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Review : YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - Noir Radical (Intense Black)

In the list of those few mascaras that changed the world and got an iconic status, comes the name of this famous mascara "Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils"

Yes!! this mascara did change the world along with the likes of Helena Rubinstein, Christian Dior, Maybelline and so many in the line up, Faux cils mascara has achieved a world wide cult status to create the most fluffiest poshest and stunning lashes one could dream of. A dream come true mascara basically. When I bought my first Faux Cils mascara, I was just a learner trying to learn the trade. I did make a mistake that time as I did not know how to use the mascara and hated it for quite a while until a revelation made me repurchase this again. Sometimes its the fault of the subject and not the object and since I did not know how to use it, I literally binned this....what a terrible mistake....I chose MAC Plushlash over this (disaster!!)....

Anyways with the full confidence I have today. Let me review the YSL Faux Cils mascara which I once loathed and now we are inseparable.....

Some kind words from Sephora....

What it is:
An award-winning, volumizing mascara.

What it does:
Yves Saint Laurent MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS Luxurious Mascara achieves an intense, dramatic lash look in a single stroke, for lashes that stop traffic with the blink of an eye. Its secret is the Triple-Film Complex: a film-coating for intensity, a conditioning film for curve, and a fixing film for long-lasting effectiveness.

What else you need to know:
The brush applicator combines nylon fibers of varying diameters for luxurious volume enhancement as never before.


Enclosed in a golden casing with all the YSL and cosmetic jargon, comes this luxurious looking and feeling mascara. I think the tube is made up of 'tin' and is shiny gold in color with the emblem of the fashion house carved where the wand meets the tube.


This is a gel-mousse like formula that has intense black pigment. The formula is very wet and shiny and literally weighs down the lashes if a lot of it is put at the same time (This is the mistake I committed). An excess amount of mascara comes on the wand and it is advisable to wipe of the excess before applying. 
The blend of waxes coat every lash and amplify the volume, curve and length of each and every lash. The lashes are conditioned which is why they do not feel stiff and feel soft and supple. The pigment being so dense helps in achieving the blackest of black lashes and acts as an amazing piece of lash furniture. The wand is made of nylon fibers arranged in a criss cross pattern which help do what the mascara does - volume, length and curve. Although no definition is achieved and so is separation, this is not the purpose of this mascara and should not be expected. This is more of a fast-application types of mascara where you just curl lashes, apply one coat and voila! your lashes are big and amplified. 

Since I purchased the washable formula, it does come out easily with soap and water. It is quite smudge resistant and does not come of as easily so I prefer a makeup remover to do the job. 

The one which I own is the classic one and it appeals to me more than their other formulas of SHOCKING and BABY DOLL. 


This is an intense jet black mascara. I believe they have a blacker than black mascara too which is presumed to give more lacquered kind of lashes. Also they do launch colored editions in these as their seasonal launches but I choose to ignore them.

In one single coat it does create lovely flared up lashes. To me, it gave more of length and curl since I have slender and long lashes. I would need a good 2-3 coats of mascara to get dramatic lashes and thats what I do.


2-3 coats

Just 1 coat

  • Somehow the mascara is a 3 month using one since the formula is really wet. 
  • It tends to dry out faster.
  • A lot of product comes on the wand so wiping off excess is important

INR 1880 - for 7.5 ml - Intense Black mascara. I have purchased mine from Shopper Stop Juhu from the YSL counter. 

This is a fabulous mascara to try out once. It gave me voluptuous lashes but unfortunately the mascara has started drying now. I am reviewing this mascara after using it consistently for  It has an intense black color and adds a lot of drama on the first go. I would definitely repurchase this one.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments. 

Till then,


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  1. Wow! Love this product! It really does open up the eye!

    You are supremely talented Neeraj! :D

    1. Thanks a million Aditi...Its a lovely mascara...and really thanks for the kind words. At last I learnt to use this one..LOL

  2. Wow... it's a lovely mascara. I am waiting for Shocking to get back in stock. :-D

    1. I'm going to try shocking. This is the classic one.

  3. This is a great blog post. Thank you very much for the fantastic insight and we really appreciate the time you took to write this. Thanks again.
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  4. i adore the ysl packaging...loved the effect of this mascara..
    i tried there was fabbbb....

    1. This one is a mascara mania. One of the smartest ones.


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