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Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman are one the most coveted and most amazing brushes I have ever got. With such a huge fan following these brushes are one of the best brushes in market with plus points on being multi-usage and equally easy to use by amateurs and professionals. 

When I purchased my Real Techniques brushes from I never planned to own the all brushes. Its just that they made me so comfortable to use and were so soft despite being synthetic fibers that I got all of them. Having such good brushes at such affordable rates makes it so easy for all to be able to use them and get phenomenal professional results that may not be possible other wise. Today when I look back at a MAC 217 brush or a Shiseido Blush brush, I see the same quality or even better with some of the RT brushes and they come less than one third of the cost of these brushes.

Since this is the pilot article I shall also be talking a bit about all the brushes in general. The subsequent articles shall be precise and to the point though. 

So lets see what its all about............

Each RT brush does go through a lot of hard work in making and is made with a lot of precision and with the highest standards of raw materials. 

What I like about Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brushes?
  • Super affordable
  • High Quality Taklon bristles. The bristles feel almost like natural bristles and one needs to have a keen eye to differentiate until its revealed to them.
  • They are 100% cruelty free. The only cruelty RT has done is that they are not so easily available and not accessible to all. I can imagine what potential sales they can do by launching some kiosks in India. Maybe they will take some time to realize that.
  • The color code system makes it easy to understand the functioning of each brush and how to create a flawless base, enhanced eyes and a perfect finish. 
  • RT brushes can be used for various formulas of makeup ranging from powders, creams, gels, liquids etc. They are super easy to blend and super easy to clean too.
  • The brushes have self-standing bases, long extended aluminium ferrules and can be easily stored with their Panoramic brush cases.

With all this said, let me directly move on to each individual brush and its usage. With each description I shall be linking the website from where these brushes can be purchased. This includes and only. In case you know affordable sites then do suggest them in the comments.


Consists of : -
  1. Buffing Brush
  2. Contour Brush
  3. Detailer Brush
  4. Pointed foundation Brush


This is a part of the Travel Essentials and is a fantastic brush. Its a moderate sized tapering foundation brush and can be used in applications of different products. This brush can be used to apply: -
  • Liquid and/or Cream foundations
  • Concealers
  • Liquid / Cream Blushes
  • Cream contours
  • Liquid / Cream Highlighters
  • A quick wash of cream eyeshadow on the eye lids


This is a part of the Core Collection. A lovely soft domed shape brush with thickly packed bristles used for buffing the products into the skin. This brush can be used as follows: -
  • Buffing full coverage foundation
  • Application of Mineral Foundation 
  • Seamless blending of liquid foundation
  • Blending cream blushers for an amazing glow
  • Blending Cream highlighters into the skin
  • Blending concealer under the eyes
  • I also used it with powders and it did a good job
  • Its great for creating a polished soft focused effect with any foundation 


This is a part of the CORE collection too. This is tapering brush and has so many uses.
  1. To apply soft contours - whether powder or cream in the shaded areas of the face.
  2. To contour the sides of the nose to make it appear thinner (to be done very carefully)
  3. To apply highlighters to the key areas of the face
  4. Creating a soft focus look ala Marilyn Monroe
  5. To apply powder in the under eye area and locking the concealer


This is also a part of the CORE Collection. This brush is the tiniest brush and can be used for a lot of things. This brush is great for,
  • Concealing problem areas
  • Concealing in the inner corners of the eyes
  • For applying cream eyeshadows especially MAC paint pots
  • For applying lip products
  • I also dampen it and use it for applying YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadows in wet form
  • Smoking out the eye liner thanks to the precisely cut tip
  • Concealing acne and blemishes
  • This brush could be used for precision during body painting as well


This a ultra soft yet firm and wider brush compared to the buffing brush. Its is rectangular in shape rather than dome shaped. This brush has some amazing uses,
  • To create an air brushed finish with a liquid or a cream foundation
  • To blend the foundation seamlessly onto the face
  • For blending cream blush softly and creating a natural flush of color
  • To apply cream or powder based bronzers on the face. Excellent for contouring under the cheek bone.
  • To apply concealer in the under eye area. My client told me that it felt like fingers but only softer and gentler but much more effective
  • I also used this brush to remove excess fall outs in the under eye area using concealer as eraser.


This angled foundation brush has the most super soft bristles ever. This is beautiful crafted to,
  • Apply liquid foundations and BB creams
  • Cream and Liquid blushers
  • Concealers as well as it is angled and reaches areas like under the eyes and sides of the nose
Just one con. Its soaks up too much of product and due to its softness can go a bit streaky. Although this may not be the most essential brush, this did fairly perform well.I had to use the expert face brush to blend the streaks though. This brush could be optional as it is sold differently. This is one of the brushes that did not appeal me so much.


This brush is also a part of the CORE COLLECTION. Smaller than your regular foundation brush but bigger than a conventional concealer brush, this brush does a lot of work. This brush can be used as follows;
  • To apply foundation precisely. For this way of application you must watch a video by makeup maestro Kabuki here.
  • To apply concealer. This brush does go in the smallest areas albeit its size.
  • To apply cream contours under the cheek bone, under jaw bone and also for contouring the nose.
  • To apply cream based highlighters across the face.


This is huge fluffy powder brush and is amazing too.
  • The only brush from the Flawless base collection for application of powdered bronzers
  • To apply loose powder or pressed powder all across the face to create a subtle sheer veil of color
  • Can be used to apply shimmery powder products on face and body
This brush is too large and fluffy for applying liquid products but if liquid foundation is applied on the face with fingers and then buffed with powder brush can give a beautiful air brushed finish.

So this is the Golden series for creating an amazing flawless base. The brushes are indeed expertly created and I loved all the 7 brushes with a little bad feeling for the Angled foundation brush.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. I have most of these and absolutely love them! my fav is definitely the buffing brush!

    1. Thanks a lot...these are my favorite brushes ever....I love the buffing brush and powder brush the most though

  2. Oooo, looks brilliant.

  3. I have these ones and I love them..great review!!

  4. I have most of them ..the essential ones.. And i love dem :D <3 GREAT ARTICLE ..Doc!

    1. They r so irresistible erica....I just got all of them including the Kabuki...thanks a lot for liking the post n the kind words

  5. Oooh! I really need to have that expert face brush now. Grea review with lots of ideas on how to use em in different ways. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks a million...u must grab that brush. Its too good

  6. these brushes are a rage at the moment

    1. Yes they are...and they r worth it do u find them?


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