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Fall-Winter Makeup Trends 2013

Fall and Winter Makeup Trends 2013

Every year, many people turn to the annual fashion shows to see what the latest fashion trends are. What we also look for are new hairstyles and makeup designs. This year, it’s no different.

Throughout the autumn and winter there are a range of fashion shows which produce new trends for wearing make up. Creating new looks is the responsibility of makeup artists who see themselves creating pieces of art. They work hard to create new looks for models which will go well with the fashion statements they will be wearing. These creations soon filter down and are seen on models for high street and then, eventually, on everyone else.

Some of the new looks created for autumn and winter this year are:

Clean and Clear
The lightly applied makeup look has dominated the catwalks already this season showing off the natural beauty of the models. The focus has shifted to smooth skin which has been carefully and lightly prepped with foundation and powder. The makeup on the eyes is also light using shimmered skin tones to add sparkle around the eyes.

Bright coloured eye shadow has been seen added around the eyes of models to increase the intensity of their look. Colours such as purple, red and blue have been used by many designers and it seems they’re setting the trend for autumn and winter.

The Sixties
Following on from the summers sixties trend, we continue to see futuristic eyes with bold eyeliner which creates patterns such as dots across the bottom lashes and brightly stained lips which have been created by blending colours together.

A True Lady
In keeping with chic, ladylike fashion, well polished beauty looks have returned to the catwalk this season. Some designers have created a forties feel with lightly blushed cheeks, glossy red painted lips, and lightly applied mascara makeup on the eyes. This look is very grown up and feminine; ideal for creating the ultimate sophisticated look.

Rock & Roll
Creating the ultimate grunge look has been the aim for some designers this season. This look has already been spotted throughout the country creating a look of pure attitude. With smoky eyes and smudged mascara and eyeliner, the makeup adds an edge to your look and makes you the ideal rock chick.

There are a small group of designers which have decided to focus solely on the eyes and showing off the natural beauty of the skin by leaving it makeup free. Doing this, it draws more attention to the eyes and new designer fashion statements the model is wearing.

It won’t be long before we see people walking up and down the high street sporting these new makeup trends and when out during the evenings. They’re new, stylish, feminine and will definitely be seen throughout the country for the remainder of the year.

This post was written by Grace Nolan on behalf of Jonathan Trumbull, specialists in contemporary fashion for men.

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