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Review : Oriflame MORE by Demi Moore lipstick - Hollywood Red

Oriflame signs the ultra-amazing Hollywood Actress DEMI MOORE whom I am a very big fan of. She got a lovely capsule collection of bags, signature fragrance and makeup called More by Demi Moore. Although I have been purchasing Oriflame a lot (since 2005 I am a non active consultant) and putting the products directly into my bridal/photoshoot kit, I decided to review this product and see whether it was worth the iconic status Demi Moore brought to the brand.

Since I bought just one shade to begin with, I wanted to choose the one which Demi wore and that was Hollywood Red, a lovely bright siren red color.

So lets get on to the review.....

Oriflame, a Swedish Multilevel marketing company which is direct-to-consumer does have affordable cosmetics that can be at the reach of everyone. I have been using their Giordani Range (the Premium one) since a long time and their products are fantastic (some of them).

When it comes to a generic Oriflame lipstick, I expect a good color pay off, slightly moisturizing and emollient with a minimal fragrance and a fairly lasting effect. Nothing more can be expected from a brand who does create good quality affordable cosmetics. At least they are true to what they say.


An ivory white glossy packaging with GOLD imprint contains this 4 gm lipstick at the price of Rs.698 (original MRP. They do come in offers and consultants get a 20% discount). The golden casing of the lipstick is made of metallic plastic and has a concept that was similar to Chanel's Rouge Allure lipsticks. The lipstick clicks to close and open but is quite fragile as compared to the plushness of Chanel. The lipstick packaging looks quite classy and chic though.


This is a very waxy lipstick with average pigmentation and lot of slip. Although it does contain paraben, it may bother the ones who are allergic to it. In the ingredient list below I do see mention of Castor Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, traces of Avocado Oil and Litchee Extract (known for moisturization) and Waxes like Carnauba, Candelilia, Paraffin (Petroleum product) and Microcrystalline waxes along with pigments. 

With so many waxes in the product, the lipstick has a strong body and a very sheer and lovely finish. It feels soft on application and the color glides very easily on the lips while the lips are hydrated and conditioned with the oils. The payoff is mediocre and on the sheer side which indicates reapplication several times throughout the day. The deeper colors do leave traces of pigments which can be quite conspicuous. I do love the staining quality of these lipsticks as they can look sheer and fruit bitten.

Due to the sheer sheerness of the lipstick, I advice to marinate the lips with this color and push the pigments in the lips by rubbing and dabbing. For a stronger effect layer a long lasting lipstick over this to attain desirable results.


Hollywood Red is a cool toned red with a slight berry tone to it. Its looks lush on application and does not dry out or emphasize the lip lines. When tested on my mother, she got a good wear of 3-4 hrs which is decent for a brand like Oriflame. Although at the pricing I had more expectations. Compared to Oriflame's Giordani range of lipsticks especially the Ruby collection, the Demi Moore ones are sheer stains. 

Due to the playfulness of the lipstick I believe it should attract the younger crowd who could slick on some gloss over it for a youthful effect. Others could use these as day time lipsticks since they are quite wearable. I am more keen to use these for photoshoots than brides considering the longevity of the lipstick.


Rs.698 is the MRP and it may be a bit steep for a lipstick like this one. But with their expansion and growth in the Indian market, I do not have any qualms with the Oriflame pricing. These lipsticks do come out in discounts and one can avail them through an Oriflame consultant.

Its a good lipstick and if you like Demi Moore then do try one color. I am really eyeing on this color Cherry Delight and may order it soon. They also have a great bag and a lovely range of complimenting nail colors to browse through.

In the subsequent EOTDs I shall mention about this lipstick for apt occasions. Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. the shade is awesome..i too ordered seeing ur swatch,wonderful packaging too!!


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