Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GIVEAWAY Glimpse.............

Its been quite a while that I've done a Giveaway. The last one was a lovely Guerlain Velours D'Or eyeshadow and so happy that Rashmi won. She won not only because of the draw from Rafflecopter but also because she fulfilled all the parameters of the Giveaway. Its like taking part in the Giveaway but not completing anything which leads to disqualification of so many entrants. I really appreciate everyone for each and every effort they put in and salute you for your patience of a month long enough to declare one of them as a winner.

I am so so so happy that you believe in Beauty Traveller and follow the blog. I hope I help you in smidgen of a way and hope that makes a change in someone's life. I am so jealous of so many beauty bloggers who meet up and have a wonderful time and wish I'd that much of time too....Thats why I love the blog because its connects me to you and you to me. 

Anyways....lets learn more about these Giveaways....


The products in this Giveaway are YSL Highlighter, Bourjois Ultra Black Eye pencil, Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow in Smoke and Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Midnight Rose (which is so famously reviewed by Rashmi of Indyabeauty). There could be addition of some more products if I find something exciting during the process of the Giveaway. I haven't confirmed on the dates yet and I have to add in a couple of products. This is the 'Enchantress' look and this is going to be a 15 day Instagram Giveaway. I shall post this pic on Instagram, you 'Like', you 'Comment' and you 'Share' and one person wins at random on the corresponding Rafflecopter draw (I shall mention the link on Instagram). I am not keeping any Giveaways internationally right now due to the large number of products.


Inspired from the NIGHT BIRD font of a website, this Giveaway consists of products which are apt for those late night parties which begin soon. Imagine whimsical makeups with light reflective eyeshadows and a plum mascara.....its as whimsical as one can think and the possibilites are many. Call it the Plum Punk.....The products in this Giveaway are Arden eyeshadows in Sparkle and Limelight, Lancome's famous Raisin Noir Eye pencil, a travel size Guerlain meteorites primer and MAC's Zoom Lash mascara in Plum.....I delayed this Giveaway for a while unfortunately but soon its happening. I want to add a gloss to this or maybe a lipstick so lets see.

Announcing these Giveaways soon so keep reading...........................and be VIGILANT!!!

Till then,


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  1. In <3 with the products...especially the Guerlain primer...<3

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  3. absolutely amazing prizes Neeraj :) really glad i won your giveaway and it is still and always will be the best ever palette in my vanity :D :D


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