Saturday, August 3, 2013

R.I.P Subhash Uncle

This is a post dedicated to Subhash uncle, the father of my bestest friend Abhishek. We have all seen an unfortunate day on 27th July 2013 when he succumbed to life and embraced the other phase of life which took him to another realm beyond the mortal world.

Subhash uncle has been an epitome of  a great human being. He was a very hard working man, working till he breathed his last, a good soul, a family man, a man of great dignity and qualification and one of the best fathers I have seen. He was of immense support and loved us all. Words fall short to describe such a great man and I think Almighty needed up more at this point of time.

It was a very unfortunate and sad day for all us family members to lose him through a massive heart attack which was when he breathed his last. Although he may not be present among us, his soul does watch us and the umbrella of his divine blessings shall always cover us through all the goods and odds of life. He will be sorely missed and I pray to God to give us all the strength to bear his parting. May his soul rest in peace and go towards emancipation.

Abhishek and I became doctors together and have been friends for 13 yrs and seen the medical journey together. While I chose my path of makeup artistry, Abhishek is doing his specialization in Internal Medicine and has a bright future to look at. We have always been soul friends and destiny has put us through similar situations all the time which is not coincidental but fate. I pray that Abhishek, Aunty and all the family members who are grieving at the loss of Subhash uncle be brave and strong. After all the journey of life continues on the same path even though we have to part ways with our beloved and move ahead.

R.I.P Subhash Uncle.

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