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Review : Clarins White Plus Range

It is exactly 10 days that I used these products and I am here to give my suggestion. Spare me for my horrendous laziness of not making another post and re-posting this again. Whatever new additions that I make in this article would be in this cobalt blue color.

Clarins India was kind enough to send me this range of products to use and give my honest opinions about the range. Since I have been an avid and ardent user of Clarins, this was a fantastic gesture from the company. I have used a lot of products from the brand previously and White Plus range has always excited me. The White Plus range is full of products that help combat unevenness and signs of pigmentation and help reveal a flawless and radiant complexion. Targeted for the Asian skins who are prone to deeper pigmentation and do not like it, this is one of the most sought after ranges in the market.

Clarins is a leading European cosmetic brand known to bring cutting edge products in the market that are skin friendly, high performance and infused with the goodness of plant extracts and precious ingredients that are the forte of the company. Being led by Dr. Ollivier Courtin Clarins, this is one of the finest brands in the market and they are just getting better and better with time.

Clarins India (distributed by Baccarose) sent me these lovely travel size samples so that I could use them and give them justice. This is an introductory post of every product that I have received. From the day of the post (which is today) I shall be using these products for the next 10 days and give my honest opinions on the changes my skin saw after using them. I do not guarantee equal results for all and totally depends on the damage one's skin has gone through. My ratings will be on the performance of the product and the enhancement that it has done on my skin and not how dramatically I have started looking different. Subsequent to the description of the products I shall share my picture and highlight the problem areas on my face.

Another thing is, although these products are designed for 'women' they can be used by men too. So please do not restrict yourself from its usage. There are very few brands who make skin brightening products for men (like Clinique) and there is not a major difference in the skins of Men and Women. If you care about the packaging then that is a concern that cannot be handled or discussed by Beauty Traveller (LOL)...

I must say that these products are 'FANTASTIC' and really gave fast results than what I expected. I did add adjuvants to the skin care regimen like the Guerlain Super Aqua eye cream, Clarins Treatment oil in Lotus, La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology SPF 20 and occasionally Clarins Gentle Skin Exfoliator and doses of Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja oil.

Do have a look................

There is no solution to stress and since the skin does face the worse, I have been getting the same. Please do not judge me for my bad skin at the moment. Monsoon season does create a havoc on my skin and I really abhor all the torment my skin has to go through.

I have resourced the information from Clarins Singapore Website.

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Pearl-to-cream Brightening Cleanser

The first beauty step towards immaculate skin. This cleansing cream takes the form of a fine, abundant mousse that combines a pleasant texture with the high efficacy of a formula rich in purifying and clarifying plant extracts. 

Work up a generous amount of foam and apply to the humid face and neck in circular motions. Rinse carefully with cold water in the mornings or tepid water at night. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Extracts of spergularia and alchemila slow down hyper-pigmentation for a more even and clearer complexion.
Extract of gypsophile gives the product its foaming, cleansing and sanitizing properties.

This is a fabulous cleanser. Just a pearl sized amount and some water creates a lot of lather enough to clean the entire face. It also did remove the foundation and powder with a lot of ease. On skin it metamorphoses to a cream lather which has a soft cushion-y effect and does not dry the skin too much. It is very very good for oily skins since the lather removes surface impurities while hydrating the face. It has a mild and alluring floral fragrance which is fresh and enticing to the senses. I would definitely purchase this face wash as a staple for all seasons since it does a great job.

Clarins White Plus Brightening Pure Aqua Lotion

Ideal for mixed-type skins and hot climates, this skin care lotion is applied after make-up removal and cleansing to purify and tone the skin, refining its texture and restoring its clarity. 

Apply to cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening, using a well-soaked cotton pad. Avoid the area around the eyes. 

Glycerine hydrates for more radiance and transparency.
Extracts of spergularia and alchemila slow down hyper-pigmentation for a more even and clearer complexion.
Extract of ginkgo biloba maintains micro-circulation in the skin to imbue it with the pink glow of good health. 

This is a great toner. It does have a bit of exfoliating properties as the cotton pad becomes a bit brown in color. This is also attributable to the abrasive action of the cotton pad btw. This is a great toner and does clean the skin. I would still prefer my Clarins Iris toner for oily skin over this one as it does control oil production to a certain extent and is definitely better. Since this is an alcohol free toner it does not irritate skin and feels hydrating on the skin. I per se did not see any great visible difference.

  • White Plus Brightening Hydrating Emulsion

    This clarifying emulsion ensures radiance, hydration and well-being. Its milky texture, fluidity and extreme softness make for a velvety, matte finish and the smooth, satinized appearance of silk. This facilitates the application of make-up and makes it last longer.

    Apply morning and/or evening, exerting light pressure on the face and throat

    Glycerine hydrates for more radiance and transparency.
    Extracts of spergularia and alchemila slow down hyper-pigmentation for a more even and clearer complexion.
    Extract of ginkgo biloba maintains micro-circulation in the skin to imbue it with the pink glow of good health. 

    This is a superb thin moisturizer and a boon to oily skinned people. The texture is thin and runny and it does hydrate the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. It has a bit of skin lightening action that can be noticed on application as it immediately brightens the face and imparts a glow. The amount needed in as per the requirement of the skin. People with drier skins may not opt for this one though it would  make a great summer time light weight moisturizer. I would definitely purchase a full size of this and incorporate in my daily skin care regimen. More than the brightening effect I would buy this for the texture and hydration quality.

    UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

    The high performance day screen developed for city dwellers in order to maintain beautiful-looking skin.
    Triple protection: anti-UV, anti-pollution and antioxidant in a silky-smooth, fine and lightweight texture. Apply after your moisturizer and before make-up. Slightly tinted, it is ideal for everyday and will leave your skin smooth and matte while boosting a very natural-looking radiance. 

    Smooth over face and neck using light, sweeping movements following your day cream and before make-up (will help prolong its wear). It is compatible with any daytime product which does not contain an SPF. 

    100% mineral screen: helps protect against sun-induced signs of ageing and helps prevent dark spots.
    Canteloup extract from Provence: protects the skin from oxidative stress.
    Clarins exclusive Anti-Pollution complex: preserves the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. 

    This is an ultra mattifying BB cream. I personally did not like it as the color did not match my skin and made me go ashy. Its an excellent base for the foundation though. It did help the foundation glide better and maintain the oil balance for  quite a while on a humid monsoon yet sunny day.

    This is my ugly morning face. Sorry for all the fat around LOL. Btw even after using very good skin care regimen, due to stress and unwanted exposure to SUN I have ended up with a lot of acne around the temple area of my forehead and spots and pigmentation on the encircled areas. I hope to see a bit of improvement in the clarity of my skin after using the products and be able to show a brighter face on the 10th day. 

    Honestly speaking 10 days is not a great time to see dramatic results but indeed an ample time to see visible results. Since the camera is very unforgiving as it is (especially when used with flash) one may not notice the difference but it could be visualized better by the naked eye. I did see slight reduction in the spots on my face. Plus the moisturizer does impart a lovely sheen on the skin making it feel soft and supple. I could see some visible changes on the forehead and nose area while the other areas being outrageously stubborn should take a bit of time.

    I have a big wish list of Clarins White Plus products to begin with and I shall review them as I get them.

    My Clarins White Plus Wish list

    • White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum
    • White Plus Intensive Whitening Night Cream
    • White Plus Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel
    • White Plus Renewing Gentle Brightening Exfoliator

    Have you guys used any of the Clarins White Plus products? What is on your wish list? Do let me know in the comments.

    Till then,


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    1. These babies r too good.i had used them sometime back and the results were surreal.. All the best. Im sure ur gona looove them. Especially the exfoliating wash.

      1. Omg. You've tried them out??? I loved the gentle exfoliator too.... Waiting to see fantastic results with these.

    2. Have tried the old ones. They were v good. The toner, day cream nite cream. All awsome

      1. the newer range seems to be even more promising...I have started using today and I am really happy with the results...

    3. cant wait to try these :D D: and do share in depth views soon :D :D

      1. you should try them soon...I will be posting the reviews subsequently...thanks a lot.

    4. clarins is a vegan brand and if any convincing was left your photos did it.It has really worked on you.I mean you are already a fair person and these have made you positively radiant .Lovely.

    5. Clarins White Plus has worked wonders for my skin. It was suggested to me by my sister-in-law and I saw results in the first week itself. I have been using it ever since and have also suggested it to all my friends.


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