Monday, August 26, 2013

New and Exciting Makeup Lines....

There are so many many many new makeup lines that have recently launched and making a buzz in the beauty world. With these brands pouring in some modern (and some probably boring) concepts in the world of beauty I had to make this article as I adore most of them and they attract me a lot.

Lets have a look at these lovely brands. If you may own one of any of the ones mentioned  in the list, please do let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you...Lets see


Michael Kors is a fabulous designer who makes some of the most amazing clothes and accessories, has also launched his makeup line based on 3 concepts - SPORTY, SEXY and GLAM. This line has lovely lipsticks, bronzers, nail paints and some gift sets which look as fabulous as Kors himself. Being a new line I am sure he would get a full fledged one soon.


Marc Jacobs is the head designer of his own eponymous line as well as world's most prestigious luxury line LOUIS VUITTON. His entrance in the beauty world has been an epoch making event. With muted to bright colors he has an entire line of luxury makeup which can lead someone to drool (that's me)....I am enthralled by the nail colors, blushers, glosses and of course the mascara. Available at Sephora (except India, I don't know when they will get these brands here) Marc Jacobs is one brand I am looking to try out.


If you don't know Michelle Phan, then you could be considered a bit deprived in the makeup industry. One of the pioneering makeup gurus of YouTube, Michelle is a multi-talented girl and has been associated with numerous beauty related things that are different from others. EM Cosmetics, a Michelle Phan and L'Oreal venture, is her unique looking luxury cosmetic line with the finest of formulas that made into custom made occasion palettes called LIFE palettes with lot of other stuff that Michelle suggests to get a flawless skin and an impeccable makeup application (thanks to her makeup videos too).


We all love MUA cosmetics, as they make a rage on most Indian blogs for their formulas and affordable makeup. Now they have got some interesting makeup products in collaboration with a British band called One Direction (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Nial Horan). These gorgeous boys have each lip, cheek and nail product named after them and their character (I would not know how they depicted that). These are cute and nice and are found in Superdrug as far as I know.


After the famous and breathtaking entry of Samantha Chapman from the famous Pixiwoos (Youtube Makeup Gurus) who created the line called Real Techniques, this is another amazing line by a Youtube Makeup guru Wayne Goss or Gossmakeupartist. I have always liked him for being frank about makeup and what magic makeup can create. To have his brush line is really a special thing as he has invested and made them by himself in Japan (I remember Kevyn Aucoin of modern times) and I hope I get to buy them (I have a premonition that they are going to sell out like hot cakes) from Love Makeup website when they launch.

And now the most amazing line that I am waiting for....................................and I have no words to say.......

Charlotte Tilbury, one of the best makeup artists in the world is coming with her own beauty line. What a fabulous concept which has her doing her 10 iconic looks and having the products tailor made accordingly. Plus you get the special MAGIC Cream......

There are so many more lines that are unsung heroes and striving to make it with par with famous lines like this. Its all about the hype in the media and internet but I do not have the benefit of doubt about any of these brands until I get my hands on them. I must stress on the fact that no makeup line is 'bad', its just that they may not be for 'you' all the time.

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  1. I can't wait to see what CT has in her line. Loved her logo very much :D

    1. Thanks a lot...Even I am waiting very eagerly!!!

  2. I am so waiting to try my hands on Micheal Kors makeup line.


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