Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Preview - Clinique Launches this Fall 2013

Kindly take a note that - this is not a Press Release article. I am unfortunate enough to not get any information from Clinique India, but my ever fading love for the brand has revived after I saw the new eyeshadows and other eye products they had in their line up. So here's a quick article on what we are going to get from Clinique in the next couple of days.

Clinique has gotten something exciting to share this Fall 2013. Looks like it could be an epoch making event in the history of Clinique's color innovations. I am so looking forward to buy many of these eyeshadow colors so that I could review them and create some absolutely iconic looks....

Lets see how naughty Clinique seems to get this time...

Primer for Eyes

Yiiippppeeeee.....Looks like the Clinique consultant within me has temporarily got resurrected...Finally they launch this fabulous eyeshadow primer and that too it comes in 4 shades to cover a larger number of skin tones rather having something which is boring and universal. It is quite long lasting and promises an ideal wear of 12 hrs for any eyeshadow. Sounds promising....

Clinique All About Eyes Eyeshadow - Mono, Duo and Quads

Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection 1 Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection   Info & Photos

Finally Clinique seems to have heard the prayers of a million women who were looking for allergy tested eyeshadows and now have got a huge array of colors to boast about. The monos, duos and quads comes in soft matte, soft shimmer and super shimmer formulas in a lot of colors and combinations one could think of.

I have swatched the colors and they simply glide like butter thanks to the Murumuru seed butter in them. Eyeshadows with skin benefits make it all so friendly and happening........Let me also list all the colors that they have launched...

Clinique Single Eyeshadow – 1200 INR
  • Lemon Grass / Soft Shimmer
  • At Dusk / Super Shimmer
  • Slippery Glass / Super Shimmer
  • Stroke of Midnight / mat
  • Sugar Cane / Soft Shimmer
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry / Matte
  • Raspberry Beret / Soft Shimmer
  • New French Vanilla / mat
  • French Roast / mat
  • Purple Heels / mat
  • Deep Dive / Soft Shimmer
  • Foxier / Soft Shimmer
Clinique Duo Eyeshadow 
  • Like Mink / Soft Shimmer
  • Uptown Downtown / Soft and Super Shimmer
  • Mixed Greens / Soft Shimmer
  • Cocktail Hour / Soft Shimmer
  • Diamonds and Pearls / Soft and Super Shimmer
  • Jeans and Heals / super soft and Shimmer
Clinique Eyeshadow Quads – 2150 INR
  • Jenna’s Essentials / Mixed
  • Morning Java / Soft Shimmer
  • On Safari / Mixed
  • Smoke and Mirrors / Mixed
  • Going Steady / Soft Shimmer
  • Galaxy / Soft and Super Shimmer
Enjoy more photos…
Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection 2 Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection   Info & Photos
Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection 3 Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection   Info & Photos
Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection 4 Clinique Fall 2013 Makeup Collection   Info & Photos

 I sourced the pics from www.chicprofile.com 
Clinique Super Primers
Clinique Fall 2013 Superprimer Face Primers Collection Clinique Fall 2013 Superprimer Face Primers   Info & Photos
Last but not the least, it seems Clinique has found your favorite foundation its long lost best friend. I think they call it super primer for its color corrective properties and of course all the other fun stuff Clinique has put in to get the skin prepped and primed. They might not launch them all but just a few that are essential to our Indian needs....isn't that amazing.
I am also eyeing their Quick Liner Intense eye liner pencil in Intense Peacock....and some more shades to buy soon....

These are quite striking quintessential eye products that Clinique is launching and it makes my heart beat faster and faster. Do you have any wish lists made? I am making mine btw....
Do let me know in the comments....
Till then,

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  1. thankfully Clinique PR ... hahah my god i will go on and on and on on this you know :D :D

    i am so excited for these ... i asked SA here and she showed me some EXPIREDDDD eyeshadow singles ... i blasted her like anything ...
    trust me , the brand needs to teach them especially here in Bangalore

    1. their PR is pathetic...she has no vision, she has no clue of what she is doing with bloggers and she has no understanding..LOL

      I am very excited for these and I hope they live upto the expectations...eeee the Expired ones seem horrible...Ya they have specially challenged consultants to take care of though..


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