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For those who are fans of the famous Youtube Beauty Gurus, the Pixiwoos (Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman) would know how amazing these ladies are. They are a British talent and just as other amazing British makeup artists whom I adore (like Pat McGrath, Dick Page, Charlotte Tilbury, Mary Greenwell, Lisa Eldridge, Kay Montano, Kabuki and an endless list) they are just as phenomenal and talented.

When Samantha Chapman aka Sam announced her new brush line called Real Techniques I was so intrigued and couldn't wait to grab them all. Unfortunately with a lot of limited sources before, it wasn't as easy until I came across I gradually ordered all my brushes (they are 25 in number - one brush Domed Shadow Brush is missing from the picture and shall be reviewed soon) and now I shall be reviewing them.

Since there are millions of websites who have reviewed these brushes, I am going to take a different route of reviewing. I am reviewing them color wise. That means.....
  • Golden yellow - FACE Brushes
  • Metallic Pink - CHEEK and HIGHLIGHTER Brushes
  • Electric Purple - EYE brushes
  • White - DUO FIBER brushes
  • Black - Kabuki Brush
This makes the job easier  and I can compile the brushes according to their uses. Also I will be giving alternate uses of each brush other than what it is meant for so that the versatility of each brush can be highlighted upon. This being an overview article, lets have a look at whal all brushes I am going to feature....

  1. Essential Foundation Brush
  2. Detailer Brush
  3. Powder Brush
  4. Expert Face Brush
  5. Pointed Foundation Brush
  6. Contour Brush
  7. Foundation Brush
  8. Buffing Brush

  1. Accent Brush
  2. Brow Brush
  3. Deluxe Crease Brush
  4. Pixel Point Eye liner Brush
  5. Base shadow Brush
  6. Shading Brush
  7. Fine liner Brush
  8. Lash-Brow Groomer
  9. Domed Shadow Brush

  1. Duo fiber face brush
  2. Duo fiber contour brush
  3. Duo fiber eye brush

  1. Stippling Brush
  2. Multi-task Brush
  3. Blush Brush
  4. Setting Brush


The 2 in 1 Kabuki Brush

With an overview like this, I shall be reviewing these Real Techniques brushes one by one. I hope I will be able to give a better insight to all who are using these brushes and also a guide to anyone who wants to buy them.

Do keep reading and let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. I kicking myself for not getting the stippling brush...will pick that one up next....that is some collection :) touch wood.

    1. The stippling brush is sold separately and its great to apply very light veil of foundation and then stipple...u know wat..get all the brushes...all r good...

  2. Replies
    1. Its airing tomorrow keep reading..thanks a ton

  3. I am loving these brushes. Can't wait for you to review these :D.

    1. i am reviewing them as fast as i keep reading...thanks a lot.


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