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The HOW To's of Blush & Guerlain Blushers and Bronzers....

These are the Guerlain blushers and bronzers I picked up from all the hauls I have made. And since they are not just for the blog but also for good clients that I shall take up (sanitizing the surface with isopropyl alcohol spray) I just wanted to do a small post of categorizing these blushes for Fair, Medium and Dark skin tones and how I would use these.

I believe this will also give an idea to a reader (who may not own Guerlain) on what colors should or could suit their complexions and take it as a guide to purchasing the right colors.

So lets take a leap (after the jump break) to see how to coordinate blushes.....

I have realized that after working for a lot many events that there's nothing as a blush for warm or cool toned skin. In fact taking this idea, I converted it into something better. Which means, when you have a cooler undertone, you can use a blush with a warmer undertone to make the color POP and vice versa and it really works for a lot of my clients.


The products I chose (from left to right) are:
  1. Guerlain Terracotta Pearly Shell Illuminating Sun Powder
  2. Guerlain Rose Aux Joues blush duo in Pink Punk
  3. Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Plein Vent
  4. Guerlain Parure de Nuit Blush and Highlighter
For fairer skins, just to get a spring flush with a sun kissed complexion, its always better to use a light dusting of bronzer. Bronzer here is not to applied in the contour areas of the face but in the areas where sun naturally lights up the face. This adds color and alleviates paleness while getting a superb summery radiance. 

The pink and rose toned hues from the blushers makes the complexion brighter and rosier. Its good to opt rosy tones as they make the visage look healthy and bright. Strategic application of illuminating powders help mimic the glow of a naturally healthy skin. These highlighters are light buildable finely milled powders that look subtle and not stark. Highlighters which are so finely milled and nice do not enhance pores or settle in fine lines which is why I opt for them.

For a better powder blush application, begin with prepping and priming the skin. Use your favorite BB cream or a lightweight foundation to cover and blur any imperfections and correct any blotchiness or redness. Always powder the area slightly with a finely milled translucent powder. Begin with the bronzer and apply with a fluffy powder brush to disperse and diffuse the color. Then with a smaller, preferably a flat tongue shaped brush (I use Shisiedo Blush brush) highlight the areas of the face which are naturally forward. A little of the highlighter love can also be extended to the decolletage along with the bronzer. Then with a medium blush brush, gently tap the rosy hues on the apples of cheeks and blend it into the bronzer. This gives a natural flush. In case you want a more lifted look, begin with the blush on the cheek bone and diagonally blend it towards the temples. You can prefer your own blush application technique as long as everything is softly blended and not patchy. Best part of Guerlain blushers is that they are very pigmented and yet very buildable.


The products in this picture are: 
  1. Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzer in Sun Brunettes
  2. Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Soleil Couchant
  3. Guerlain Meteorites Pressed Powder in Cruel Gardenia

For medium skin tones I opt for warmer blushers though I did mention that cooler tones would pop up. Though these products are mostly for illustration purposes one can opt for any colors that they like. I love shimmery bronzers just the way I love matte bronzers so I really don't bias between them and opt for what suits the occasion. A bit of shimmer for evenings is harmless as long as its not applied overtly.

Applying an apricot or peach hue on the cheeks just amplifies the look and takes it to another level (a professional one). I am so glad that Guerlain makes products that are mistake proof and really worth all the penny spent (if wisely).


Who says darker skins cannot apply blushers? The one who has said that is the a makeup duffer. I believe that blush makes darker skins look very sensual and amazingly pretty. This is because of the fact that darker skinned people do not blush naturally as the skin pigments do not allow the blood gush to be seen through. But as long as there are the right products one must not fret.

If you want to apply a blush, look for extreme pigmented colors in hues of plums, burgundies, rusty reds, deep raspberry etc instead of rosy and light pink tones. The deeper the blush, the beautiful it looks on skin. Also opt for shimmers as they flatter darker skins so much. The theory is when you apply a product on a reflective surface (for eg. lighter skin tones) always apply less color as it reflects everything but when you apply a colored product on an absorptive skin (eg. darker skins) only the product reflects light. Hence using shimmers gives a youthful radiance and resiliency to skin. Intense metallic colors flatter darker skins so well and one must sport them with a lot of elan. 

For applying any shimmery product see to it that you have adequately 'exfoliated' as cellular debris makes the skin tone ashy grey and skin refuses to reflect a healthy glow. So as soon as that is sorted you can go ahead and liberally use products.

Some questions :

Can oily skins use highlighters?

Any skin can use highlighters as long as it does not turn out greasy. Powder highlighters are very good for oily skins as they do not make an addition to any oil. One can prime their skin with a mattifying primer, do the foundation nicely and don a highlighter. Its not wrong as long as the product is right. Plus do not highlight on the areas which are naturally shiny, for eg. nose. Applying the highlighters in a C shaped manner gives that ever so soft focus like effect on the skin which is truly flattering. And in case you are shiny, then use blotting papers to blot away excess oil. They are one of the most handy tools I have ever seen.

What highlighters suit dry skins?

A cream or a liquid highlighter is the best option. It provides a good slip on drier skin types who have minimal oil secretions on their skin. A powder highlighter would also do good provided its applied on a cream blush that has almost dried on the skin (to prevent patchy effect...imagine dough over oil). Your illuminating foundation could be the best highlighter for you anyways.

What is the best blush for me?

Any blush that makes you look good in day light (the harshest light) is the best one. But again a rosy tone for fairer skins, peachy tone for medium skins and a plummy tone with metallic highlights for a darker skin is the best kept secret of a lot of professional makeup artists.

How to apply the blush like a PRO?

Professionals are just normal people who have mastered and practiced the art of applying makeup on a lot of clients. Each and every one has a different or a unique way of applying the blush. You can always choose the one that suits your appeal and your face the most. Also blush requirements are different for different occasions which is why one must be flexible. The most important tools are good quality brushes. As long as the brush promises to do exactly what it is hand made for and remains with you forever. I like all the brushes and don't judge them by price. The only criterion is that they should perform well. (Like C grade actors who perform well become A grade in no time and vice versa). Sometimes using sponges to tone down overtly applied blush and sometimes using fingers to blend a bit better works. One more tip : Look back in the mirror again once you have applied the blush and then finished your makeup. Sometimes you can see flaws that you did not see before.

What brushes do you use?

Funnily, I have asked this question to myself but have been asked many times by others. For blog, I use Shiseido and Scott Barnes brushes. For clients, in majority I use the Clinique Blush brush, Smashbox angled brush, Benefit angle brush, Benefit Fan Brush and the Sigma Angled brush to apply different blushers, contouring powders and highlighters....

To conclude - In this market overflowing with products, there's a blush for everyone. You need to simply reinvent your looks and be open to do anything that looks good on you. 

I hope you liked the article and please do not refrain from asking any questions regarding the products, the application or anything that is related to the post.

Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.


  1. Wow... what an article. Thank you so much for the pro tips & tricks.
    And you Cruel Gardenia... come to me!!!

    1. Haha. I wish I cud gift all my lovely friends a cruel gardenia someday...

    2. I sooo want nuit d ete ... Cruel gardenis come to me pls...good post as usual..

    3. Its a beautiful blush...and cruel gardenia is just so amazing. I wish Guerlain had made it permanent.

  2. awesomeee article Neeraj :D so helpful it is :d
    am gonna bookmark this :) i dont have a single blush from Guerlain but do wish to own one :D :D

    1. Thanks a million Rashmi...u nust get some blushes though...I've never been so satisfied in my life..

  3. Hello Neeraj!

    I just came across your blog through google and i must say that you're doing a pretty awesome job . Love reading such insightful posts about make-up products.

    1. Thanks a ton Gia...so happy to see you on the blog too...will be updating some posts soon..


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