Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The eyeshadow swaps - Pilot Post

This is a silly theme of makeup that I chose. Eyeshadow swap means, in one look a specific eyeshadow color will be on the lid while other is in the crease and in the second look it shall be vice versa. This is a very contemporary makeup style and looks like it must have been in the 80s.

For the looks that shall subsequently follow this post, I have used two of my absolute favorite palettes. On the left is Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable with a lot of coppery tones and gorgeous coppery red glitter eyeshadow. While on the right is Guerlain's Velours D'Or in their famous honeybee pattern which I absolutely love. So for the eyeshadow swap looks (which can be done separately or even together just for the sake of fun at a party) I used the deep purple and the coppery brown and swapped them on the lids and in the crease. Its quite fun as to how they came out and I really loved the effects.

In succession to this post, I shall be doing some more of these interesting posts (at least I find them interesting and hope you do so). So lets see a bit of this eyeshadow swapping before the tutorials follow...........


Here I have used the fabulous purple eyeshadow in the crease and copper on the lid. Other eyeshadows are just used to accentuate these looks and support the main two colors chosen to do this look.

Here is the look. I also followed another small rule of applying the same eyeshadow in the crease to the lower lids to create my favorite smokey eyes.


The second look is tad opposite to the first one. The colors are the same but the effect is different. Isn't it interesting?

While the looks air in a while I really want to apologize for the state of my lashes. I thinks the time has come to chuck the YSL Faux Cils mascara as it is misbehaving and being really clumpy. While I pulled my lashes to free from clumps I actually ended up in a condition called Trichotilomania...LOL

Anyways, I hope you all would love these looks and find them really interesting. Do let me know in the comments....

Till then,


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  1. Very interesting concept. It would be great if you can show pics with your lids closed so we can see the difference in the gradation. Nonetheless great work. Will try it out over the weekend.

    1. Oh this is just a pilot post. the tutorials coming soon. Thanks a lot

  2. Eagerly waiting for tutorial neeraj ...

    Lovedddd the preview ))

    1. Yaaaa. It's on the way. I'm sure you'll love it

  3. Love it - like all of it, the colors, the clean blending and the overall look!

  4. these kind of purple shades are my weakness and loved the look you created

    1. Mine too. I love purple a lot. Thanks a lot. Posting them today


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