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New 5 Best from Brands - Guerlain

In this post I shall be writing about my another favorite brand - GUERLAIN. Whether it is the royalty or whether a makeup junkie, Guerlain has always had the highest standards and they have maintained it forever. This Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy sub-brand knows what works and looks the best and they always do it better than the others whether its a kajal or a lip gloss (of course that's why comes with a hefty price).

Guerlain is the only one brand who revamp their entire collection in the least amount of time. That means, getting an entirely new formulation and entirely new permanent color collection every makeup season. That is to say, every 1-2 yrs they have a complete new range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, compacts and almost everything changes. And trust me, that gets very difficult to cope up with the buying capacity of a consumer and for Guerlain people would sell all their assets (LOL)....

The Best of 5 that I have right now are their latest launches. I may not own all of it (You have all seen my Guerlain collection) but I crave to have them in my kit...So lets see the best of 5 from Guerlain ( I have many many more favorites though).........


I just saw these yesterday and there wasn't a single color that I did not like (I liked all 20 colors which is 34000 INR worth an investment). They are non sticky, non goopy and last longer than most of the lip glosses I know of and the best it your hair do not stick to your lips. With all this said, Guerlain's Maxi shine glosses could be one of the most ground breaking formulas of the year.

I shall soon start buying them one by one. They have 2 groups - extreme shine and extreme shimmers. The shine ones are wonderful as they impart a vinyl non sticky finish on the lips. The shimmery ones have micro fine glitter which is not gritty but conspicuous when applied. Using them on their own or over a lipstick, I am sure these won't fail to bedazzle.


My fingers still tremble to open this one. I have had it since January and haven't opened it yet since there are so many more mascaras in the line up to be finished. I have used this one on some clients (who own them) and the results are amazing. It does give that 'lashes from hell' effect. The lashes are volumized, plumped, long, curled and defined....all the the same time. Guerlain says that the brush has hollow bristles which gives them a momentum and whatever they say.....the impact is high and surreal.


I must say that this product has really revolutionized the concept of khols and kajals with its formulation. Its super light weight, intensely intensely intensely dark and very smudgeproof. This acts as an excellent base for smokey eyeshadows and don't budge from the place (even if it does, that's sexy too). Mine is on its way and I shall soon be able to review it. For those khol fanatics, this may be an interesting one to try.


Every season (especially Summers) Guerlain brings out one of the most sought after and coveted products of the brand. This time is a Terra Orra bronzer which is actually a highlighter of ethnic and Indian skin tones. I so want to buy this but haven't made my mind on it since I already have the Terra Inca bronzer which is a bit more rosy than this.

Products like these are pieces de resistance and more than using them on face, they look like show pieces in the vanity. I would buy this and never use it on anyone...LOL


This was quite a difficult task to choose the best 5 as I have so many favorites. Although I couldn't resist mentioning the L'Extrait de Gloss which is actually a long wearing, nourishing, hydrating liquid lipstick that gives a fabulous opaque coverage, stays true to the color for hours and is not for the weak hearted. My favorite colors are Gourmandise (bright rosy pink) and Orgueil (deep wine). One slick of this liquid lipstick and sealing with a transparent powder should give you a perfect 8 hr wear without fading or feathering. My reviews shall be up soon....

So this was Guerlain. They have a lot of other products that fascinate me the most and I am so looking forward to get the glosses for reviewing..

Do let me know your favorite Guerlain products in the comments...

Till then,


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  1. I love thier rouge g lipsticks... Alsothe classic meteorites perles. Im gona buy the tera ora its awsomely mindblowing.

    1. I love them all. Terra orra is my favorite. It's coming all the way.

  2. What a fabulous list neeraj ... and onlyyyyy u could do the justice ...
    I still thank my stars that I listened to u n started building my guerlain collection ..m

    Thank u so much dear from bottom of my heart always being honest in sharing your view with us ....

    1. Thanks a million. I'm so glad you believed in me.

  3. Wow... wondering Rouge G lipsticks are missing from the list. Want to try the maxi shine and liquid lipsticks soon.

    1. Rouge g are my favorites but so many to write lol.

  4. I only have a few pieces from Guerlain = maybe just three. I want to build up my collection, but I fear I may never use it and it will just sit in my drawers.

    1. Oh you must start building Guerlain and really use them. Even I feel so And use them with a lot of caution. The results are stunningly beautiful though.

  5. god...doc..u have so much knowledge about everything...
    hats off to u!!
    u the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks a million. I'm so glad to have such supportive friends like you all.


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