Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

An ode to Mr.Shrikant Navare (8th Sept 1953 - 21st Jan 2012)

(Daddy's painting dated 1978)
Dear Daddy,

I have always missed you and the lacuna remains unfilled as now you are so far off that I cannot reach you in the present human form. There's not been a second that I don't remember you..... To the man of great skills, to the man of no vices and to the man of purest heart ever, I owe thee my life...

(An old pic of daddy with my younger brother Ninad)

How thankful I am for you have bestowed your artistic qualities in me! You have given me a tiny bit of the commercial artistry background of yours and refined my art and my skills. Its takes immense strength for a parent to allow his son do what his son desires and I can't thank you for the next seven births for doing that to me. Today I feel so proud to tell your name (I have always felt proud) and say that my artistic genes come from daddy. Granny truly said that you were the 'blessed' child and I always saw you as my idol. Whether it was drawing, singing, drama (plays) or anything related to art, your contribution has been tremendous.

I can still remember the smile on your face when I first got admission in Medicine and you have smiled in my entire journey and been the kindest father anyone would get. No one replaces the love a father has for his son and its very unique in its own way. I still giggle at the funniest moments we all shared and a tear just flows down the cheek when the days of you fighting in between life and death reiterate again in front of my eyes. You have sustained a pain beyond anyone's imagination and always smiled in pain too.

God may have been a bit unkind to us for taking you away much earlier than we thought, but I thank God because he ended your long time suffering (my daddy suffered with End Stage Kidney Disease for almost 10-15 yrs and lived a death everyday until it finally took the toll). The pain of your loss is still afresh as it was one and half years ago and it shall be there for a very very long time. Today I understand how jokingly you said that you would never grow old and how you made it happen for yourself.

(Last drawing my daddy drew May 2011)

Today as the emptiness devours our minds, those fine memories we share keeps the life force going and passing by everyday. Life has not been easy after you have departed................

You shall be in our hearts all the time......

Yours loving son,


Wishing all the FATHERS a wonderful Happy Father's Day. You are all wonderful fathers and I am sure you all are doing your best to raise your offspring in the finest possible way.

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