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Soft Ombre eyes - Gold, Green, Navy

This look is very nostalgic for me. This takes me back 6-7 yrs ago when I was learning my Advanced Makeup Artistry at Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. My theme was 'drama' makeup and I had done these eyes. I am kind of recreating this look again....

Those days the term 'ombre' was not known and I just randomly did this look as I couldn't think of anything else. Btw please pardon me a lot for the spots on my face (especially a very conspicuous one that can be seen near the temple). Please do ignore them in case you can.

I wanted to call this look as 'Sahara eyes' but I didn't know how apt this name is. Anyways....This is a beautiful ombre effect from a yellow gold to a mid night blue to a black and all the transition in between. I skipped the liner completely to bring softness on the upper lids and to refrain from too much of definition. I always believe that ace makeup artists like Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury etc are known for their different approach towards makeup application which makes it all look so real and effortless. If we start defining and bring precision then there are chances that one may end up looking like a mannequin (a la MAC or MUFE)....

Anyways, for this look I have used the Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Palette which was a 2011 December release. Although this came without the eyeshadow primer, I wasn't very keen to try that out with the scary reviews....The palette however is good and I shall be describing the shades after the jumpbreak....

So lets move on to the look.......

Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Palette 

The shades have numbers and I love that more than names at times. There are 15 coordinated eyeshadows with 5 of their famous eye liners coordinated according to the eyeshadow colors. The eyeshadows are not very pigmented and although its against most schools of thought, I loved it as they can be layered beautifully and controlled in application as needed. The liners are really pathetic especially in the waterline but its ok to use them as primers. This enables to get the ombre effect in a better manner though.  And I really apologize for the messed up eye liner no.18 and some eyeshadows as I completely forgot to take pics when the product was fresh. 

I shall describe the colors below and all these are my descriptions since I did not find any website that had it. 

The shades are as follows : -
  1. Very light Pink
  2. Frosted light rosy pink
  3. Light blue grey
  4. Peachy cream 
  5. Bone matte
  6. Foiled warm rosy pink
  7. Shimmery classic blush pink
  8. Shimmery pigeon grey
  9. Warm shimmery coral
  10. Mustard Gold
  11. Silvery taupe
  12. Warm mauve
  13. Midnight blue
  14. Shimmery coppery bronze
  15. Shimmery henna green
  16. Vibrant purple 
  17. Charcoal black
  18. Inky blue with subtle sparkle
  19. Bronzy brown
  20. Gilded Gold
I love this palette as a whole as the colors are very user friendly for me and I got it for a very cheap rate on Strawberrynet. I must highlight that this is not a palette for anyone looking for highly pigmented soft eyeshadows. They should opt for something different and maybe better.

Coming to the look............

Conceal the under eyes with a heavy duty concealer. 

Prime the lids with a very good translucent eyeshadow primer.

Apply Bourjois Clubbing liner in Vert Insomniac on the outer half of the upper lids and also on the outer corner of the lower lid.

Smudge the liner for a green-black haze.

I applied a lovely deep matte black eyeshadow from the Guerlain Velours D'Or palette on the green to intensify the deeper colors.

Apply the mustard gold eyeshadow on the entire lid a little above the crease. This is shadow no.10 from the Smashbox palette.

Define the crease very subtly with eyeshadow no.13 and also apply on the outer corners where the black is.

Create a transition between the 2 eyeshadows with no.15 henna green eyeshadow.

Smoke out the no.13 eyeshadow on the lower lid. 

Highlight the inner corners with eyeshadow no.2.

Trace the inner rims of the lower lids with Bourjois Clubbing liner in Purple Lights (I think thats the name).

Curl lashes with MAC eye lash curler and apply 2-3 coats of Max Factor Clump Defy mascara.

To complete the look you can opt for all the 3 options of a blush-lipstick combo. Its either coral - peach, pop of pink or beautiful plum bronze. All the three coordinated lip and blush duos would look wonderful. I used the Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzer 02 and contoured the cheekbones with Guerlain's 4 Seasons Bronzer. On the lips I recommend Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Mandarin Pop.

Again I want to apologize for the stressed out visage and under eyes and I hope you all shall bear with it. Do let me know about the look in the comments. Would love to read them as they are very motivational.....Also a great giveaway coming soon so this is a good way to prep up and pep up.

Till then,


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  1. Love the colors in the look! So so pretty....great look Doc!

    1. Thanks a million Shikha...Im so glad you liked it...its soft and demure yet impactful...

  2. I love this look .. and i love smashbox too.. I have one eyeliner kit and one holiday palette from smashbox .. they are lovely :)

    1. Thanks a ton. They are really amazing. Loving them all.

  3. Thats a fantastic look !! Btw the heena green one is no. 15, right ? U have mentioned no. 13

    1. Thanks a lot. I've done the correction.


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