Sunday, August 11, 2013

New 5 Best from Brands - Maybelline

Now is the turn of Maybelline....My most recommended and sought after brand from the drugstore market. They have been making news since a while with very amazing products that have made their secured position in the kits of all. Maybe she's born with it...Maybe its MAYBELLINE...

Its my favorite brand and I couldn't think of the next one to include in the series...

Do have a look at my top 5 products from them......

If you haven't seen these then you have missed something really exciting. Baby lips could be one of the most amazing drugstore lip balms I have used. They smell wonderful and delicious, have a hint of color and keep the lips soft without any flaking or drying for 6 hrs....For me it works wonders everywhere..


I bet even aliens would have these amazing lipsticks...I have an entire lot to buy and I am still stuck on Keep Me Coral, Stay with me Coral, Non Stop Red and Extreme Rose for the brides while other colors lay forgotten and some not even purchased yet.

These lipsticks are one of the most amazing formulas of the year and they last very very very long. Some people have complained about drying the lips but I haven't got any from my clients


One of the most amazing and affordable gel liners in the market. It glides like dream and sets really matte and perfect. The brush that they provide with it is phenomenal too. If you are on a budget for a gel liner, you may end up buying all the colors they have in the price of a department one.

COLOR TATTOO 24 HR eyeshadows

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! this is their description. If you may not own all, at least get the Bad to the Bronze, Tenacious Teal and Bold Gold and you are sorted for the rest of your life. LOL...They really stay for a very long time and I prefer to use them with fingers so that the formula glides without creasing and all. They are fantastic as shadows on their own or a great base for powder eyeshadows. I am really waiting for their metallics and other limited edition colors and hopefully Maybelline gets them in more matte formulations too.


This is the most over-hyped and overrated mascara in the market and their waterproof formula lives upto all the expectations than their washable one. I have a like 5 of these and they do me a wonderful job of getting the most voluminous fanned out lashes.

This was Maybelline....a quick 5 and these are the only ones I am liking now apart from their Colorama nail polishes....What are your favorites??

Do let me know in the comments....

Till then,


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  1. So true.. I love maybelline.its a v special brand for me coz it reminds me of christy frst international brand makeup was their 3 in one express stick. Now i cnt wait to try their vivid lipsticks..

    1. I too loved Christy. It's one of the brands that I saw in my granny's bag. And they make amazing unique products even now.

  2. I love Maybelline falsies mascara ... its my staple now.. feel uncomfortable if its not there in my vanity :-P

    1. It's just so good na. Which one is your fav. The washable or the waterproof. Btw you should also try maybelline's eye Makeup remover. It's amazing.

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  4. Totally agree on Baby lips and those Gorgeous Color tattoos.. Maybelline is my fav brand too.. love the stuff!! :)

    1. Ya it's my favorite drugstore brand. Just love them.

  5. Maybelline is one of my favorite brands too :)

    have you tried their new vivid lipsticks - those are really nice too :) love color tattoos - haven't tried anything else from this list, unfortunately :(

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