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Review : Stila Luxe Eyeshadow Palette

I have always admired Stila for their makeup products. Certain products of theirs have an iconic status. I also have tried a lot of their eyeshadows which is why when I saw this palette on I couldn't resist to lay my hands on it. Unfortunately it looks like they don't sell it anymore.

Anyways, for any one who wants to know a little about Stila.....It was started by the famous makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (who is one of the most coveted makeup artists in the industry) to create eco friendly cosmetics with a fun and spunky element. She succeeded in creating this fantastic brand but unfortunately is not a part of it anymore. When Bobbi Brown got in browns, nudes and mattes, Stila got in luxurious shimmers and textures. 

So lets have a look at this fabulous palette too.............

Stila has something to say about all this and we must hear them out...

A high-tech eye shadow palette featuring a mix of 6 cream-to-powder eye shadows and 3 inventive micro-matte shades (listed below).

The cream-to-powder eye shadows glide on with a mousse-like feel and transform into a soft, velvety powder on the lids. special pearls add brilliant sparkle and illumination to your eyes, while providing supreme comfort and extraordinary payoff.

The micro-matte eye shadow formula is buildable and has a soft and silky texture, delivering excellent payoff, while the presence of light and emollients ensure long-lasting color that stays true over time.

The palette also includes a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in ladyfish and a mirror and look book with various looks and pro artist tips and tricks to complete your look.

Eye Shadow Shades:
  • bubble bath
  • pink diamond
  • cashmere
  • silk
  • marilyn
  • crushed velvet
  • bon bon
  • bordeaux
  • ♥ of the ocean


    The eyeshadow palette comes in a straw colored box which Stila is famous for. The box has every information one needs to know about the product inside and I have heard that they use an eco-friendly ink too. The palette is encased in sandpaper like feeling cardboard casing with glitter paint over it in an asphalt grey color. What an innovation! I am so attracted to anything blingy that I got this.


    The words like 'cream to powder' and 'micro-matte powders' really interest me. I had to see whether these match with my YSL Pure Chromatics Formula in terms of results and yes they did an equivalently great job. The matte eyeshadows are fantastic as smooth bases and appear softer and not chalky. The cream to powder eyeshadows have an intense pigment and glide very smoothly. The fall outs are really bad though so I applied them with fingers (to melt the eyeshadows in the lid) and Real Techniques Brushes and both have done an immensely excellent job.


    I don't do swatches as I loathe to put fingers and applicators and then apply on hand (most of the times). Well to check the swatches please refer here...

    The micro mattes are : -
    1. Bubble bath - doesn't go with the name at all. This is a soft creamy peach eyeshadow and a fantastic lid primer.
    2. Silk - soft matte medium brown with a leaning rosy mauve tone. I could use this as a blush too.
    3. Bon bon - a medium-deep matte brown with a redder tone than neutral
    The cream to powders are : -
    1. Pink Diamond - a frosted rosy pink with white and silver flecks. 
    2. Marilyn - satiny fuchsia with a pink pearl
    3. Bordeaux - burgundy brown sparkle with a reddened appearance
    4. Cashmere - cashmere brown shimmer. its a brown with a slightly taupe grey tone
    5. Crushed Velvet - deep velvety dark chocolate brown
    6. (Heart) of the ocean - deep navy blue shimmer with a touch of green and black
    They also have a pencil called Ladyfish which is a burgundy with fuchsia shimmer.

    This is a fantastic palette and it did a great sale when it was released for Holidays 2012 and I am lucky to grab mine soon. 

    I shall be doing some looks soon. Do let me know in the comments on what you feel about the palette.

    Till then,


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    1. Such a luxe product! Beautiful collection of colors

      1. thanks a lot Shikha...its fantastic you know...I will post the looks soon...

    2. amazgggggg colors :D :D I need to pick one palette ... :(

      1. thanks a lot know my penchant for eyeshadow palettes...

    3. thank you for linking to my blog (:

      1. Oh thanks for seeing my blog. You had the most amazing and sensible review.


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