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Review: Guerlain Terra Ora Sculpting Powder Contrast Highlighter

I was so excited to buy my own piece de resistance product - the Guerlain Terra Ora bronzer and highlighter. The pivotal product in their Summer 2013 collection, Guerlain decided to create this golden aura and mesmerize everyone as usual. Guerlain is a premium luxury brand that makes some of the most incredible makeup and skin care products that junkies like me cannot live without. Truly this is one of the most beautiful outcomes of their extensive research in product development. 

This is a whopping 16 gm product aptly priced at Rs.3850 and I think this is just worth the price. So lets see what is Guerlain Terra Ora all about............

Some pearls of wisdom on what inspired Guerlain!!

An exceptional architectural powder a key vestment in this collection, it offers a dazzling array of sun-kissed tones. The ingenious combination of two contrasting shades allows you to create a wealth of light and shadow effects to subtly redefine the facial features. Guerlain’s black wood collector’s case is set off with the Terra Ora golden seal. it ingeniously contains a large mirror and features a clever magnetic closure system.A dedicated accessory complementing the Terra Ora powder case, the terracotta Kabuki brush is also made of wood with the elegant “Guerlain” signature in gold letters. Combining performance and sensuality, the size and softness of its bristles have been specially tailored to the flawless application of this star powder to the face, shoulders and decollete.


Guerlain offers some of the most luxurious looking products ever. Encased in a terracotta colored box, comes this beautiful wooden sphere that has this golden powder. I love the fact that the case is made of 2 hemispheres of ebony wood (at least it looks like) that attach themselves to each other with a magnetic (literally) attraction. One contains the beautiful product while the other consists of a high quality mirror to look what you are doing!! Although the case is exceptionally lightweight (makes me think whether it some plastic), it may not be advisable to carry it for travelling as there are 50% chances of breakage of the producy and 99.99% chances of a mild heart attack.

The embossing on the Terra Ora bronzer is so chic with the Guerlain 'G' stylishly floating through a chain mail like emboss. A product like this could be custom made for a diamond laden European white queen or a gold adorned queen in the mid of Africa in the same manner. Both would enjoy its panache.


These finely milled powder are an epitome of genius. They almost feel creamy to touch and a slight touch of the brush does pick up a decent amount of product. I love to use a variety of brushes to get different ways of applying this product. The application is almost like applying a creamy blush. The product is soft, finely milled and does not accentuate or clog the facial pores when applied. It is very long wearing and does set on the skin to look like its lit from within. The sculpting shade enhances the contours of the face to add subtle dimensions (for fair skin especially) while the highlighting shade adds beautiful accents to the face. The product does have a velvety feel when applied and is true to color on the face with sheer translucency to what it is in the pan.

Guerlain Terra Ora

Guerlain Terra Ora


The sculpting color is described as beige by Guerlain. To me its is a satiny almond color with a slight beige sheen and nuances of orange-peach color. The highlighting shade is a pearly white gold. The colors just compliment each other so much. As compared to Terra Inca which was a rose bronze, Terra Ora is all about the celebration of the brightness of GOLD. There is high reflectivity to both the shades when photographed under flash but more pearl is conspicuous in the highlighter shade. I call the combination of these shades to look a like grounded toasted almond.

  • With a fluffy bronzer brush - for all over color and sheen
  • With an angle blush brush - for accentuating and sculpting the face
  • With a classic blush brush - for applying as a blush on the cheek bones
  • With a fan brush - for sheer dusting of color and highlighting the best features of the face
  • With MAC 217 - to highlight the brow bones and centre of the nose and cupid's bow of the lip

(Left - Sculpting/Right - Highlighter)

(Combined Swatch)


16 gm of Guerlain Terra Ora costs 3850....I purchased mine from Juhu Shoppers Stop. While you can pick Guerlain products from selected retail outlets in Shoppers Stop and Parcos stores all over the country.


Run Fasssssttttt!!!!

Hope you loved the product review. Do let me know in the comments. 

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  1. whoa it looks gorgeous! would love to see this in action in your tutorials :)

    1. Oh it is coming soon!! I am just a little scared to touch it!

  2. I just love highlighters doc n this one is sooo pretty...the packaging.the shades..everythin is fab...!!!!

    1. u will love this...check in sephora if they have it!! they r simply out of stock everywhere.

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
    speechless n breathless for few seconds :)
    i wish i could try it in person :( :(
    lovely review and swatches Neeraj

    1. this is a gorgeous one!! i am so scared even to touch it though...LOL

  4. So gorgeous. I was highly tempted to pick this but then constrained myself and just bought 2 of the glosses. Beautiful pics Doc

    1. Hmmm. I can understand. All thanks to my friend Jigisha who told me how good this product was and I picked it up.

  5. As a beginner I dont know how to use this, but for sure I will get this one someday just for its packaging.

    1. This is a gorgeous product. It's really easy to use so do try it out.


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