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Review : Some more Shiseido brushes

My friend and a lovely reader of Beauty Traveller, Jigisha asked me to review a couple more brushes from Shiseido and it was a great chance for me to do so. There are some of these brushes that I had over for years but never thought of reviewing them. And it looks like the perfect foundation brush acted as a catalyst for these brushes to come forward and be a part of the post.

Also to mention a suggestion which not unheard of. These brushes are a great investment as they are the horses of a long run and are very efficiently priced and easy on the pocket considering the quality

In this article I shall be reviewing 3 brushes -
  1. Blush Brush - Rs.2250 INR
  2. Concealer Brush - Rs.1200 INR
  3. Brow Brush - Rs.950
These brushes perform amazingly well and thence are in my 'blogger brushes' kit (which is full of precious brushes to be used only for blogging purposes). I must stress that 'all the best things in skin care and makeup' generally come from or are associated with Japan and the Eastern countries. The quality is high, each product is made meticulously and with high grade of raw materials (and thus come in a hefty price) and most importantly speaks a lot about the culture and heritage of the company and the country of its origin.

Shiseido being a cosmetic giant from Japan does no injustice in making these brushes fabulous and they are equally amazing to review.....So lets get on to the review...

Japan has some of the best kept beauty secrets in the world. Coming from the Geishas to the Kabuki theatre and everything...Japan is a wonderful intermix of modernism, art, culture and has a rich and vivid heritage. Makeup brands like Shiseido have immensely contributed to some of the most amazing cosmetic products and have created a benchmark for themselves..

For those who would want to know, Shiseido also manufactures makeup for some well known brands like NARS and Cle De Peau and a lot many drugstore and department brands of makeup and skin care in Japan. They have had a profound presence in a lot of countries and thats what makes Shiseido a very well known brand.

Shiseido brushes have been around for a lot many years and are such perfect specimens of work that they do not need to revamp them or at least they haven't in quite a while. I have been owning some of their brushes since 2007 and believe me that they look almost new even today with just some wear and tear with the ferrule. This shows the great quality that goes into the brush making..

Btw all these Shiseido brushes comes in box packaging with an intermingling ashy beige and burgundy fusion design (except the Perfect Foundation brush which comes in Classic chic red plastic packaging). The larger brushes are safely packed in a plastic sleeve which is not so easy to retain and gets thrown over as the time passes.


I always have a penchant for tongue shaped brushes (flat brushes that are gently tapered at the end). These brushes apply the desired product with a great precision and do a fantastic job in application and blending.
Shiseido's blush brush is an ultra soft specimen of this fantastic brand.


A black lacquered handle, burgundy ferrule and natural hair (once upon a time I was told that these are rare japanese blue squirrel hair but I have no definitive data to support this). Even if it was a Japanese donkey (LOL) for that matters, yet I can say that this brush is excellent for blush application.

The brush is flat with gentle tapered bristles that pick up products with a great precision while the wider part helps blend the product into an alluring flush of color on the face. The brush is feather light and medium sized which makes it easy to hold especially for people with smaller hands.


I have tried using this brush for all powder blushers, highlights and contours and it does a wonderful job. I also tried applying cream blushes like Josie Maran Argan Cream Blush (reviewing soon) and Maybelline Dream Blush and this did give me that streak free air brush like finish. I have also used it separately to apply powders in the hard to reach areas like under eyes and all and it did a great job there too. What I love about this brush, that while swirling it on the face it gives an impression of a feather running on the face or a wisp of breeze blowing through the morning window. Indeed a luxurious application experience.


I bought mine from Bandra Shoppers Stop at a lesser than actual price as the rates have been altered now. All thanks to the depreciating rupee value.


This brush was a perennial out of stock item for quite a long time and I never understood why until I bought mine. There is a star value to this exquisite tooth brush like looking brow brush and it does a job way better than many and almost all brow brushes I know of.


This brush follows the classic Shiseido pattern of brush making and has the same black lacqured handle and burgundy ferrule. The bristles are arranged in a perpendicular manner as tufts of hair grouped together. The hair are synthetic and made from soft yet sturdy nylon. The brush is sturdy enough to sustain the wear and tear happening in a pathetically crowded brush (and mascara and other makeup stuffed) pouch that I got a gift with purchase.


This is a great brush to groom the brows and keep them in place. A good substitute for Mary Greenwell's Japanese baby tooth brush. This brush has been a backstage staple too as it does a good job of dusting out any remnants of foundation and powder from the brow before adding the brow color. It does help diffuse the powder and the pencil and help the brow hair be tamed. I have once used this on a client by spraying a hair spray on the brow brush and sweep it through brows. It did deposit a small amount of spray on the brows and held them in place. 


This brush is a rarity and I got mine from Juhu Shoppers Stop when I randomly asked the SA and fortunately he had one solo piece which I bought.


This brush is a difficult one to photograph and I would never know the reason why. This is one brush that Jigisha actually wanted to know of and its a fantastic brush with nothing wrong or bad to say about. It is one of the 'most perfect' brushes for a professional concealer or cream product application and it helps blend the product like dream.


On a very close photography you would notice densely packed caramel brown nylon/taklon bristles in that end up in a gently tapered manner. The burgundy colored ferrule is very strong and this brush hasn't shed a hair since the day it was bought. Btw the blush brush did shed like 5 hair and the brow brush didn't shed any as well.

The bristles are soft, spell high quality and very firm and resilient. The bristles of the brush maintains a straight horizontal posture as long as you can retain it and can bend if not done so. But this does not alter the application as there is a lot of flexibility in the brush. It is not stiff as some of the concealer brushes I have (especially large and flat ones) but its not too tactile like the tacky ones too.


The concealer brush has numerous uses other than application of concealer. While in concealer application it reaches the inner dark corner of the eye easily and snugly and picks and deposits the right amount of product. This brush also can be used efficiently to contour the nose, applies lipsticks beautifully and also applies eye primers, paint pots, cream eyeshadow and loose pigments (over a damp brush) in a fantastic manner. It helps in applying highlighters in a very strategic way on the face. 

I call this brush as the 'unsung Samruai of the Japan' as this brush has never got the justice it demands. Its a perfect companion to other Shiseido face brushes and does a superb job to deliver its best.


Go to a Shoppers stop after contacting them and ask for this brush. I got mine from Juhu Shoppers Stop in Mumbai for 1200 (if I am not mistaken as I lost the packaging).

So these are the brushes that I have. I shall do the post on eyeshadow brushes as soon as I wash them and shall try to buy some more to add to the lot. At the end of everything, these brushes are a great value purchase and very efficient for makeup application. The blush brush may look a bit small in size but is immensely useful in imparting the right flush of color. They are indeed expensive but are going to be for you for a longer term and are very useful for daily application as well.

Do try them out and let me know if you own any of these in the comments section......

Till then,


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  1. Wow thank u soo much. Im defntly buying the concealer brush n mite just buy the brow brush also..

    1. I'm so glad that you liked the brushes. They are indeed fabulous. Thanks a million too

  2. Actually the brow brush looks v much like smthng i would use to clean the stove burner..lol,,,,,,, looks nice. Will cdrtainly get it..


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