Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review : NEW Clarins Extra-Firming Range

Clarins India was very very kind to send me these travel size deluxe samples of their newly launching Extra-Firming Range. This range has always been on shelves but they have improvised it and I think I found quite a genius while using them all thanks to some strong botanicals Clarins has used and relied upon.

Its not the time for me to start a hard core anti-ageing regimen, but these products have been a great adjuvants to the overall skin care benefits that I was expecting. 

I was sent the Extra Firming Wrinkle Lifting Cream - All Skin Types for Day and Night. I have used it continuously for 20 days and thence I can give my verdicts on them along with a tiny information write up that I have sourced from the Clarins website. Lets have a look........


A key beauty product for any woman in her '40's, this superior day cream provides an immediate “lift” effect upon application. Day after day, it helps reinforce skin firmness and elasticity. This lifting and firming action visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, defining facial features and revealing skin's natural beauty.

Apply in the morning to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Gently press down on skin working from the middle of the face outward. 


Organic lemon thyme: protects skin's natural elastic fibers, helps reinforces dermal support system.
Organic green banana extract: reinforces collagen fibers and their connections to cells in skin.
Bocoa extract: encourages the synthesis of collagen and protects it from breaking down.
Oat sugars: help smooth the skin's surface.
Hyaluronic acid: ensures long-lasting moisture.
Clarins exclusive Anti-Pollution complex: helps protect skin from the harmful effects of the environment. 

My opinion -

I loved this Day cream and especially because it is without sunscreen (I slather mine on top of it). For an all skin type cream they have really taken efforts to make this cream very lightweight and it glides on the skin very very well. On application it does give the feel of skin firming immediately and does make the complexion appear refined. Since I do not have the concern of loss of elasticity (thank god!!) I did not notice any visible firmness on the jaw area. As a whole its a fabulous day cream. The absence of sunscreen actually makes it much more lighter in texture. Although the age group targeted is 40+, yet this can be a once-a-while-to-use cream for younger age groups too. Anti-ageing really starts early, you know.


A high-performance night cream that helps prevent lines and wrinkles from forming while you sleep.
Skin appears firmer, refreshed and revitalized; upon waking, it appears smoother and more luminous.
Wrinkles are less noticeable, facial features appear more defined and complexion more even toned. 

Apply in the evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Gently press down on skin working from the middle of the face outward.


Survixyl IS™: helps protect stem cells responsible for cellular renewal within the epidermis.
Stimulen®: helps reinforce skin's natural defense system.
Venuceane® and rhodiola extract: help protect skin against from harmful environmental effects as you sleep.
Japanese lotus extract: helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.
Hyaluronic acid: ensures long-lasting moisture. 

My opinion - 

This is a fabulous night cream especially for concerns of loss of firmness and to gain resiliency of the skin. It does make you feel amazing (the fragrance is enticing) when you apply and even more when you get up. It went extremely well with the White Plus regimen that I incorporated it with and the results that may not be dramatic are very very satisfying.

The Day and Night Creams are fantastic for anyone who wants a bit of extra pampering for their skins and looking for diurnal and nocturnal partners to get that ultimate combination of skin care. I strongly recommend to incorporate this product in a combination with a treatment product (except acne treatments) and the results will be much more amplified than just using it alone.

These products have been recently launched in selected Clarins counters all across India in various outlets like Shoppers Stops and Parcos. I thank Clarins India to help me with these deluxe size samples.

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    1. What I like in your review is Ingredient purpose mentioned so clearly. Some I dnt understand these ingredients and never take pain to find, the words so typical on cosmetics and medicine that even I can't even pronounced ..honestly speaking..;p
      Well, I am someone who like to use skin products. I haven't used it, but gain knowledge and explain it to other people to get benefit. You know I wish to have all higher brands of the world to feel that "MAGIC" once in my life in my box. ;)
      Done Very good and informative..review easily explained for people like me who dnt use much such brands. I read top to down, missing part is it's price and quantity. Please do mention, people more curious in that. I would like to have this one for my mum right now and for me it will better to use it in my 30's. Suggest, your thoughts with the age???

      1. Thanks a ton for liking the post. I've not got any information on the pricing yet that's why I didn't mention. Yes you should use the night cream specially. It's amazingly lightweight.

    2. I will keep those in mind .Thankyou for sharing lovely review

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