Saturday, August 10, 2013

Latest Photoshoot....

Thanks to my very dear friend Shane, I got to work with student photographer Dhruv Pandya and create magic (that was the theme and that's why I went) for his project submission in his photography school. The photoshoot was a late night one (YAWN!!!) but the energy in the studio was fantastic and I was alive till the end of it.

The model Ingrid (Anima Creatives) is a photographer's muse and makeup artist's delight to work with. No one would believe she's a new comer and no one would believe that Dhruv is a student when their works come out. Ingrid is one of the most vibrant models I have seen and she hails from the tiny beautiful country of Slovakia. There was a doll like charm about her and her skin looked like it was made up of peaches and cream.....Any photographer who would love to shoot with Ingrid can click here, till she is in India.

Anyways, the photoshoot ended up at 8.30 am in the morning and I yawned my way to another assignment in the day tired enough to return home and crash on the bed for the next 12 hrs. Anyways here are a few stills taken from my lovely Sony Xperia ZR phone ( I am really proud of it although it has a ridiculous battery life)..have a looksie...

If the photographer shows extreme kindness of giving me the pictures in a couple of days then I would share the real pic and do the look breakup. Or else you shall see these pics again in individual posts.


Beginning of the shoot. Very less makeup. I am lucky I had her foundation color majority being tones for Indian skins.


The look was angelic and very very romantic too. 


Hairstylist Triveni Suradkar has been associated with the hair industry for last 13 yrs and this was just an effortless venture for her. She used a lot of extensions and made Ingrid look divine.


The photographer's inspiration lay in Alice in Wonderland or Snow white and the seven dwarves and this is what we came out with. Isn't it surreal!!!



This look was inspired by the Spanish Flamenco. Ingrid being such a versatile model could get into these looks within minutes and she was made to pose in some dance postures and she did a great job. The outcome is going to be a very unexpected one and I promise to keep the element of surprise.


The last look of the day was inspired by a dreamy fairy girl sitting on the moon (the photographer had painted the moon himself). Since we did not strip down any of Ingrid's makeup in the entire shoot, this was a continuation of all the looks that were done. Just a slick of gloss on the eyes for a wet finish took this look to a different level.

Anyways, hope you liked the pictures and a bit of my work. Most of the times I am so caught up that I forget to take pictures so I shall post them whenever there is ample of time. If anyone is interested (guy/girl) to assist me for the photoshoot (have a look what happens backstage) then please email me on

Till then,


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