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Review : Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush

In this article I shall be quickly taking you all into the review of Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush from their old collection called Belle de Nuit. The products were so beautiful and went on a sale and I had to pick this one because of this lovely peacock feather pattern and now its here for reviewing (after its purchase in December 2012...Imagine the backlogs).

This is mainly an illuminating powder with a blush in it. The blush transforms into a subtle warm berry pink on cheeks (without being too intense) while the illuminating powder gives a fantastic pearly finish. This is just an ideal highlighter for anyone (including guys) who yearn for a glow without conspicuous shimmer or glitter on the face.

So lets get to know a bit more about this fabulous blush-highlighter....


I ended up getting a tattered box thanks to the lovely teeth of my puppy Cookie...But it came in a nice Black cardboard casing with an antique gold print in it. The sleeve of that encloses the blush is black in color with a peacock colored jewel toned turquoise color inside ( I am very aloof and nonchalant about the fashion jargon). It weighs a bit more thanks to the heavy case which I think is a metal one. It comes with a beautiful turquoise dyed brush underneath which I will never use but also keep for its beauty. (Maybe they would find this in an archaeological venture after 2000 yrs).


Guerlain has done a fabulous job while manufacturing this product. Each color is very subtle to swatch but illuminates the face beautifully without emphasizing the pores and lines of the face. The product has a signature violet fragrance of Guerlain which is very alluring on its own. I can even smell it while writing the review...LOL.

The powder is finely milled but a little of the drier side (compared to Cruel Gardenia) which gives a good control and I believe that one could never make a mistake of over application with it. The scent is lingering for a while after which is vanishes and doesn't interfere with the fragrance worn on the body. The peacock feather design is not an overspray but goes deep into the end of the pan. 

The product is 10 gm and could last really long as the drier formula would make the product resist damages.


One can see 4 shimmery pearly colors viz, champagne pink, turquoise blue, rusty red and bright white. All have the same texture. When a powder brush is swirled over the entire palette or if just a highlighter is picked up, there isn't much of color difference that can be noticed. But if the blush is applied individually it does give a soft pink hint of color on cheeks which may not be appreciated in medium or darker complexions. The blue and white are very very faintly colored and just impart subtle coolness to the pink and nothing stark.

Best part is that blush cum highlighter would suit all the colors thanks to champagne pearl in it. Over a blush it looks heavenly and only camera can catch the soft dewy glow. Since its Belle De Nuit (Night) I think this highlighter impart a beautiful candlelit halo on the face and does not look OTT.


Guerlain says that -
  • Move the brush vertically on the palette to get the best highlighting benefit.
  • Move the brush diagonally and you can capture a mesmerizing pink glowy pearl powder.
  • Swirl the brush in the entire palette and it goes on as a lovely highlighter for the face.

4200 INR (I got it for 25% discount) at Shoppers Stop


If you are looking for a daily highlighter to make your face glow and shine without the feel of a product, then this is a must for you. It adds just the right amount of dewiness to the look.

Hope you liked this quick review. For swatches and more flowery review  please click on Temptalia. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Wow... such a pretty highlighter. Loved it <3

  2. Killerrrrrrrrrrrrrr Neeraj :D :D
    i still thank my stars ... am so glad you alwayssss guided me to pick the best things in beauty :D :D
    how i wish i could lay my hands on this


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