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Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - FACE n PRIMERS

This is a miscellaneous post dealing with some of the face products I purchased in last 4-5 months and wish to purchase. You may wonder why am I not putting real product pics? This is because there are certain products that are still in the wish list and it would not look nice in the post. 

Any which ways, its real fun to use these products and out the 5 I have chosen three from Guerlain already. This is because I love the brand so much and really falling in love with them again and again. For me, such products are an investment as they would certainly make my clients very happy and I shall get the pleasure of making them look the best for their occasions...

So lets have a look at some of the interesting product I have collected and looking forward to collect a few.....


This is the most amazing light weight primer to give an ethereal silvery illuminated glow on the face. Then why is it a primer and not a highlighter? I asked myself this question everyday till I got one.....It makes the foundation not only last long but helps it impart a lit from within glow from inside. I also tried using this by mixing with a foundation (essentially what remained on my hand) and it did a fabulous job. One or two pumps helps crush a liposomal ball in the bottle to release shimmers and gives a soft sheen to the face. It can make you look glitter faced if not used scantily though. It helps keep the foundation looking fresh and on its own has an alluring lingering fragrance.


I don't really know why its called 'Les Violettes' but alll I can say is, this powder is amazing. Its very finely milled and feels almost like cream when picked with a brush. Although its nature is to spill all over the place and make the work station a bit untidy, there's a lot of product in that casing to last for quite a long. It does have a strong violet floral fragrance and add a smooth finish to skin. Being finely milled it holds on well to the skin and makes everything appear natural and well blended. I use a fluffy brush to apply a smidgen of product all across the face and it works magic.


There is a very big confusion on whether I should pick up this powder or wait for the NARS light reflecting loose powder sold at Beautiful store. They are colorless with similar actions and since Shiseido is the one who's the parent company I doubt on what difference will be in the content. These are some of the nicest powders out there and look invisible and give a flawless finish. I haven't tested this one for a flash back and I hope it does not dishearten me the way MAC Blot and MAC Prep and Prime powder did.


Those who have used these powders know how magical they are and how they transform on skin. I am really eyeing on DIM LIGHT as its so uber naturally glowing peachy beige color. I have used it at a client's but not bought it for myself and I look upon to get a few shades in the near future, hopefully.


I got this fabulous pearlescent finish pressed powder from the meteorites range and found it ultra pleasing and wonderful to look at and use. Although the powder looks like all those pearls laid on the ocean bed, the brush picks up a decent amount of this flawless powder to give a wonderful finishing effect. This is so far one of the best purchases I have made.

Do share your favorite primers and powders!!!

Till then,


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  1. Guerlain Meteorites is calling my name. Must resist for now. That's one great list.
    OFF TOPIC: By the way I tried Dior amber diamond with porefessional primer. It worked like a charm :) Thank you so very much for the tip.
    I have linked it here

    1. Ya...u must take the new meteorites primer launching in the month of July....and thanks for liking my tip. Will see ur post soon...

  2. Replies
    1. Hi...I wud recommend the Loreal or Oriflame primers...they r nice. While Bourjois is good but very mattifying

  3. I love Guerlain Meteorites..It work wonders :)

    1. Meteorites are my fav too...I wish I owned all of them as a collector..wats ur most favorite??

  4. AWw ur top 5 series is killing me now .as I gave the only primer is mua professional primer. Ur list is big n full of high end brands

    1. Oh..I am doing a post on drugstore brands soon...I buy these products so that I can cater higher clients...and I so wish I could buy least their palettes..btw I'm quite liking the Rimmel primer as well..


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