Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review : Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 02 Brunettes

I look for a glowing skin in all the seasons. Who can resist one? The subtle warmth of the skin, the flushed out cheeks and the sun kissed glow is what everyone wants. I spend on a lot of products to get that effect and Guerlain is one brand I trust the most. This is not a new product in the market, but its iconic and phenomenal.

So here's Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 02 Brunettes......let's have a look............


In a terracotta and black shaded cardboard box comes this tortoise shell like looking fabulous bronzing pressed powder. It looks luxurious just as the way it performs. The brown sleeve with Guerlain emblem holds the plastic casing of the bronzer. The plastic case is a clam shell (oyster shell) design has Guerlain logo embossed within it in a 3D manner. It looks like as if the logo is on a metallic surface. The casing opens and locks itself securely to prevent any accidents and is quite heavy for a bronzer. The casing is a tiny one and looks amazing as a travel item too.


I love a scented bronzing powder which is a delight to all the senses (except hearing. You won't bear the sound of the product crashing on the floor..LOL). The formula is a pressed powder with certain shimmery areas and certain matte ones all arranged in a mosaic pattern which looks like inspired from the Moroccan tiles. Guerlain has a huge market in the Middle East and the Persian and Arabic designs and color patterns have a heavy influence on the brand per se. This adds a vivid luxurious effect to the brand. When swirled on the powder, a fluffy powder brush picks up a light amount of the product and there is minimal wastage. The colors of the mosiac pattern allow various different ways to use this bronzer from highlighting and contouring to an overall sun-kissed glow. This shimmery bronzer has a light powdery scent (remembering the old Yardley powders our grannies) which is subtle and yet enticing.


In a mosiac pattern are arranged the following colors : -
  • Shimmery light peach
  • Shimmery taupe gold
  • Shimmery Terracotta
  • Satiny Terracotta
  • Matte deep bronze
These colors could be used individually with a small brush to create soft highlights and contours or swirled all over to get a warm peachy bronze glow. I prefer the latter (it looks very good on men too) and a subtle glow is harmless. My favorite brush to apply this powder is my Scott Barnes Contouring brush which was once upon a time available on Its very soft and this paddle shape allows to a glide effortlessly on the contours of the face.

Priced at 2800-3200 INR approx. for 10 gms of product, this is going to be a long term winner in your kit and a huge huge makeup artist must have.

Soon also comes a review of the much awaited Terracotta Four Seasons bronzer in Brunettes and what I like more about it.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. It is a luxury to have one of these :) Very well reviewed Neeraj <3
    Cant wait for you to work your magic with it :P

    1. Thanks a ton. I love this one although I'm also going to buy the blondes one.


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