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New Best 5 from Brands - Lancome

Lancome, a Parisian Luxury cosmetics brand is named after a palace and symbolizes the romantic side of a rose to the fullest. When Chanel chose Camellia, Guerlain chose the Violets...Lancome chose the romantic rose. 

It is one of the first brands that I ever bought (from Shoppers stop) as I immediately fell in love with their eye products and mascaras (I sorely miss the Femme Fatale one)....and the saga continued. Now they have such fabulous launches and I can't wait to tell my best 5 from their makeup line.

So here it favorite products.......


I must agree with Rashmi on this! This is indeed one of the best eye makeup removers in the market. It cleans everything so neatly and does not leave that hideous dirty oily silicone film behind. Keep a cotton pad soaked in Bi facil for 15 seconds and all the eye makeup is removed in one go...What a pleasant smell too!!


In the battleground of those long lasting foundations also hails the name of this one. Its fabulous one if you have a combination-oily skin and it does not budge the whole day. It goes on really smooth over a moisturizer marinated and primed skin and dries quickly enough to settle and stay firmly on the skin. Some clients of mine did not even require a powder touch up later on.

LANCOME HYPNOSE DRAMA Full Body Volume Mascara

You could simply buy this mascara and be sorted. Its 'S' shaped brush does wonders in creating high impact lashes while the formula does feel soft and light instead of plastic looking lashes. This is one mascara that I have applied and reapplied a lot of times at the Lancome counter and is in the range of the Beauty Traveller radar.

I have really fallen in love with these glosses. They are sleek and shiny and have this cute little click it knob to open the wand. It has a unique applicator too which does a fair job (I am not very biased with these smarty applicators) and my favorite color is Rose Oscar. Actually all the shades are worth checking.


This is one coveted brush that I need to have. The liner brush is so different compared to others and does a perfect job for lining the lash line as per desired. The smudge brush is good for smoking out eyeshadows and eye liners and creating the perfect sultry evening eye. It has other multitude of uses too like lipstick application, precise concealer application and applying highlights in the inner corners of the eyes. Prerna owns this brush and I want one too....sooon

Lancome has got a fantastic array of colors in eyeshadows, lipsticks and lip glosses and is one of my go-to brands. Some of their products like the Dual finish powder and Powder blushers are unsung heroes of the cosmetic industry and definitely worth checking out.

So let me know what are your favorite Lancome products. Of course in the COMMENTS. Hope you liked the article.

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  1. don't know about the gloss and brush but I have makeup remover which is my second bottle and it is BEST remover.I have Lancome foundation and mascara too. Foundation is like a miracle on my dry skin.

    1. oh wow...u should try the gloss...u will love it!the other products are glad we agree mutually

  2. Hi. I've been commenting on some posts on your blog but I don't know where my comments keep disappearing :(

    I love the Bi-facile, Gloss In Love and TIU too. And I also love the Tint Miracle and of course, LancĂ´me eyeshadows. They are simply fab (personal opinion) in terms of texture, pigmentation, finish and lasting power.

    1. Hiiiiii. Of course I've commented and replied on all your amazing comments. Thanks a lot. The eyeshadows are really good but not so off lately. The lipsticks are amazing though.


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