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Review : Shiseido the Makeup - Perfect Foundation Brush

I have known Shiseido for a very long time and its evolved into a fantastic brand over years unfortunately failing to retain 2 things - its iconic and bright makeup collections and of course Msr. Tom Pecheux who passed on its legacy to Dick Page. Of course when in the hands of French, there was a very luxurious touch to the entire line which spelled the effortlessness of the French Woman. With a Britisher at the helm, the product is more about practicality and has lost the elegant touch (not in a bad way though). 

I love Shiseido's take on modern makeup while keeping its Japanese heritage and its strive to deliver the best quality makeup ever (since the day they began almost one and half centuries ago). Now their powder formulas are so beautifully and finely milled whilst their liquid and cream formulas just blend into skin to be almost nothing. They do have a cutting edge treatment towards their products but there isn't 'one' single product that inspired me so much as the Perfect Foundation Brush....and I shall be reviewing it for now.

Before the review, I also wanted to show a little stash of all the Shiseido brushes I own and have got over time. I cannot do without the eye brushes and they have always been a part of my eye makeup looks and now its the foundation brush that has wooed me a here comes the review.....

What are the experts saying..........

What it is:A versatile foundation brush for use with all formulations. 
What it does:Shiseido's innovative technology combined with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques create the perfect foundation finish. Perfect for liquid, cream or powder, this brush picks up all types of formulas for a uniform application and impeccable finish.
What else you need to know:Gently tapered strands create an angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours. A short handle allows for precise control during application and portability for travel.

The Perfect Foundation Brush is a great tool for a makeup artist as well as for a personal user. Especially when you are looking for a foundation brush that could apply everything beautifully and seamlessly and yet have the flawlessness been seen without the foundation wiping off.


Like every brush, even this brush has a handle, ferrule and bristles (LOL)...The handle is really small and fits snugly into the cone of the palm for a perfect grip. I am not a big fan of long handled brushes and this does a fine job for me. The black-burgundy duo chrome (I saw it though) lacquered handle is so much of a perfection on its own and trust me, no one beats Japan in presentation.

The ferrule has a steel color with a darkened mauve tone which is quite a unique color to look at (inspires me for a makeup look). And its of a real high quality as none of my Shiseido brushes ever shed a hair even after washing a lot many times, not any hair I remember of.

The bristles are one of the softest taklons I have felt. They have this straw brown color and are densely packed. The brush is not a flat top though. It has a 'tapered' slope on the flat end which makes the application very effortless and wonderful. On the face, this brush feels like fingers and all due to these densely packed bristles.

GOOD THINGS TO TALK................

  • This is one of the most amazing brushes I have seen. Its a flat top kabuki brush with a slanted edge to give the best ever blending effect.
  • It applies liquid, creams and powders equally well. Somehow a medium coverage foundation ends up looking like a full coverage foundation when applied with this brush.
  • The perfect foundation brush blends the concealer like heaven, which reminds me to use it next time I do an EOTD as my under eye looks horrendous and I do need the help of an image editor.
  • I have used this brush for a pressed powder application it really applies as if I have used a sponge to apply the product.
  • The slanted edge is of a greater benefit for the hard to reach areas of the face especially the corners and sides of the nose.
  • The blending with this brush is seamless and it does make the application amazing too.
  • The brush hasn't shed a hair so far....isn't that amazing?
  • This brush fits well in a tiny pouch of makeup, making it one simple tool needed to apply any product. 
  • I have tried using it with cream blushes and powder blushes and it does an amazing job although the colors look blurred and very diffused.
  • Expensive. You cannot expect a brand like Shiseido to be cheaper. It sells for 1950 INR. But with its dupe in Christian Dior is 3100 INR + so this one is fine.
  • It may soak in a lot of product. To avoid this, I apply the foundation and concealer on face and then blend with this brush.
  • It does not dry fast when cleansed with shampoo and water. It literally took 2 days to dry completely when I washed it first. Even the shampoo was absorbed so deeply that the lather did not go out of the brush for a long time. So to avoid this, I wipe the brush really semi-dry over a dry towel and then retain the shape of the bristles and keep it horizontally for drying.
  • You cannot use this brush to apply a waterproof foundation. I don't remember whether this was written on the brush casing. I used this with Guerlain Parure Extreme foundation which is waterproof and it streaked and looked horrendous. So its better to choose a formula that does not create such problems. I am soon going to try using this brush for a long wearing foundation like MAC Pro Longwear and Chanel Perfection Lumiere.
IS IT WORTH........?

Its an individual choice on whether to spend on this brush or not. Don't get carried away if you have too many brushes, but if you are a beginner or want something for the trousseau then this is a perfect brush to add in.


1950 INR....Trust me this one is incessantly out of stock and you really need to place an order sometimes.

So this is a small review of one of my favorite brushes. Since I have relinquished myself from this obnoxious production job which I used to do, I have a lot of time to keep on reviewing and photographing products. Soon I plan to review my other Shiseido brushes too....

Hope you liked this brush and also this review? Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Oh nice review. Hws the concealer brush?? Review it soon. Ill try getting ths foundation brush also, thanx

    1. thanks a ton....Yes I will be reviewing the concealer brush soon too...

  2. Oh nice review. Hws the concealer brush?? Review it soon. Ill try getting ths foundation brush also, thanx

  3. awesomeeee review Neeraj :) I wish I can grab one ... it is sooo famous

    1. thanks a should soon grab one...they have the most amazing brushes ever...

  4. Just checkd at the nearby shiseido counter n they have it in stock. Have reserved one. Will get it soon. Also thnking of getting a nice foundation along wth it. Ne suggestions? Hws

    1. You should try out estee Lauder double wear light. It's fabulous.

  5. Nice review Neeraj. It's been on my radar for a very long time but true always out of stock. Where did you get yours from?
    Happy Locks


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