon....


This was supposedly the most sought after eyeshadow palette of Holiday 2013. First I was quite intimidated reading the mixed reviews but then seeing the less priced collection in India, I got mine and then there was no looking back. Its just so perfect as an eyeshadow palette.


There are four of these that I have 04, 05, 06 and 19. The formula is super shimmery and gives a very ethereal look. Being wet and dry is the additional benefit and I guess no one performs the way YSL does. With dry the look is soft and fairy like and when wet they are metallic and super bold. Unfortunately none of the palettes are 'complete' as in having the conventional arrangement of colors so having 3-4 palettes is justified as you get a better array of colors to work upon. The browns are so good and so are the lighter colors while the violets are heavenly.


I got this palette purely for the interest in having the dual sided brush (sorry and LOL)...Most of the eyeshadows are so good while others are so under performing, that I have mixed emotions about this palette. Lets see how much I fall in love with it...although 'Chaos' and 'Vice' are the eyeshadows I cannot separate from.


You must and must have this palette. It has the perfect arrangement of colors needed for a classic smokey eye and the most famous Perversion pencil is a dream come true addition to this look. The colors like 'Mushroom' is a perfect shimmery taupe and the other colors are just so heavenly too. What this palette lacks is a soft shimmery highlighter but after having so many eyeshadows already its not a big lacuna in the palette.

I did purchase a lot of other eyeshadows but whenever a look comes, these 5 are the ones I look upon. Although I have other Guerlain eyeshadow palettes which I love a lot, I shall put them in another post.

Do let me know what are your favorite 5 eyeshadows in the comments?

Till then,

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  1. Wow.... I have non of these palettes... but have heard all good reviews of all of these.
    Great post :-)

  2. estee lauder violet underground???

    1. Oh yaaaa...I forgot...that's the 6th one then...

  3. I have non of this :( But amazing collections n pics Dr :)

    1. Thanks Radha..I'm so glad u liked the palettes...

  4. I love my sleek au naturel palette for the dark shades. Other than that I don't have much of good e/s experience. Am totally looking forward to my inglot haul :P

    1. U know I'm dying to get one Sleek palette and someday it will just happen...inglot is a good investment for eyeshadows too...I'm using them for bridals these days..


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