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New Best of 5 Brands - (branded brushes found in India and Online sites) - Part TWO - Eyes and Lips

Subsequent to Part One of the series where I talked about a few face brushes, now is the turn for eye brushes and lip brushes. There are so many factors that decides a better eye brush and one can either have just 2 brushes to do the entire enhancing job or have a million different eyeshadow brushes for different reasons. Its just about functionality and what suits you.

I am a person who would at least use 6-7 eyeshadow brushes to do makeup on blog or on a job. So for me its very important to really find good quality brushes that suit the work and let me obtain the best possible results. I have picked up brushes from so many places but here are a few whom I return to all the time. 

So here's my favorite eye brushes and lip brushes....

Eyeshadow Brushes

MAC 217

I don't know and have not seen one professional makeup artist who does not have this MAC brush. This brush has attained an iconic status for being the widest and the most sold out brush in the history of brushes. Check on the Google and you'll know what I am saying. I don't know how I can survive with this brush (I use dupes on clients like the Sigma SS217 or MAC 234 LE).

Kevyn Aucoin Small Eyeshadow Brush

Have heard rave reviews of this brush and I am so dying to try it out. These are the brushes that I really love. They are small enough to go into all those hard to reach areas, soften harsh lines and do a fantastic job of highlighting subtly at the right places. 

Shiseido Small and Medium Eyeshadow Brush

I found my own image when I searched on Google and feeling immensely proud of it (I have already lost the image on my computer). These eyeshadow brushes are like siblings - elder and younger. They just go so well with each other everywhere and do a fantastic job every time. Shiseido's 2 brushes are enough to do a complete eye makeup without much of hesitation. The best part is they go equally good for cream as well as powder eyeshadows and the blending it effective and ultra-seamless. This duo is always there in all the makeup looks I do.

Real Techniques Shader Brush

Some one asked me MAC 237 or Real Techniques Shader brush and I chose the latter. Its very very good to pack any kind of formula on the eyes with the same or better than the rest effectiveness. Its small enough to pack pigments without allowing fall outs, easy to apply, very very soft and very easy to clean without any staining on the brush hairs. What else do you want?

BH cosmetics blending brush

For those who are non chalant about this brush may miss something in their life. Please go and buy this BH cosmetics blending brush. Its so large, fluffy and blends almost everything. I personally use it for highlighting the brow bone and the centre of the nose but also would use it to blur and create smokey haziness. Its cheap, sturdy, high quality and after all a successful BH cosmetic product.
Concealer and Eye Brow Brushes
I am combining these two together as I don't have many brushes to talk about except some of favorites.

MAC 208

A victim of my earlier dog's jaws and claws, this slender brush was like a wand that could change a brow-less person (not me) into something above magical. They also got Small Editions of this which were horrible and now I sorely miss this brush. Its ultimate for filling in brows with a lot of precision. Some people also use it for applying gel liners and I have to get there yet.

Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer

Samantha Chapman simply rocks with her brushes. They are just everywhere and everyone wants them. I wish I have my makeup brush line someday. This is one of those effortless groomers which can keep the unruly brow hair in place and also help remove excess mascara clumps to get the perfect doll like defined lashes.

Shiseido the Makeup Eye Brow brush

I have reviewed this recently and love this a lot. I do shift between the Real Techniques and this one and love them both. I prefer such brushes over spoolie brushes as the latter can be made by simply washing a throwaway mascara wand. 

Estee Lauder Concealer Brush

This brush is so soft that it almost feels like fingers (except 700 times less pressure than finger) doing the job. Its quite broad for a concealer brush and does cover a bigger area of coverage. I love it for under eye concealing and for adding touches of highlighter hither thither.

Shiseido the Makeup Concealer brush

On my quest for a no-nonsense non-gimmicky brush that could do it all what other brushes cannot, I found this one and also reviewed it. Its best when it comes to hands-free makeup application (of course you hold the brush in your hands, though) to reach the nooks and corners of the face and help add nuances of fineness to the prepped up canvas. Equally good for cream eyeshadows and lipsticks too.
Eye liner brushes
Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

This is my utmost favorite eye liner brush these days. Its not like super fine but its perfect to draw that wing you always wanted. It reaches the areas of the eye where no one can reach (literally except tiny insects) and begin drawing the line from there. If you want to draw a line (in your makeup and in your life) then this is the best opted brush sold individually at Real Techniques retailer.

Japonesque 150 degree liner brush

As a part of the 150 degree series, this eye liner brush is quite intriguing and user friendly for the ones who do not know where the line begins and ends. They retail it on Beautybay and I am going to lay my hands very soon on this fabulous brush. 

Lancome Duo Smudge and Liner Brush

I so badly want this one. It reduces the risk of a failed smokey eye and a perfect liner so drastically. The eye liner side has a very unique looking tip which feels almost like a rubber tip (its not) and draws such fine lines that Leonardo Da Vinci would have been proud of the brand. I am proud of Aaron De Mey for now.

Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner Brush

This brush has topped the lists of many magazines, been an A lister and Editor Favorite alike and broken a lot of records more than enough to uplift its mother brand Bobbi Brown. This is such a perfect brush and no one could make its replica (even Clinique being a sister company). It applies gel liners with ultra precision and does not go wrong at all.

MAC 210 Precise Liner Brush

This is another great ultra fine liner brush, quite legendary on its own like other MAC brushes. I have used it several times at client's places and always loved what it did. Never felt like buying it though...
Lip Brushes
Tom Ford Lip Brush

Even though lip brushes are the least used brushes, who would deny a Tom Ford brush touching the lip. This has a square end and thence the application is great to create defined lips without a lip definer or lip liner. Charlotte Tilbury swears by it and I swear to buy it soon.

Clinique Lip Brush

While working in Clinique, I used this brush on clients everyday and still miss it. It swivels up and looks so dramatic. Applies the lipstick really well without soaking too much of color and is a great tool to carry.

Chanel Lip Brush

This is a great great brush. I have to really pick this one up. It applies lip products effortlessly and gives a professional finish even with amateur hands.

Estee Lauder Lip Brush

If you do not have Tom Ford, an Estee could do too (they are sister brands after all). Its as good as a regular lip brush but applies products better when it comes to the flat shape of the brush. Although flat, this brush has a good mobility and turns well at the lip contours. A fab fab dupe though.

Shiseido the Makeup Lip Brush

Although it looks like a liner brush, this is a lip brush. Its small but really good in applying darker colored lipsticks. I would also use it as concealer brush for spot concealer. Its in the Wish list as for now.
Eyelash curlers
One can hardly find a lot of eye lash curlers in India the way one gets abroad. Here are the 5 which do a lovely job.

Shiseido Eye lash Curler

The curvature of this eye lash curler makes it pinch resistant. It really catches each and every lash and curls them

Inglot Eye Lash Curler

This is a decent basic one. They also make a Chanel lookalike with a black powder coating. They are good for fairly smaller eyes and do a decent job.

Japonesque Spa Precision Eye lash curler

This could be one of the finest eye lash curlers I have ever ordered. I have great hope from the silicone padding. They come in 2 sizes for covering small areas or the entire lid too. These are fantastically stocked at

Kevyn Aucoin Eye lash curler

I am eyeing on this one from Strawberrynet and have heard great reviews about it. This is a great addition to the Wish list. It seems the products from this brand are as great as the artist who made them. Though Kevyn doesn't live with us, his spirit can be felt though such great products.

Sephora Heated Lash Curlers

These are quite an innovation. Generally we use curlers and then mascara but here its vice versa. Awungshi aka Dr. Poison Ivy has reviewed this and I yearn to buy this some day too. Hope not burning my eye lids though..

Hope you liked this article and really apologize for making it intolerably big. Do let me know your favorite brushes in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Wow ! lovely post Neeraj ! And your post is just bang on time as I am looking for some good brushes...Thank you for such a lovely post ! I have a question what brush will you prefer if you apply cream blush? coz m not good in blending...:( plz help :D

    1. Thanks a ton Samannita..I am so happy u liked the post. For cream blushes i apply them with a concealer brush and then blend with a foundation brush. For a smaller face, MAC makes a medium concealer brush which is fantastic. The Real Techniques Core Collection face brushes can take you easily through various needs.

    2. Ohh wow ! thanks a ton Neeraj :D

    3. btw you could also use a natural blush brush to apply and blend the color.

  2. I loved your post!!!! I have small deep set eyes and no matter what eye lash curler i used, i was never able to curl the lashes on the edges. Now I know what to buy - Japonesque Spa Precision Eye lash curler!!
    AWESOME post Neeraj!

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

    1. Thanks a lot Priyanka...This is a fabulous lash curler for perfected lashes for small lids et al. I am waiting my parcel to come.

  3. Lovely and very informative post, my wishlist just grew!

    1. wowww...what is your wish list btw? Please share...might get some inspiration from you...


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