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New 5 Best from Brands - Christian Dior

Oops!! I almost forgot about these group of articles since a while. So here is the Best of 5 products from a lovely brand and of course a big giant, Christian Dior....Dior has been one of the brands that I purchased while I began my career. All thanks to my friend Abhishek who's dad got me some beautiful Christian Dior eyeshadows from Hong Kong and it all started there.

Since that day, till today Dior has maintained to be one of the best makeup brands ever and it just continues to do so. Its my go to brand when I really need something for a makeup job for a client or anything for myself. Christian Dior started his eponymous fashion label in the early 1900s and then expanded to have a huge and iconic line of fragrances, accessories, makeup, skin care and so on. I just found out that they have a major share in the LVMH Luxury House and they are really really big as a brand with their presence all over the world. I think even small children know this brand. Some one has aptly said about Dior " Di - Means GOD, Or - Means GOLD. So now you know what is DIOR."

So lets what are the best things from Dior (pics courtesy


This is such an amazing BB cream. Its not a new product but a fantastic one. Unlike Korean and Oriental BB creams this one is light weight and comes in 3 skin friendly shades with color correcting properties. I wish they called it a CC cream as its so light weight. It is so radiant and just gives such a flawless coverage without looking heavy or made up.


I use this on a lot of my good clients as its so hydrating and smoothing and does not budge from the under eye area (after set with powder). I specifically use the HONEY shade as it has peach tones to correct the under eye blues and wipe out under eye circles. Plus it does flatten the wrinkles to a certain extent probably due to the presence of hydrating and moisturizing agents. This is a great concealer and wonderful part of a makeup artist's kit.


This is a great mascara. It volumizes like anything, holds curls sans a lash curler and most importantly does not flake unlike the other DiorShow mascaras. I always end up not buying this as it is always out of stock. The black is really blackest black and gives sleek shiny coating on the lashes to create a beautiful fan like effect.


These new glosses are incredibly gorgeous. They help create the most voluptuous lips and stay long. I loved the fact that they come in shimmery sparkles as well as high watt shine which is great as there is a lot more choice of colors. I particularly like INCROYABLE which is a shimmery sparkly fuchsia. I think they retail for 2150 which is worth every penny.


This is a new and fabulous addition to their line of primers. Its an anti ageing primer which is a lovely concept in its own. Its does prolong the makeup wear, create a radiant base and smells lovely. Helps firm the skin, while plumps and smooths to create a radiant look.

There are more products to come in the line and I am especially watching the Fall 2013 collection for the eyeshadow quints of Constellation and Bonne Etoile. So do keep a check on these.

Do let me know in the comments on what you like from Christian Dior.

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  1. How about the Eyeshadows? Dior has the best eyeshadows. I will try the primer, if it isnt silicone based


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