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REAL TECHNIQUES by SAMANTHA CHAPMAN.....White and Black brushes....

In the third article of Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman I shall be highlighting the White (Duo fiber brushes) and the Black (Kabuki) brush. Real Techniques could be called as one of the best brushes in the market and is a must have for everyone. This is because it takes out the doubts of investing in high quality brushes and performs just the same or sometimes even better than the conventional brushes that brands have.

I am sure with a furore amongst bloggers and makeup artists alike, these would definitely win an award somewhere and would make Samantha and Nichola Chapman to be some of the finest makeup artists on the planet.

While I review these brushes one must also know that the duo fiber brushes are LIMITED EDITION so if in case you like the review you know what you have to do pronto. Also the links that I shall me mentioning in the post are not affiliate links and meant for guiding a buyer. So lets have a look at these lovely black and while brushes.

What I understand from the concept of these duo-fiber brushes is;
  • They are made of synthetic black and white taklon hair.
  • They are known to impart a sheer veil of color in each application so that the makeup does apply in beautiful layers.
  • They apply different textures like creams, liquids and powders with the same love and give the exact results that one is looking for.
  • They never shed hair (Mine just shed one)

Duo-Fiber Face Brush

This brush is a large duo fiber flat brush and has multitude of uses. It can be used as follows:-
  • To apply a thin veil of loose translucent powder or pressed powder on the entire face without letting any traces remain.
  • To be able to buff in liquid foundation and create airbrush finishes.
  • To tone down any product that is applied in excess and blend any harsh lines on the face.
  • To apply bronzer on the areas where the sun hits naturally.
  • I also used it to apply moisturizer and primer and feel tickly..LOL

Duo-Fiber Contour brush

This is a smaller brush compared to the face brush and is as flat. I used it as follows :-
  • To apply creams and liquid foundations and buff them into the skin.
  • To apply cream blushes and liquid blushes creating a gentle flush of color.
  • To apply contouring creams and contouring powders to create effortless and delicate contours on the face.
  • To apply highlighters to the key areas of the face.
  • To sculpt the face.

Duo-Fiber Eye Brush

This is a long dome shaped duo fiber brush and can be used for various purposes. The only con is that this brush can be slightly pokey and does make the application a bit uneven to begin with. I use this brush to do the following:-
  • Apply dark eyeshadows in the crease.
  • To soften the harsher lines created by intense eyeshadows and to blend the edges of the colors.
  • To apply concealer in the under eye area in a buffing action.
  • To apply translucent powder on the lips and seal the lipstick
I also tried this brush for nose contouring but it created brown streaks and made it all look muddy. So do not try this.


I may sound as if I am lying but this is actually the first Kabuki brush I ever bought (apart from the Elizabeth Arden one which came free along with the bronzers). Its is indeed the softest brush I have used (even though all the other Kabuki brushes are equally soft). The uniqueness of this brush is that it opens to create a fan like shape and this adds a lot more of uses for this brush.
  • It is great to apply liquid, cream and powder products and buff them into the skin.
  • It helps soften the facial contours and sculpt the face.
  • Applies powders like a dream.
  • When opened, its good to apply highlighters and also sway away any excess fall out of eyeshadow from the under eye areas.
These brushes are simply amazing and I really feel blessed to own them. Do you own any of the above brushes? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I have the Duo Fibre set. Love the finish but the eye brush bristles are not soft and pokes the eye :(

    1. Nice. Yaaaa the eyeshadow brush is quite pokey though it great to blend. Maybe that's why it's a limited edition.

  2. Wowwww neeraj ... amazing review
    M gonna invest in these soon

    1. Oh yes you should. They are simply amazing.

  3. Great review. The Kabuki brush sounds very interesting!


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